Pass-Through Chambers are a great solution for businesses that need to ensure that their employees are safe and accidents are minimized when passing materials from one room to another. This simple solution, in all of its various forms, allows easy access to what you need to do your job, while also keeping safety your number-one concern. The convenience window and transaction window, as well as the fire-rated safety pass-through solution all solve problems involving safety and security while the roll-up door pass-through and air shower pass-through systems uphold a clean environment in clinical or lab type settings which focus on the sanitation element. Each of the pass-throughs below offers cutting edge technology, which offers extra peace of mind in the daily operations of your business which requires this type of environment.



The Convenience Window Pass-Through allows you to transfer items between rooms without having to actually enter the room. This is an excellent application for the medical profession, environments which utilize a cleanroom to ensure sanitation, and other businesses such as restaurants which require items to be passed through to someone else on a regular basis. The reinforced shelves give employees a place to set materials or documents. They can be installed into varying wall thicknesses. Expandable window frames allow it to be easily accommodated with various settings.

Applications: Pharmacies, Medical Clinics, Labs, Document-Processing Facilities

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Transaction Window are used by businesses involved in money transactions, such as banks, gas stations, and other retail type businesses. The transactional drawer allows for the easy transfer of paperwork, packages, coins and documents. The windows are made of 1/2 inch tempered glass while the frames are built with stainless steel. Transaction Windows offer the security of having thick glass between your employees and customers where money is being passed between the two. The optional Talk-Through add-on allows employees to talk to and hear customers on the other side.

Applications: Banks, All Night Convenience Stores, Drive-Through Pharmacies, Bill Payment & Loan Centers

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Roll-Up Door Pass-Throughs consists of motorized lifters which are sealed inside a cleanroom environment. The door works on a track system which allows them to slide up and down easily at the push of a button. There is an added safety circuit that stops the door motion if the path is disturbed, which helps prevent accidents. It features an easy push-button system and an electronic key-switch interlock. The biggest advantage to using a Roll-Up Door Pass-Through is the ability for personnel to easily transfer large objects without the risk of contamination.

Applications: Labs, Cleanrooms, Medical & Scientific Research Facilities, Forensic Pathology Clinics & Facilities

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Terra Universal’s Fire-Rated Pass-Through uses the highest grade materials in order to meet industry standard requirements (UL 10B label) for fire exposure lasting up to 90 minutes. The heavy-duty, double door construction prevents chamber misalignment and damage to the door when excessive force is applied. You can easily transfer materials in and out of the environment and the all stainless steel construction ensures a clean surface while protecting participants from fire exposure.

Applications: Science Labs Involving Potentially Fire-Producing Materials

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An Air Shower Pass-Through features a blower which can be activated when the door is closed, which forces air through a filter to pass through the chamber. This allows for a wash of clean air which removes surface-deposited particles from items before entering adjoining rooms or the cleanroom. Adjustable nozzles direct concentrated streams of powerful, HEPA-filtered air that removes contaminants, which are then disposed of through vents along the bottom of the chamber.

Applications: Cleanroom Facilities, Research Facilities

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These five Pass-Through solutions improve safety, sanitation of the environment, and convenience in many different environments and applications. From scientific research facilities, government agencies which require absolute security in the transfer of documents, and even physics labs and forensic pathology facilities, each environment these systems are used in will benefit from the increase security, safety and cleanliness they offer employees, staff, and visitors.

For information on how we can help you find a solution that will fit your business or institution’s needs, call a Terra Universal representative at 714-578-6100 or you can visit our website. We feature cutting edge technology for businesses and institutions where cleanliness and security are top priorities.

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