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Hudson SOLO - Hit Picking
This video shows the Hudson SOLO single channel automated pipettor installed in a hit picking workcell.
PlateCrane EX
The PlateCrane EX is a new-generation cylindrical robot arm that is optimized for handling labware in the SBS footprint, including microplates, reservoirs, and disposable tip racks. The EX features state-of-the-art controls and a new, rugged design. Never has lab automation been easier or more reliable.
Serial Dilution - Hudson SOLO
This video shows the Hudson SOLO multi channel automated pipettor used for serial dilution
Overview of PHERAstar FSX HTS Multimode Plate Reader by BMG LabTech
Video shows design of PHERAstar FSX HTS Multimode Plate Reader and how optic modules streamline assay detection
How the PHERAstar FSX and its software support drug discovery in neuroscience
Video presentation of Marcus Hanley from Cardiff University on the advantages of the PHERAstar FSX software in drug discovery research
GPCR Binding and signaling studies with the PHERAstar
Prof. Dmitry B. Veprintsev and Prof. Dr. David Sykes from the University of Nottingham explain GPCR binding and signaling using the PHERAstar Multimode plate reader
Reagent Injectors for PHERAstar FSX Microplate Reader
Quick video showing the function of Reagent Injectors for PHERAstar FSX Microplate Reader by BMG LabTech
Studying binding kinetics on the PHERAstar FSX
Steven Charlton Professor at the University of Nottingham talks about the advantage of using the PHERAstar FSX in kinetic binding
PHERAstar FSX at Zero Gravity
Video presentation of Florian Kohn from University of Hohenheim on the performance of PHERAstar FSX in zero-gravity measurements during parabolic flights

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