Pass-through chambers streamline workflow by giving personnel a fast, efficient way to transfer objects into, and out of, spaces with different ISO ratings. Facilities save man-hours and expense by avoiding time-consuming gowning. How else can pass-through chambers help the lab’s bottom line?

High-speed roll-up cleanroom doors for fast, clean transfer of personnel and large equipment (using pallet jacks, hand trucks or casters for mobility) are already available from Terra Universal. New from the leader in modular cleanrooms, however, is the same space-saving door configured as a pass-through chamber. A touch-screen control panel allows automatic push-button opening and closing of roll-up doors on either side. Transfer of large or unwieldy equipment or supplies in and out of the cleanroom becomes faster and easier.

High-speed roll-up door for transferring personnel or large equipment into ISO-rated rooms

High-speed roll-up door for transferring personnel or large equipment into ISO-rated rooms

Doors with a roll-up design remove the awkward maneuvering of heavy equipment around swing doors, and eliminate horizontal space requirements of sliding doors. Roll-up doors retract cleanly into a top-panel compartment, preserving valuable floor and wall space.

Terra’s original aluminum roll-up door pass-through is built with segmented door panels that rolls up into a ceiling bay. The new pass-through model uses lightweight, flexible vinyl fabric that can be retracted and deployed much more rapidly than aluminum slats. A single retraction cycle takes less than four seconds to complete, and the lightweight door places fewer demands on the motor. An aluminum door roll-up pass-through is sturdy and reliable, but issues may arise in facilities with high-frequency transfer needs. When cleanroom operators have a higher-volume of cargo load or equipment to transfer, the high-speed model allows them the capacity to do so swiftly and efficiently.

Is it clean?

Yes. The door is composed of chemical-resistant vinyl fabric and features a flexible clear PVC viewing window. It can be easily wiped down and won’t slough. The chamber structure is fabricated out of a powder-coated steel inner and outer shell, which is smooth and also very easy to clean. All the moving components, motors and electronics are stored away in an isolated compartment, controlling dust and other contaminants. The doors’ tracks have no moving parts and are able to be quickly wiped down and sanitized. With an electric interlock that prevents both doors from opening at the same time, the High-Speed Roll-Up Door Pass-Through won’t compromise the cleanliness rating of the cleanroom.

Space-saving, light fabric door is clean and fast!

Space-saving, light fabric door is clean and fast!

Is it safe?

Yes! The new high-speed roll-up door comes standard with an array of safety features, similar to the aluminum roll-up door. First, each door has a set of photoelectric sensors that use an infrared (IR) beam crossed between them to detect any obstructions. If the beam is disrupted, the door will not close upon activation; if it is tripped while already closing, the door will stop and retract back into the ceiling. Additionally, being made of a soft, lightweight vinyl fabric has advantages in that if the door ever makes contact, damage will be avoided. The soft fabric will prevent harm to personnel and equipment.

Like the aluminum door version, this high-speed pass-through comes with bypass, lockdown, and emergency stop features. It also automatically retracts in the case of power loss. “Bypass,” as its name implies, circumvents the electronic interlock allowing both doors to open simultaneously for maintenance, cleaning or placement of exceptionally large equipment. “Lockdown” shuts both doors as a security measure, and the emergency stop locks the doors open.

With an optional air-curtain attachment, the pass-through serves as an important tool in efficient, secure and hygienic cleanroom operation. Personnel no longer need to be held up by bottle-necking pass-through chambers. A cleanroom with the High Speed Roll-Up Door Pass-Through can process workflow more quickly and cleaner than before.

See Terra’s High-Speed Roll-Up Door Pass-Through Chamber page for more information.