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  1. SimpliNano™ Spectrophotometers by Biochrom
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    1 Voltage1 Wavelength Range2 Design2 Manufacturer SKU

    • Easy-to-use SimpliNano Spectrophotometers with a built-in sample port and a fixed pathlength eliminates the need for calibration
    • Enables straightforward concentration and purity measurements of nucleic acids and proteins
    • Designed with no moving parts for excellent reproducibility
    • Low sample volume capacity of 1 to 5 μl reduces sample loss and eliminates the need for dilution
    • Built-in preprogrammed life science methods and data output via PC, USB or with integrated printer (#29061712 only)
    Voltage: 90/250 V
    Wavelength Range: 190-1100 nm
    Design: Without Printer, Printer Included
    Manufacturer SKU: 29061711, 29061712
  2. CE Mark LogoCE Mark LogoStockedStocked
    1 Voltage1 Type2 Power1 Number of Channels2 Manufacturer SKU

    Voltage: 120 V
    Type: Colorimeter
    Power: AC Adapter, Battery, Rechargeable
    Number of Channels: 1 Channel
    Manufacturer SKU: 80-3000-43, 80-3000-44
  3. NanoVue™ Plus Spectrophotometers by Biochrom (5103-PP-07)
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6 products meet your criteria.

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