1. Shakers by Thermo Fisher, Benchmark Scientific and VITL available in incubated, refrigerated and CO2-safe models; accessories sold separately

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  3. Vortexers by Thermo Fisher and Benchmark Scientific for sample, reagent and media mixing. Select products available for immediate shipment.Vortexer Features Overview
    Laboratory shakers

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    What is a Vortexer?

    Vortexers, or vortex mixers, gently agitate liquid samples by creating a vortex motion within the sample tube. Vortexers are composed of a drive shaft, oriented vertically, and connected to an electric motor, encased in a plastic or steel housing. The top end of the drive shaft protrudes from the housing and attaches to a micro-tube cup adapter or rack designed to accommodate microplates or multiple test tubes. Simple vortexers turn on automatically when a micro-tube, containing the sample, is pressed into the rubber cup. Advanced vortexers include analog or digital controllers with on/off switches, mixing speed controls, vortex timers, and alarms.

    What Is The Difference Between a Vortexer and Shaker or Stirrer?

    Unlike orbital shakers and overhead stirrers, which are designed to batch mix large-volume samples housed in beakers, flasks or baths, vortexers are designed to mix low-volume samples stored in microtubes or microplates. The vortex motion generated within the micro-tube captures sample droplets affixed to the inner walls of the tube to ensure homogenous mixing. Small-footprint vortex mixers take up less benchtop space than bulky overhead stirrers and orbital shakers, making them ideal for crowded, shared-use laboratories.

    A - Vortexer Format - Single-Tube, Multi-Tube, Microplate Vortexers
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    A1 - Single-Tube Vortexers

    Single-tube vortexers, such as Benchmark Scientific’s Vornado Mixer, include touch-activated cups designed to accommodate sample tubes up to 50 ml in size. The cup head is sealed to prevent accidental spills from entering the housing and damaging the vortex shaft or motor.

    A2 - Multi-Tube Vortexers

    Multi-tube vortexers, such as Benchmark Scientific’s BenchMixer XL, include a 7” x 12” platform designed to accommodate a variety of different sample tube racks for high-volume mixing. Interchangeable tube racks are designed to house 50 x 2.0 ml micro-tubes, 15 x 50 ml culture tubes, or 3 x 96-well microplates. Multi-tube vortexers include precise motor balancing to minimize vibrations and ensure accurate, reproducible speeds across the platform.

    A3 - Microplate Vortexers

    Microplate vortexers, such as Benchmark Scientific’s Incu-Mixer MP, include a pre-installed plate deck capable of accommodating up to 4 microplates. The Incu-Mixer MP features a heated lid to prevent sample condensation during mixing runs. As opposed to single-tube vortexers, which can maintain mixing speeds up to 3,400 revolutions per minute (rpm), microplate vortexers, given the size of the plate deck, maintain lower speeds (up to 1,200 rpm).

    B - Maximum Vortexer Shaking Speed
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    Standard laboratory vortexers maintain shaking speeds between 100 rpm and 3,000 rpm, but specialty vortex mixers can achieve shaking speeds up to 3,400 rpm. As the force produced by the electronic drive shaft is dispersed among the samples placed on the vortexer, single-tube vortexers are capable of maintaining higher shaking speeds than multi-tube or microplate vortexers, which house multiple samples within plate decks or sample racks. Although most laboratory vortexers feature controllers capable of adjusting shaking speeds, certain vortex mixers are designed to shake at a fixed speed.

    C - Digital vs Analog Vortexer Controller
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    C1 - Analog Vortexer

    Benchmark Scientific’s BenchMixers feature analog controllers with on/off switches, speed control dials, and touch-start/manual-start toggles.

    C2 - Digital Vortexer

    Benchmark Scientific’s Multi-Therm mixers feature digital controllers with speed adjustment, temperature control, run timers, pulse duration control, and stored, user-defined programs.

    D - Vortexer Voltage
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    120-volt connections are suitable for standard laboratory power outlets in the United States, Canada, Mexico and South America. 240-volt connections, common in Mainland Europe and throughout Asia, require less current (amperage) and smaller conductors than equipment designed to operate at 120-volt.

