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  1. GX Horizon Series Pass-Thru Pharma Refrigerators by Helmer Scientific
    Group of 2 products
    As low as $11,100
    Some ship in 10 - 16 days
    Energy StarEnergy Star
    1 Refrigerator Temperature Range2 Model

    • GX Horizon Series Upright Medical Grade Pass-Thru Pharmacy Refrigerators support CDC guidelines for vaccine storage and meet USP 797 cleanroom guidelines
    • OptiCool cooling system features a variable capacity compressor (VCC) and natural hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerants
    • For use in busy cleanroom compounding pharmacy with heavy ambient product loads
    • Horizon Digital Microprocessor: LED display, touchpad entry, built-in alarm
    • Includes: swivel casters, ventilated shelves and drawers
    Refrigerator Temperature Range: +2º to +10ºC
    Model: HPR226-GX / 26.4 cu. ft., HPR458-GX / 58.5 cu. ft.
  2. Energy StarEnergy StarcULus LogocULus LogoULus LogoULus LogoSNAP CompliantSNAP Compliant
    1 Freezer Temperature Range2 Capacity Range

    • Energy-efficient manual defrost freezers prevent slight intermittent coil warming
    • Features cold wall convection cooling with temperature uniformity
    • Temperature range: -25° to -15°C, factory setpoint at -20°C
    • Available in 23.3 and 29.2 cu. ft. capacities
    • Includes: shelves and four 2” casters (two lockable)
    Freezer Temperature Range: -25°C to -15°C
    Capacity Range: 18 to 24 cubic feet, >24 cubic feet
  3. Energy StarEnergy StarVaccine Storage CertifiedVaccine Storage Certified
    3 Door Swing1 Refrigerator Temperature Range5 Model

    • GX i.Series Medical-Grade Upright Pharmacy Refrigerators with glass doors provide safe storage of vaccines and chemotherapy
    • ENERGY STAR certified models feature OptiCool system, an i.C3 user interface, a 7” color touchscreen display, ADA compliant handles and sustainable refrigerants
    • NSF/ANSI 456 vaccine storage standard certified, and supports CDC guidelines for vaccine storage
    • Factory pre-set to 5°C for pharmacy applications
    • Includes: swivel casters, adjustable ventilated shelves and ventilated pull-out drawers
    Door Swing: Right Hinge, Single Glass, Double-Swing
    Refrigerator Temperature Range: +2°C to +10°C
    Model: iPR113-GX / 13.3 cu ft., iPR120-GX / 20.2 cu ft., iPR125-GX / 25.2 cu ft., iPR245-GX / 44.9 cu. ft., iPR256-GX / 56 cu. ft.
  4. Constant Temperature Transport Coolers by Haier Biomedical
    Group of 6 products
    As low as $525
    Some ship in 5 - 7 days
    CE Mark LogoCE Mark LogocULus LogocULus Logo
    2 Cooling Method2 Inside Camera3 Blood Bag Capacity

    • Energy-efficient models available with active or passive refrigeration
    • For temporary storage and transport of biological products, specimens, medicine, blood bags and reagents
    • Storage temperature: 2°C to 6°C
    • Operating temperature: 2°C to 10°C
    • ZA models with LED digital display and a camera identification module for inventory monitoring
    Cooling Method: Passive Cooling, Active Cooling
    Inside Camera: No, Yes
    Blood Bag Capacity: 8 Bags, 15 Bags, 35 Bags
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15 products meet your criteria.

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