Just as there are many different types of laboratories with varying needs, there are many laboratory freezers/refrigerators to fill those needs. Based on the types of specimens and supplies you intend to store, choose a freezer that fits the bill. Keep reading for some information that will help you determine which units work best for your lab.

Jewett Pass-Thru Lab Refrigerators

If you handle non-critical samples that still require temperature uniformity and security, these Pass-Thru refrigerators are ideal. Your laboratory will run more efficiently with the ability to access the refrigerator at multiple entry points. The dual-direction sliding drawers are convenient for technicians on both sides to quickly access samples and supplies. With heated, triple-pane glass doors, there is no risk of condensation or fog. When necessary, you can secure your samples by locking the door with a key. Its affordability makes it a great choice for life-science, industrial and school laboratories. PT Refrigerator

Revco Pharmacy Refrigerators

Equipped with audio and visual alarms, you will be alerted when the condition of your refrigerator is being compromised or the power is interrupted. These refrigerators can accurately maintain a stable temperature between 1 and 8 degrees Celsius; uniformity is safeguarded with forced-air circulation. And, you need not fear ruining your samples due to carelessness with this model’s self-closing doors, which will only stay open when you use the 90-degree “stay open” feature. These refrigerators are also equipped with a lock, which may be necessary when working with sensitive pharmaceutical samples.

Forma High-Performance Lab Refrigerators with Glass Doors

CFC-free foam insulation, coupled with forced air flow, keep your specimens and samples at the uniform pre-programmed temperature. With advanced microprocessor temperature controls plus audio and visual alarm options, you can ensure that your material achieves and maintains the required cold climate. Condensation is automatically removed without drain lines, simplifying operation and maintenance, This model also comes with unique alarm features, such as silence, ringback, and automatic reset. Choose from a variety of sizes and designs, including under–counter and upright models so that you can have the refrigerator that fits your needs AND your footprint.

Marvel Scientific ADA-Compliant Under-Counter Refrigerators

This UL model is designed to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, which states that all new construction of, or modification to, public and commercial facilities be accessible to individuals with disabilities. Use the 5.4 cubic feet unit under-counter, or free-standing. The refrigerator includes an adjustable thermostat, two pull-out shelves with safety stops, a lifetime fan motor, and use of non-CFC refrigerant. Tall containers are easily stored using the sectional flip-up.

Thermo Scientific Flammable Material Refrigerators/Freezers

We offer a variety of refrigerators and freezers equipped to contain flammable materials and prevent explosions in and out of the cold storage unit. These come in different designs, sizes, and temperature ranges. Motors and wiring are made to prevent electrical arcing that could cause sparks, and the compressor’s surface temperature is designed to remain below the flash point of potentially combustible materials found in labs. Protect your facility with one of these models that comply with OSHA and National Fire Protection Association standards. Freezer photo

Revco CxF Series -40°C & -86°C Ultra-Low Temperature Chest Freezer

Mobile chests come in 3 to 20 cubic foot sizes, with low-end temperatures of -40°C to -86°C. A removable and washable air filter protects the condenser from particle build-up, ensuring that your samples will be protected from contaminants. Interior covers included with the Revco CxF will reduce your samples’ exposure to ambient temperature, and sub-lids are used to protect bulk materials so you can retrieve single samples with confidence. This laboratory freezer also gives you the ability to code-protect the temperature set-point, which is useful for sensitive specimens and supplies.

Revco UxF Series -86°C Ultra-Low Temperature Upright Freezers

If you’re looking for a freezer that has an energy-efficient option, offers 24/7 monitoring of freezer performance, and can keep logs of freezer settings and user entry authority levels, then this is a great freezer for you. The UxF series maximizes temperature uniformity, so all samples in the laboratory freezer are exposed to exactly the same conditions and recovery time is reduced after the door is opened. Monitor all internal conditions and easily change settings by using the touch-screen display. This model maximizes performance and reliability with its state-of-the-art high-efficiency compressors, and durable insulated design.

Marvel Scientific 4.5-Cubic-Foot Under-Counter Freezers

These freezers are great for space-saving requirements and come in the following UL-certified designs for your specific needs: –    General Purpose –    Explosion Proof –    Flammable Material storage (complies with OSHA and NFPA) Pick your size and temperature range for these freezers that comfortably fit under counters and lab benches; leveling feet are included. Ventilation is via forced air; no additional clearance space is needed for the general-purpose model. Users control the defrost frequency, so there won’t be unplanned thaws and dehydration of samples.

Frost-Free Low-Temperature Freezer

This unique laboratory freezer model is useful for applications sensitive to frost. Frost build-up is eliminated by the nitrogen purge, forcing moisture-laden air out of the temperature-controlled unit. It operates at temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius, and has minimal nitrogen loss even when doors are frequently opened, exposing the interior to the ambient environment. This freezer is excellent for low-temperature storage of epoxies, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals. For automatic set-point control and activation of the insert gas, include the optional Dual Purge™ and NitroWatch™ systems; nitrogen purge is only activated when needed, preventing wasted resources.

Laboratory Refrigerators & Freezers

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