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A - Medical and Laboratory Refrigerators Storage Capacity
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Laboratory and medical-grade refrigerators are manufactured in a broad range of sizes, from benchtop models smaller than 6 cubic feet to upright, double-door models larger than 40 cubic feet. Refrigerators smaller than 6 cubic feet are designed to fit on crowded work surfaces or under pharmacy counters to provide point-of-use cold storage for media, reagents, or vaccines.

High-capacity, upright refrigerators include microprocessor controls to maintain precise, uniform conditions throughout the storage area to prevent sample spoilage due to temperature fluctuations. Double-door and triple-door refrigerators isolate samples from different production batches to prevent cross-contamination and exposure during refrigerator access.

B - Special Application
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B1 - ADA Compliant Lab Refrigerators

ADA Compliant Refrigerators are manufactured in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and fit underneath a 34” tall, ADA-compliant countertop. In addition, ADA-compliant models include positive-close hinges to prevent doors from remaining ajar. A front-mounted ventilation system ensures proper air circulation when the unit is installed in a crowded under-counter space.

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B2 - Blood Bank Refrigerators

Blood bank refrigerators are designed in accordance with AABB international standards for storage of samples for transfusions, cellular therapies, immunohematology references and platelet banking. AABB-compliant models include fully extendable and adjustable drawers designed to organize blood bags or Vacutainer tubes. To meet AABB blood storage guidelines, blood bank refrigerators maintain a set point of 4 degrees Celsius. An over-temperature alarm alerts all operators when the set point deviates from the user-selected parameters.

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B3 - Chromatography Refrigerators 

Chromatography refrigerators include internal duplex outlets and removable shelves to house and operate an HPLC system within the refrigerator. To prevent HPLC elution spoilage caused by temperature fluctuations, chromatography refrigerators include heat-free defrosting systems and forced air circulation to maintain temperature uniformity. Safety features, such as door locks or keypads, ensure controlled sample access.

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B4 - Explosion Proof Refrigerators 

Explosion-proof refrigerators meet OSHA criteria for storage of volatile chemicals, powders, solvents and intermediates. Explosion-proof models include hard-wired electrical systems encased in conduit to prevent spark ignition or accidental detonation. Compressors include enclosed overloads, sensors and relays to prevent conflagrations.

B5 - Flammable Material Refrigerators 

Flammable material refrigerators meet NFPA standards for storage of solvents and chemical powders. Magnetic door gaskets prevent hazardous fumes from escaping the refrigerator by ensuring a hermetically-sealed system. Additional security measures include door locks, audible alarms and fingerprint scanners.

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B6 - Pass-Through Refrigerators 

Pass-through, or dual-access, refrigerators are designed for installation between two non-contiguous spaces to support rapid sample transfer and prevent crowded foot traffic in hospital and research lab corridors.

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B7 - Pharmacy Refrigerators

Pharmacy refrigerators are designed for storage of IV infusions, vaccines, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), and compounded sterile preparations. Glass doors support quick and easy identification of stored medicine. Adjustable and removable baskets and drawers provide flexible storage of IV bags, vials, and conical tubes.

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C - Lab Refrigerator Sizes and Styles
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C1 - Benchtop Refrigerators 

Benchtop, small-footprint refrigerators are designed for use in crowded pharmacies or research labs with limited counter space. Benchtop models offer fewer than 6 cubic feet of storage capacity.

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C2 - Under-Counter Refrigerators

Undercounter refrigerators, including ADA-compliant models, fit underneath a standard 34” tall counter top to support cold chain solutions for vaccine administration, retail medicine and mobile sample storage. Front-mounted ventilation systems ensure proper air circulation for refrigerators installed in tight spaces.

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C3 - Upright Refrigerators 

Upright, large-capacity refrigerators are designed for use in high-throughput research labs, pharmacies, and blood banks. Double-door and triple-door designs offer up to 60 cubic feet of storage space for IV bags, Vacutainer tubes, and conical vials. Energy Star-certified models consume 50% less energy than conventional refrigerators.

D - Lab Refrigerator Voltage
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D1 - 120 Volt Lab Refrigerators

120-volt connections are suitable for standard residential power outlets in the US.

D2 - 240 Volt Refrigerators

240-volt connections require less current (amperage) and smaller conductors than appliances designed to operate at 120V.

E - Lab Refrigerator Door Style 

Refrigerators with solid doors provide additional thermal insulation to prevent temperature fluctuations within the sample storage area. Solid doors, composed of epoxy-coated or stainless steel, also restrict viewing access of controlled medications. Glass doors support easy visual inspections of patient samples and internal storage conditions (including frost levels).

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