Laboratory Equipment from Top-Tier Suppliers

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Shakers & Vortexers

Platform, refrigerated, incubated, orbital and microplate shakers, mixers, rockers, rotators, vortexers and blotters


Benchtop, micro and floor model centrifuges with high or low speed functions for PCR, clinical, R&D, blood separation and life science applications.

Hot Plates & Stirrers

Ceramic and aluminum top hot plates maintain uniform heat distribution and smooth magnetic stirring.

Refrigerators & Freezers

Models for flammable materials, ultra-low temperature (-80° C) storage, cGMP applications and ADA compliance.


High-precision balances from Sartorius include ultra-micro, analytical, precision and top-loading models.

Water Purification

Select among reverse osmosis systems, deionization units, and ultra filtration from Thermo Fisher to produce Type 1 or Type 2 water.

Incubators &
Test Chambers

Heated, O2 and CO2 incubators, plus a wide range of environmental and stability test chambers.

Ovens & Furnaces

Industry-leading lab ovens and furnaces including Heratherm General and Advanced Protocol models.

PCR Workstations &
Thermal Cyclers

Portable, economical turnkey hoods and thermal cyclers for polymerase chain reaction amplification.


Wide selection of spotters, scanners, printers, pins, hybridization stations, reagents, substrate slides, and consumables. 

Liquid Handling &

Select liquid handling and robotic instruments for ELISA assays, PCR preparation, DNA quantitation and microplate washing.


Spectrophotometers, colorimeters, cell density meters, spectroscopy instruments, FTIR, UV/VIS, and microscopy systems.


Electronic and manual pipettes come with a variety of features: adjustable and fixed-volume, single and multi channel and RFID.

Autoclaves &

Autoclaves, UVC germicidal irradiation, H2O2 decontamination, water treatment.

    Cryogenic     Storage

Many solutions for long-term storage and transfer of samples, including cryogenic vessels, liquid nitrogen dewars and rack-based storage systems.

Sonicators & Homogenizers

Sonicators, cell disruptors, and homogenizers from QSonica, Branson and Benchmark Scientific.

Gloveboxes &
Fume Hoods

Gloveboxes and fume hoods
Compounding aseptic isolators, laminar flow hoods, biosafety cabinets, and other benchtop and free-standing enclosures.

Microplate Equipment

Benchtop microplate units from ACTGene and Jencons Scientific include fillers, plate readers, washers and shakers for 96- and 384-well types. 

Wet/Dry Baths & Chillers

Wet/dry baths, circulators, and chillers from Benchmark Scientific, Julabo, and Torrey Pines Scientific.


Tables, cabinets, carts, sinks and casework in application-specific materials and configurations.
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