    E - Special Vortexer Features
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    E1 - Incubated Vortexer

    Benchmark Scientific’s Incu-Mixer MP models include a heating coil to maintain temperatures up to 70°C for cell culture sample mixing.

    E2 - Refrigerated Vortexer

    Refrigerated vortexers, like Benchmark Scientific’s Multi-Therm, include a cooling coil to maintain temperatures down to -20°C for mixing of sensitive samples. A built-in temperature safety sensor alerts the user when conditions fall outside of setpoint.

    E3 - European Vortexer Power Plug

    Certain 240-volt vortexers include EU-approved or Schuko plugs for installation into laboratories located in Europe or Asia.

    Where Can I Buy Vortexers and Vortex Mixers Online?

    Laboratory-Equipment.com is a specialty division of Terra Universal. For nearly 40 years, Terra Universal has served the life science, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device markets. Customers appreciate a worldwide network of reps, factory-direct support, and ready-to-ship items available from Terra's on-shore manufacturing and warehouse facilities in Fullerton, California.

    Shop lab vortexers online for a wide variety of pharmaceutical, laboratory, life science research, and analytical environments. Terra specialists are able to provide support and expertise among many applications including life science research, drug discovery, material testing, wafer production, and wet chemistry.

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  4. Platforms, clamps, tube racks and mats compatible with Thermo Fisher and Benchmark Scientific shakers

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  5. Vortexer heads, tube racks and thermal blocks from Thermo Fisher and Benchmark Scientific

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Shaker & Vortexer Features

Co-Mix Laboratory Mixer and Shaker

The Co-Mix Laboratory Mixer-Shaker (from Vitl Life Science Solutions) maximizes bench space by integrating mixing, shaking, and vortexing into one instrument.

MaxQ™ 3000 Benchtop Shaker by Thermo Scientific

Thermo Scientific’s MaxQ™ 3000 Benchtop Shaker offers greater load capacity (both weight and mounting surface area) and a durable, maintenance-free motor.

MaxQ™ 6000 Incubated/Refrigerated Orbital Shakers

Thermo Scientific’s MaxQ™ 6000 Orbital Shakers offer a large interior volume and precise incubation of samples (refrigeration optional).

MaxQ™ 2000 Shaker with Accessories

Thermo Scientific’s MaxQ™ 2000 Open-Air Platform Shakers can be placed inside environmental chambers for processing (optional stacked platforms shown).

MaxQ 7000 Water Bath Orbital Shaker

Thermo Scientific’s MaxQ™ 7000 Water Bath Orbital Shaker provides incubation up to 90°C and variable speed shaking up to 500 rpm without splashing.

Benchmark Scientific Orbi-Shaker Jr Orbital Shaker

Benchmark Scientific’s Orbi-Shaker™ Jr. provides orbital shaking in a small footprint (rubberized flat platform included; clamp platforms optional).

Benchmark Scientific Orbi-Shaker MP Microplate Shaker

Benchmark Scientific’s Orbi-Shaker™ MP provides thorough mixing for up to 4 microplates at a time; includes tool-less mounting platform.

Benchmark Scientific Incu-Shaker 10L

The Incu-Shaker™ series is designed for continuous operation and is capable of handling heavy workloads with a powerful, brushless induction drive.

Vornado Mini Vortex Mixer

Benchmark Scientific’s Vornado™ Mini Vortex Mixer can instantly create a vortex in tubes up to 50mL; sealed cup-head is spill-proof.

Benchmark Scientific Mortexer

Benchmark Scientific’s Mortexer™ features the Multi-Head™ design, which allows mixing of both standard tubes and up to 8 microcentrifuge tubes.

Shakers & Vortexers

  • Solaris 2000 and 4000 Open-Air Orbital Shakers by Thermo Fisher Scientific Solaris 2000 and 4000 Open-Air Orbital Shakers by Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Laboratory Mixer Shaker Heated Module Microtube Heater Mixer and Mixer/Shaker by VITL

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