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  • Autoclaves & Labware Washers

    Autoclaves & Labware Washers

    Autoclaves and labware washers disinfect liquids, media, instruments, and glassware
  • Balances & Analytical Scales

    Balances & Analytical Scales

    Analytical, precision and top-loading balances and accessories by Sartorius. Select models available for immediate shipment.
  • Baths & Chillers

    Baths & Chillers

    Water baths, dry baths and chillers for sample incubation, reagent heating and external temperature control of analytical instruments
  • Calorimeters


    Space-saving, low-cost calorimeters determine gross calorific values of liquid and solid samples; capable of measuring in adiabatic, isoperibolic, dynamic and time-controlled modes
  • Centrifuges


    Micro,benchtop and high-speed centrifuges from Thermo Fisher, Benchmark and Hermle
  • COVID-19 Diagnostic Testing & Processing Equipment

    COVID-19 Diagnostic Testing & Processing Equipment

    Diagnostic test kits to detect COVID-19 viral load, Real-Time PCR instruments for rapid qualitative testing, sample preparation equipment and vaccine storage freezers
  • Chromatography


    HPLC, UPLC and UHPLC Liquid Chromatography Systems
  • Liquid Nitrogen Dewars

    Liquid Nitrogen Dewars

    Cryogenic systems and dewars from Thermo Fisher and Worthington for long-term storage of blood, infectious disease and cell culture samples.
  • Dispersers


    IKA hand-held and stand-mounted dispersers for homogenization, emulsification and suspension of miscible samples
  • Electrophoresis Systems

    Electrophoresis Systems

    Gel electrophoresis systems from Thermo Fisher, Benchmark Scientific, Accuris and IBI Scientific for separation of nucleic acids and proteins. Select models, reagents, kits stains and dyes in stock for immediate shipment.
  • Evaporators


    IKA and Labconco evaporators and concentrators efficiently accelerate the evaporation process for high-yield production of distillates from a range of solvents
  • Gel Imaging Systems

    Gel Imaging Systems

    Gel imaging systems and transilluminators from Analytik Jena, Accuris and Benchmark Scientific for visualization of nucleic acid and protein separations
  • Homogenizers & Sonicators

    Homogenizers & Sonicators

    Homogenizers and sonicators efficiently process plant and animal tissues or disrupt cellular membranes. Select models disperse nanoparticles to create chemical emulsions.
  • Hot Plates & Stirrers

    Hot Plates & Stirrers

    Analog and digital hotplates by Thermo Fisher and Benchmark Scientific in stirring, magnetic, remote control and explosion-proof models
  • Incubators & Environmental Test Chambers

    Incubators & Environmental Test Chambers

    Compact, benchtop and large capacity incubators with mechanical, gravity or dual convection heating. CO2, refrigerated, B.O.D, drosophila and microbiological models available. Test chambers from Binder for drug stability studies.
  • Lab Consumables

    Lab Consumables

    Lab consumables including microplates, centrifuge tubes, purification and isolation kits, inoculating loops and biohazard bags.
  • Liquid Handlers & Robotics

    Liquid Handlers & Robotics

    Liquid handling and robotic instruments from Hudson for ELISA assays, PCR preparation, DNA quantitation, serial dilutions and microplate washing
  • Lyophilizers


    Labconco FreeZone Lyophilizers freeze dry samples for transport and long-term storage.
  • Microarray Products

    Microarray Products

    Arrayit microarray fluorescence and colorimetric scanners, printers and hybridization stations for DNA/RNA assays, genetic testing, proteomics and drug discovery
  • Microplate Equipment

    Microplate Equipment

    Benchtop microplate sealers, washers and readers by ACTGene, Accuris, Perkin Elmer and Vitl
  • Mills


    Benchtop lab mills from IKA for grinding, cutting and homogenization of hard, brittle, fibrous or soft materials.
  • Ovens & Furnaces

    Ovens & Furnaces

    Lab ovens and furnaces by Thermo Fisher Scientific, Sheldon and Binder include advanced protocol and security models as well as high-temperature furnaces suitable for semiconductor processing
  • Mixers & Rockers

    Mixers & Rockers

    Mixers, rockers, rollers and rotators for 2-D and 3-D mixing of reagents, and samples in tubes, flasks, beakers, blot trays and microplates
  • Moisture Analyzers

    Moisture Analyzers

    Moisture Analyzers from Sartorius for analysis of food, pharmaceutical and environmental samples.
  • Overhead Stirrers

    Overhead Stirrers

    IKA Overhead Stirrers perform a range of mixing tasks for volumes from 15 to 200L; available with a wide range of stirring elements
  • Pipettes


    Mechanical and electronic pipettes and tips from Sartorius Biohit. Single-channel and multi-channel pipettors available for immediate shipment.
  • Refrigerators & Freezers

    Refrigerators & Freezers

    Refrigerators, freezers, and combo refrigerator/freezers by Thermo Fisher, Helmer, Marvel and Benchmark Scientific
  • Shakers & Vortexers

    Shakers & Vortexers

    Incubated, refrigerated, orbital and reciprocating shakers and vortexers by Thermo Fisher, Benchmark Scientific and VITL
  • Spectrophotometers & Analytical Equipment

    Spectrophotometers & Analytical Equipment

    Spectrophotometers, microscopy, FTIR and AA systems from Perkin Elmer, Biochrom and Hudson Robotics.
  • PCR Thermal Cyclers

    PCR Thermal Cyclers

    qPCR and standard PCR thermal cyclers from Analytik Jena and Biometra for robust amplification of nucleic acid sequences
  • Water Purification

    Water Purification

    Water purifications systems and accessories from Barnstead Thermo Fisher produce ASTM Type 1, 2 and 3 grade water
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Lab instruments, equipment and supplies from trusted brands

Laboratory-Equipment provides innovative, quality scientific research equipment from top-tier suppliers, including Thermo Fisher, Labconco, Sartorius, PerkinElmer, IKA, Sheldon, Binder and Benchmark Scientific.

Our comprehensive portfolio includes:

Equipment:  baths, cold storage, centrifuges, furnaces, hot plates, incubators, mixers, ovens, refrigerators, shakers, water purity systems and more

Instruments:  balances, electrophoresis systems, evaporators, gel imagers, liquid handlers, lyophilizers, microplate readers, thermal cyclers, spectrophotometers and more

Supplies:  biohazard bags, buffers, gel stains, gloves, microplates, purification kits, tubes, water cartridges and more

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