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  1. cULus LogocULus Logo
    1 Voltage2 Configuration1 Capacity1 Maximum Speed2 Temperature Control4 Model1 Rotor Type7 Manufacturer SKU

    • 4L Megafuge ST4 and ST4F Plus Centrifuge Packages with TX-1000 swinging bucket rotor
    • IVD certified benchtop and floor models include biocontainment lids, buckets and adapters
    • Features AUTO-LOCK III Rotor Exchange for easy rotor change without tools
    • Processes up to 196x5/7 ml blood tubes and 40x50 ml conical tubes
    • Application specific adapters for cell culture, tissue culture and blood tubes
    Voltage: 120 V
    Configuration: Benchtop, Free-Standing
    Capacity: 4L
    Maximum Speed: 4200 rpm
    Temperature Control: Refrigerated, Ventilated
    Model: Megafuge ST4 Plus, Megafuge ST4R Plus, Megafuge ST4F Plus, Megafuge ST4F R Plus
    Rotor Type: TX-1000
    Manufacturer SKU: 75016050, 75016038, 75016037, 75017964, 75017960, 75016059, 75017946
  2. SimpliNano™ Spectrophotometers by Biochrom
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    1 Voltage1 Wavelength Range2 Design2 Manufacturer SKU

    • Easy-to-use SimpliNano Spectrophotometers with a built-in sample port and a fixed pathlength eliminates the need for calibration
    • Enables straightforward concentration and purity measurements of nucleic acids and proteins
    • Designed with no moving parts for excellent reproducibility
    • Low sample volume capacity of 1 to 5 μl reduces sample loss and eliminates the need for dilution
    • Built-in preprogrammed life science methods and data output via PC, USB or with integrated printer (#29061712 only)
    Voltage: 90/250 V
    Wavelength Range: 190-1100 nm
    Design: Without Printer, Printer Included
    Manufacturer SKU: 29061711, 29061712
  3. CB and CB-S CO2 Incubators by BINDER
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    Some ship in 5 - 7 days
    1 Voltage1 Type3 Capacity3 Temperature Range1 Sensor Type5 Model5 Manufacturer SKU

    • CB models with hot air sterilization and heat sterilizable CO2 sensor for sensitive and complex incubation
    • CB-S Solid Line models with hot air sterilization ideal for routine cell cultivation
    • Provides optimum cell growth and minimizes risk of contamination
    • Delivers homogenous CO2 distribution
    • Models include perforated stainless steel shelves
    Voltage: 110/120 V
    Type: CO2
    Capacity: 1.9 cu. ft., 6.0 cu. ft., 9.4 cu. ft.
    Temperature Range: +7°C to 60°C, Ambient + 4°C to 60°C, +6°C above Ambient to +50°C
    Sensor Type: Infrared (IR)
    Model: CB 60, CB 170, CB 260, CB-S 170, CB-S 260
    Manufacturer SKU: 9040-0089, 9040-0139, 9040-0152, 9040-0190, 9040-0192
  4. 1 Voltage1 Type1 Configuration3 Model3 Pipetting Range

    • Compact and affordable Microlab NIMBUS Automated Personal Pipetting Workstations provide high-precision pipetting for low to medium throughput labs
    • Air displacement technology provides liquid handling performance comparable with higher-end models
    • NIMBUS platforms are available in open, enclosed, extended enclosed and large extended enclosed configurations
    • Highly configurable robotic liquid handling design integrates various accessories and 3rd-party devices
    • Flexible deck configurations and accepts tips from 0.5 to 5000 μL
    Voltage: 100/240 V
    Type: Automated Liquid Handling
    Configuration: Multi Channel
    Model: NIMBUS4, NIMBUS96, NIMBUS384
    Pipetting Range: 0.5 ul - 5,000 ul, 1 ul - 1,000 ul, 0.5 ul - 50 ul
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17 products meet your criteria.

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