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  1. ISO 7 IconISO 7 Icon
    33 Manufacturer SKU1 ISO Class9 Monitor Holder4 30m LED Light2 Rad Shield2 Boom Series4 System

    • Available ISO Ratings: ISO 7, ISO 8
    • 100% customizable operating room boom/pendants in single, dual, triple and quad models
    • Select models include iCE 30m LED Surgical Lighting System and single, dual or combination monitor holders
    • 340 degree rotation in a fixed and central point location
    • Integrates with Amico GoLift Patient Lift System to create a Patient Lift Pendant (PLP)
    • Clinical environment usage: operating, procedure and emergency rooms and ICU units
    Manufacturer SKU: SL‐S‐30M, SL‐S‐MH1, SL‐S‐MH2, SL‐S3‐S‐30M, SL‐S3‐S‐MH1, SL‐S3‐S‐MH2, SL‐D‐30M‐30M, SL‐D‐30M‐MH1, SL‐D‐30M‐MH2, SL‐D‐30M‐RS, SL‐S3‐D‐MH2‐MH2, SL‐S3‐D‐MH1‐MH2, SL‐S3‐D‐30M‐30M, SL‐S3‐D‐30M‐MH1, SL‐S3‐D‐30M‐MH2, SL‐S3‐D‐30M‐RS, SL‐S3‐D‐MH1‐MH1, SL‐T‐30M‐30M‐30M, SL‐T‐30M‐30M‐MH1, SL‐T‐30M‐30M‐MH2, SL‐S3‐T‐30M‐30M‐30M, SL‐S3‐T‐30M‐30M‐MH1, SL‐S3‐T‐30M‐30M‐MH2, SL‐S3‐T‐30M‐MH1‐MH1, SL‐S3‐T‐30M‐MH1‐MH2, SL‐S3‐T‐30M‐MH2‐MH2, SL‐Q‐30M‐30M‐30M‐MH1, SL‐Q‐30M‐30M‐30M‐MH2 iCEm, SL‐Q‐30M‐30M‐MH1‐MH1, SL‐Q‐30M‐30M‐MH1‐MH2, SL‐Q‐30M‐30M‐MH2‐MH2, SL‐Q‐30M‐MH1‐MH1‐MH1, SL‐Q‐30M‐MH1‐MH1‐MH2
    ISO Class: ISO 7
    Monitor Holder: None, 1 Single, 1 Dual, 2 Dual, Single/Dual, 2 Single, 1 Single/1 Dual, 3 Single, 2 Single/1 Dual
    30m LED Light: 1, None, 2, 3
    Rad Shield: No, Yes
    Boom Series: iCE Series 1, iCE Series 3
    System: Single, Dual, Triple, Quad
  2. GoLift Patient Lift Medical Equipment by Amico
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    ISO 7 IconISO 7 IconCE Mark LogoCE Mark LogoTUV CertificationTUV Certification
    1 Material4 Capacity4 Model4 Manufacturer SKU1 ISO Class

    • Available ISO Ratings: ISO 7, ISO 8
    • Lightweight, portable and easy to install patient transfer systems
    • Integrates with Amico Patient Lift Pendants (PLP); patient lift slings sold separately
    • Capacity load: GoLift 400 lbs., GoLift 700 lbs., GoLift 1000lbs. and GoLift Portable 450 lbs.
    • For use in medical and healthcare environments
    • Includes: GoLift motor, charger, trolley, manual and capacitive touch hand control
    Material: Metal/Steel
    Capacity: 700 lbs., 400 lbs., 1000 lbs., 450 lbs.
    Model: GoLift 700, GoLift 400, Golift 1000, GoLift Portable 450
    ISO Class: ISO 7
  3. ISO 7 IconISO 7 Icon
    1 Type1 ISO Class1 Boom Series7 Gas Supply

    • Available ISO Ratings: ISO 7, ISO 8
    • Customizable operating room booms/pendants are available with surgical room shelves
    • Integrated multiple equipment rails on front and back of console accommodate medical devices
    • Pendant load capacity: 400 lbs.
    • Console size: 50 x 18 x 9 in.
    • Choice of medical gas assembly: Nitro control panel, vacuum with holder, carbon dioxide
    Type: Medical Gas Pendant
    ISO Class: ISO 7
    Boom Series: OR Equipment
    Gas Supply: Vacuum, CO2, N2, Vacuum/CO2, Vacuum/N2, CO2/N2, Vacuum/CO2/N2
  4. ISO 7 IconISO 7 Icon
    1 Type1 ISO Class1 Standard Arm Length1 Boom Series6 Gas Supply

    • Available ISO Ratings: ISO 7, ISO 8
    • 100% customizable vertical booms with anesthesia console for OR and clinical environment usage
    • 340-degree rotation in a fixed and central point
    • Choice of medical gas assembly: Oxygen, Medical Air and Vacuum with holder
    • Console size: 30 x 14 x 12 in.
    • Options: LED night light, big screen monitor (50” or 60”) and console laminates
    Type: Medical Gas Pendant
    ISO Class: ISO 7
    Standard Arm Length: 1000 mm - 800 mm
    Boom Series: Anesthesia Boom
    Gas Supply: Oxygen, Medical Air, Vacuum, Oxygen/Medical Air, Medical Air/Vacuum, Oxygen/Medical Air/Vacuum
  5. Spectra V-Series Surgical Room Boom Pendants by Amico
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    ISO 7 IconISO 7 Icon
    2 Lighting19 Manufacturer SKU1 ISO Class2 Standards3 Standard Arm Length2 V-Series Arm Length3 Mount2 Arm1 Boom Series

    • Available ISO Ratings: ISO 7, ISO 8
    • Customizable electronic articulating surgical room pendants with a 340-degree rotation
    • Available in single, dual and tandem mounted models
    • Select models include V-Series vertical arm and L-series arm
    • Electric braking system delivers smooth, no drift movement and seamless infection control
    • Integrated Equipment Rails enable multiple accessories to be positioned
    Lighting: No, Yes
    Manufacturer SKU: LP‐V‐8L‐90‐115U, LP‐V‐81‐90‐115U, LP‐V‐18‐90‐115U, LP‐V‐11‐90‐115U, LP-V-28-90-115U, LP‐V‐21‐90‐115U, LP‐V‐8L‐90‐115I, LP‐V‐88‐90‐115I, LP‐V‐81‐90‐115I, LP‐V‐18‐90‐115I, LP‐V‐11‐90‐115I, LP‐V‐28‐90‐115I, LP‐V‐21‐90‐115I, LP‐V‐1111‐90‐115U, LP‐V‐1111‐90‐115I, LP‐V‐TM‐8888‐90‐115U, LP‐V‐TM‐1811‐90‐115U, LP‐V‐TM‐8888‐90‐115I, LP‐V‐TM‐1811‐90‐115I
    ISO Class: ISO 7
    Standards: United States, Canadian & International ISO
    Standard Arm Length: 800 mm, 1000 mm, 1200 mm
    V-Series Arm Length: 750 mm, 950 mm
    Mount: Single, Dual, Tandem
    Arm: One, Two
    Boom Series: Spectra V-Series
  6. ISO 7 IconISO 7 Icon

    • Available ISO Ratings: ISO 8
    • Integrated GoLift System and track provide 340-degree coverage around the patient’s bed
    • Enables healthcare workers and clinicians to easily transfer and reposition patients in and out of bed without manual labor
    • Single structure ceiling installation enables inclusion of additional medical equipment
    • Includes: double ceiling mount, console, track, GoLift 700 kit, power supply, electrical duplex
    • Wide range of patient slings (sold separately)
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