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What is a Moisture Analyzer?

Moisture analyzers, or moisture balances, determine the moisture content in a sample by measuring the amount of weight a sample loses as it dries.

What Are Moisture Analyzers Used For?

Commonly used to test food samples, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, building materials, and animal feed, moisture analyzers determine the quality, concentration, purity, shelf life and stability of raw materials and final products.

Moisture Analyzer Heating Methods - Halogen vs Infrared Lamps

Moisture analyzers dry the sample using either an infrared (IR) or halogen heat lamp.

Halogen Heating Method

Models with halogen heating lamps are optimal for samples requiring rapid drying and high repeatability.

IR Heating Method

Moisture balances with infrared heating lamps are an economical alternative to halogen-lamp models. Since IR lamps take longer to heat, they are optimal for samples prone to scorching due to rapid temperature changes.

A - Moisture Analyzer Weighing Capacity
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The weighing capacity is the maximum sample weight, listed in grams, which the moisture analyzer can process during a single run.

Sartorius’ MA 37 moisture analyzers, optimal for small-scale R&D or food sample quality control, accommodates solids or pastes up to 60 grams in weight.

Sartorius’ MA 160 models are idealare, ideal for analytical chemistry labs and supportand, support samples up to 200 grams.

B - Moisture Analyzer Temperature Range
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Standard moisture analyzers commonly feature a temperature range of 40°C to 120°C.

However, the Sartorius MA 37 and MA 160 models utilize a 600-Watt infrared AURI unit to heat samples to 160°C and 200°C respectively.

View Online: Sartorius MA 37

View Online: Sartorius MA 160

PDF: The New MA37 Moisture Analyzer for Daily Routine Operation

C - Moisture Analyzer Readability
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Readability represents the smallest denominator at which a weight can be measured by the moisture analyzer. Industry standard readability values vary from 0.1 mg to 100 mg.

D - Moisture Analyzer Voltage
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120-volt connections are suitable for standard laboratory power outlets in the United States.

240-volt connections, common in Mainland Europe, require less current (amperage) and smaller conductors than equipment designed to operate at 120-volt.

E - Moisture Analyzer Memory Capacity
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Sartorius’ MA 37 and MA 160 moisture analyzers include on-board software capable of storing saved programs and a library system to organize and quickly reference stored protocols. The software automatically stores the last 999 measurements for easy retrieval or export.

F - Moisture Analyzer Data Transfer
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Method and measurement data are stored by the Sartorius MA 37 and MA 160 moisture balances for export via SD card, mini-USB connection (for import to Excel or LIMS), and GLP-compliant printing.

G - Moisture Analyzer Heating Programs
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G1 - Standard Moisture Analyzer Drying

Standard IR moisture drying programs are optimal for samples unaffected by rapid temperature changes. As standard drying protocols run faster than delicate drying protocols, they are ideal for high-throughput labs processing large quantities of daily samples.

G2 - Gentle Moisture Analyzer Drying

Gentle moisture drying programs are optimal for combustible samples or specimens sensitive to rapid temperature changes. During gentle drying, the measurement time is extended to account for a slower ramp-up cycle to reach target temperature.

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