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  1. Operator Nausea from Work Surface Vibration

    The Side Effects of Visual Disturbance

    Terra Universals Vibration-free PlatformSitting still can feel like a rocking ocean when staring through an unstable microscope — persistent viewing of blurry, shaky objects at high magnification causes nausea, headaches and fatigue. But the symptoms of motion sickness go beyond an upset stomach. 

    Headaches can cause visual disturbance. If it isn’t hard enough trying to view an unsteady slide, add minor loss of vision, ocular pain and photosensitivity to the equation and find out just how efficiently the observation goes—studying contents under a microscope requires the ability to see, after all.

    Nausea from motion sickness can cause sweating and vomiting, which halts production. Facing such

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  2. BioSafe® Cleanroom Ladders are Steel Workhorses

    BioSafe® Cleanroom Ladders are Steel Workhorses

    Seems like a cleanroom is no place for a ladder: a dirty, dusty, paint-smeared structure used by the contractor who does the termite repair on your house. But in fact, cleanrooms are perfectly-suited to ladders, if they are Terra’s BioSafe brand. Cleanroom and lab ladders are used to access out-of-reach filters, lighting, or equipment. For example, taking particle measurements and airflow readings below the filter face in preparation for an ISO inspection may require a ladder. And what about changing light bulbs and making small repairs? Terra’s shelf platform can be attached to ladders, providing a convenient surface for tools and small instruments.

    Terra Universal Biosafe Folding ladderBioSafe folding cleanroom ladders have a number of unique features that make them ideal for

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  3. Meet Your Cleanliness Goals with Air Showers

    Meet Your Cleanliness Goals with Air Showers

    Cleanroom entrances present a significant potential for contaminant infiltration, so they must be managed with this in mind.  Air showers are one way to minimize piggy-backing contaminants. They are enclosed chambers that use strong bursts of air to dislodge particulates from people or transport carts entering or exiting the room. Room entrances, and pass-throughs that incorporate an air shower, serve as a safeguard between critical and non-critical areas. Personnel are the greatest source of contamination in a cleanroom, so most of the methods of contamination reduction, including air showers, were developed to accommodate humans. Air showers range in size and construction, depending on the application, and are utilized by a diverse range of industries. So, how do air showers work?  Find out below!


    Air shower design and operation

    Modular air shower chambers and tunnels use high-velocity streams of

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  4. How are UV Rays Beneficial to Aseptic Environments?

    How are UV Rays Beneficial to Aseptic Environments?

    The sun naturally “cleanses” the earth’s surface with ultraviolet energy. Due to conditions like sun burns and skin cancer, we are most familiar with UVA and UVB rays, but there is actually a third classification of ultraviolet energy called UVC. These rays contain the highest energy, making them the most dangerous type of ultraviolet light. Fortunately, Earth’s atmosphere acts as a protective layer and UVC energy does not penetrate our ozone layer. These harmful rays, however, are industrially produced as a beneficial source of UVGI (ultraviolet germicidal irradiation). Keep reading to find out why.


    How does UVGI work?

    UVGI is a technique that utilizes short-wavelength ultraviolet light to kill microorganisms. Since UVC energy is not naturally present within our planet’s atmosphere, earth-bound microorganisms, such as germs or viruses, have not evolved to naturally defend themselves

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  5. How Do LED Lights Save Money?

    How Do LED Lights Save Money?

    Light-emitting diodes, more commonly referred to as LEDs, are semiconductors that emit light when an electrical current is applied to the component. Even though LEDs have been around since the early ‘60s, it is only in recent years that white LED bulbs have become more commonly used as a substitute for other industrial and household lighting systems. Their rising popularity is due, in part, to the positive impact they have on energy-efficiency.  Find out how LED lights are saving the planet, one lumen at a time.



    In the United States, EISA (Energy Independence and Generic incandescent light bulb photoSecurity Act of 2007) banned the production of incandescent bulbs in order to move towards a

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  6. Charcoal Filters 101 for Critical Environments

    Charcoal Filters 101 for Critical Environments

    Activated charcoal is highly porous carbon used in air filters to capture solvent fumes and organic compounds by adsorption of molecules (van der Waals forces).

    Unlike particle filters, which rely on micro-pores to capture solid contaminants suspended in air, activated charcoal filters are designed to entrap molecular contamination.

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  7. Standard Hand Dryers vs the PureDry™: Which is Cleaner?

    Standard Hand Dryers vs the PureDry™: Which is Cleaner?

    Electronic hand dryers are all the hype when it comes to hand-drying cleanliness. Did you know, though, that they’ve been proven to be less efficient and hygienic than paper towels, according to a 2012 Mayo Clinic study? Then, why would anyone willingly choose to use them? It’s true certain hand dryers can leave your skin dirtier than before you began; however, the researchers only examined commonly sold models of hand dryers. ULPA-filtered (Ultra-Low Penetration Air) hand dryers, such as Terra Universal’s PureDry Cleanroom Hand and Glove Dryers, would drastically change the outcome of the evaluation.


    So what should you look for in a hand dryer?

    Most models of hand dryers found in public restrooms, even cleanroom gowning rooms

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  8. Environmental Test Chambers 101

    Environmental Test Chambers 101

    For decades, environmental test chambers have been used to study products with countless applications in fields such as aerospace, artificial intelligence, automotive, electronics, solar cell, medical, industrial and consumer research. In these industries, the sample or material to be tested must be exposed to defined variations of environmental factors to study the effects, or even as preparation for future studies.

    The conditions an environmental test chamber is able to replicate are: temperature set-point (or variations), moisture in the form of relative humidity or rain, electromagnetic radiation, vibration, weathering, salt spraying, sunlight exposure/UV degradation, and vacuum. The type of testing involved will determine the chamber type;

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  9. How does an Ionizing Blow-Off Gun improve product quality?

    How does an Ionizing Blow-Off Gun improve product quality?

    An Ionizing Blow-Off Gun is a hand-held device used to eliminate static, dust, and contaminants from a variety of surfaces and parts. It is shaped similarly to a gun and includes a trigger. The emitter is made from titanium that resists corrosion, ensuring the blow-off gun will last. Guns can actually operate for several years if used with a filtered gas supply. Replacing the tip can be done in a matter of seconds and you do not have to dissemble the gun to do it. There is also an optional inline capsule filter which ensures that the incoming feed gas is pure.

    Static Control Ionizing ion gunHow an Ionizing Blow-Off Gun is Used

    An Ionizing Blow-Off Gun is used to remove contaminants and static charges from surfaces and parts, which reduces the chance

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  10. What are the Benefits of an Auto-Adjustable Table Versus a Chair?

    What are the Benefits of an Auto-Adjustable Table Versus a Chair?

    For professionals with jobs that center around a work station, desk or computer, investing in quality furniture promoting health and productivity is important. Choose furniture that is comfortable for workers and appropriate to the application. Stresses placed on joints and muscles, for example, will reduce efficiency and morale.

    Adjustable chairs and stools, such as these models, are a common and practical choice for many professionals. Combining comfort and durability, they feature an ergonomic seat, a variety of upholstery options and simple seat height adjustment. The ultra-clean materials provide an added benefit to cleanroom employees; they are compatible with strictly-controlled environments.

    However, if your work is done mainly on a computer, or you use desktop equipment, an automatic height-adjustable table offers several benefits. Not everyone

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