As a Building Contractor, How Do You Pull a Rabbit Out of Your Hat?

Terra Universal Cleanroom conversion of an office space

Before – A typical office space.

Picture the following scenario: you walk in the door one afternoon and notice your phone has been ringing off the hook all day. Your answering machine is full and a new client has been doggedly trying to contact you. As you dial back and settle down for a chat, you hear, “I need a cleanroom, and was told you are the best!”

The next morning you promptly visit the client’s establishment only to find out there is not a single square inch left on the property on which to build the needed cleanroom. To make matters worse, the budget is low and time is limited (how often have you heard that?); remodeling the current space is out of the question. So, what do you do?

In many cases, building a cleanroom according to ISO specifications in an existing space is not only difficult, it is also expensive and time consuming.

Terra Universal Cleanroom conversion of an office space

After – An ISO qualified cleanroom.

Due to the nature of the work done in a cleanroom, the standards to be followed are rigorous and require full compliance, otherwise, the room may be declared useless.

When you find yourself in a situation similar to the one described here, the natural reaction might be to think it is downright impossible. However, Terra Universal’s new Cleanroom Conversion System provides you with a way to convert any type of office space into an ISO 5-8 cleanroom with less time and effort than a complete renovation, while complying with the most stringent requirements.


How Is This Possible?

The conversion of regular office space into an ISO 5-8 cleanroom is possible thanks to our new BioSafe® Cleanroom Conversion System, featuring Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) panels. They are attached to walls with a non-outgassing adhesive that will work well on most standard surfaces, including gypsum wallboard and concrete, making it one of the most effective and efficient solutions on the market today.

The durable FRP panels have a patented surfacing technology, which seals them in a uniform manner, and prevents particle emission or microbial growth. These are also the only FRPs that have FM fire-rating approval, making the cleanroom safer for working with chemicals and other hazards.

Our unique Cleanroom Conversion System has three parts: the BioSafe FRP wall panels, a modular ceiling grid, and a wide variety of flooring options to meet the specific requirements of the room. All this is accompanied by a large selection of accessories that allow you to customize the room: add HEPA fan/filter units (FFUs), lights, access doors, environmental control systems, and pass-through chambers, according to your clients’ needs.

Terra Universal Cleanroom conversion ceiling grid within an office space

Cleanroom ceiling grid with standard 2′ x 4′ bays for lighting and filter units.

Installation of the ceiling grid is fast and easy thanks to its rigid all-steel design, which can accommodate spans up to 20 feet without the use of internal support columns or ceiling suspension wires, even when it has been fully loaded with FFUs and lights. The room system becomes even more attractive thanks to its special design and manufacturing process, making all elements resistant to the damaging effects of a large number of chemicals, ensuring room cleanliness and sterility. The result? A cleanroom that is fully compliant with ISO specifications and other applicable regulations.

Your Satisfaction is our Primary Focus

To ensure the success and satisfaction of your room conversion, we offer a great price and cost saving measures, and provide you with pre-sale and after-sale support, custom quotes, and installation by trained experts.

Take a step into the future and give us a call today to find out how we can serve your clients’ ISO 5-8 compliant cleanroom needs. Our product experts are standing by to answer every question you may have, and start the consultation/quoting process.

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