Terra offers desiccator and desiccator cabinet designs for every purpose - whether it be for transportation, short term or long term storage, these dry cabinets protect sensitive parts and materials of all shapes and sizes from moisture damage, particle contamination, electro-static discharge, and more. Find out which design best fits your needs!

Acrylic Desiccator Cabinet

Choose Terra’s ValuLine™ acrylic desiccator cabinet as a low-cost alternative for less stringent storage requirements. These versatile desiccator cabinets can be configured for dry Nitrogen gas purging, desiccant bead dehumidification, or simply clean storage. They are ideal for long-term storage requirements that don’t demand frequent parts access, and also suitable for storage applications where recovering to a low-humidity condition after opening a door is not critical.

Adjust-a-shelf desiccator cabinet with nitrogen generator and model
Nitrogen Purged Plastic Desiccator Cabinet

Built from low cost acrylic or ESD safe static-dissipative PVC, Terra’s desiccator cabinet with adjustable shelves is designed specifically for moisture-sensitive storage applications requiring a dry Nitrogen atmosphere. This dry cabinet includes built-in wire rack shelving to provide space-saving adjustable shelf options in each chamber. A rear plenum provides even distribution of dry Nitrogen gas throughout each desiccator chamber. Terra also offers different types of relative humidity control systems to drastically improve efficiency and reduce time needed to purge moisture from the desiccator. For example, the IsoDry® desiccator cabinet features a fan module installed inside the rear plenum to rapidly mix dry Nitrogen throughout the entire cabinet.

Vacuum Desiccator cabinet | Terra Universal
Vacuum Desiccator Cabinet

If inert gas and electrostatic-nullifying construction material can’t fully protect your sensitive products, then place them in a void! Terra’s vacuum desiccator cabinet easily connects to a vacuum pump and can work in tandem with a nitrogen generator and oilless air compressor to remove unwanted moisture and particulates.

Terra Universal Kitting Tray Desiccator Cabinet
ESD Safe Desiccator Cabinet

Terra’s ESD Safe desiccator cabinet with static isolation uses a Faraday cage concept to shield static-sensitive components against the danger of ESD (electrostatic discharge) while also protecting against moisture exposure. With a stainless steel shield mounted at the top of the desiccator cabinet, a grounding terminal, conductive/grounded stainless steel trays, grounding tape connecting the cross sections of the cabinet and grounded stainless steel runners, the entire cabinet works as an exceptional barrier against all electrostatic discharge.

Terra Universal Kitting Tray Desiccator Cabinet
Desiccator Cabinet for Kitting Trays

Commonly practiced to simplify and expedite assembly, kitting spares workers the time retrieving different materials from various bins; everything they need rests in one organized, pre-packaged place. Terra’s Desiccator Cabinet for Kitting Trays is specially designed for totes that can be individually removed from their evenly-spaced shelf racks. Totes come in static-dissipative or conductive materials — most come in Benstat plastic — so the dry box protects against more than just humidity. The Benstat additives are chemically bonded with the molecular structure of the base polymer to produce an ionic exchange or ionic path through the entire volume of the material, which makes them entirely antistatic per EIA military standards. They also conveniently nest together and can be fitted with ticket holders to label kits by job, function, date or other desired criteria.

Terra Universal Wafer Box Desiccator Cabinet with Nitrowatch Dual Purge module
Desiccator Cabinet for Wafer Storage

Semiconductor wafers have a fairly high up-front cost, but one of the biggest price tags lies on the security required to keep them undamaged. The smallest chip or chemical change on a wafer’s surface lowers its performance in integrated circuits for electronics. Any damage can render wafers worthless, so it’s important to invest in a nitrogen cabinet that will keep them clean and dry. Terra’s wafer storage desiccator cabinet is designed with extra wide chambers to accommodate wafer boxes housing 200mm and 300mm pieces to ensure safe, clean, dry storage for the most sensitive semiconductor components.

8 chamber Reel Storage Desiccator
Desiccator Cabinet for Reel storage

Terra’s reel storage desiccator cabinet is designed to store reels that hold component carrier tape, which feeds semiconductor automatic placement equipment. The Tape-and-Reel desiccator includes a complete line of standardized accessories, as well as self-balancing ionizing nozzles that safely neutralize static charges on nonconductive surfaces. Each drawer accommodates two rows of reels up to 14 inches in diameter, stored in an arrangement that enhances organization, visibility, access and safety of the reel. Optional slide-out drawers allow complete access to safely move and organize components.

Terra Universal DesiCart
Mobile Desiccator Cart

The ISO 5 cleanroom-compatible mobile desiccator cabinet is available in several configurations to store wafer boxes, flat panel displays, chemicals and pharmaceutical products. Choose door configurations and materials suitable to your application.

For example, mobile desiccator cabinets can be used to transport PCBs and other sensitive electronics in a clean, static-free environment. The key to keeping PCBs safe is to minimize handling — every movement has the potential to damage wafers and diminish their functionality. Optional vibration-suppression casters ensure a smooth ride, and you can stay organized with color-coding accessories that clearly identify trays and carts.

Terra Universal Portable Desiccator Dry Box
Portable Nitrogen Dry Box

Terra’s portable dry box desiccator with carrying handle functions similarly to a briefcase — fold-down steel-reinforced vinyl handles make these desiccators easy to hold onto, and their lightweight, portable construction is easy to carry. The stackable design allows space-saving storage for multiple units while their nitrogen is replenished. With these models, you can carry your dry box wherever you need.

Bel Art stackable desiccator
Bel-Art Desiccator Cabinet

Terra carries a complete line of low-cost lab desiccators by Bel-Art. The standard Bel-Art desiccator cabinet with perforated sliding shelves fits basic lab needs — to keep your materials moisture-free. Bel-Art’s vacuum and non-vacuum glass desiccator are also ideal for general laboratory use. The spherical vacuum chamber desiccator with large internal volume has perforated polypropylene shelves for experiments in an inert environment, free of particles and moisture. Secador desiccator models from Bel-Art come include an easy-to-view door-mounted hygrometer and several copolyester materials that block certain kinds of light, particularly UV, which protects light-sensitive products. Copolyester Amber construction reduces visible light penetration by over 50%, perfect for storing light-sensitive materials. Copolyester Blue construction blocks 99% of UV light, resists staining and provides broad chemical resistance.

Terra Universal Double Agent Desiccator Cabinet
Secure Storage Desiccator Cabinet

Terra’s security vault desiccator cabinet bears all the functionality of standard desiccator cabinets, but with the safety of a high-security vault. A heavy-duty safe encloses the desiccator with self-locking doors accessible only via the entry-logging electronic keypad. The 1 inch diameter anchor bolts keep the perimeter breach-free. The high-security vault also has a 2-hour UL fire rating, so materials stored inside are safe from a grand total of thieves, particle attraction, electrostatic discharge, moisture, and fire! If you have any concern about the safety or security of your product for any reason, this is the ultimate fortress of desiccators

Six Chamber Adjust-a-Shelf Stainless Steel Desiccator Cabinet | Terra Universal
Stainless Steel Desiccator

A stainless steel desiccator cabinet is ideal for applications requiring stringent cleanliness and moisture control. Optional NitroPlex humidity control system automatically and efficiently monitors and controls relative humidity in each chamber of the desiccator cabinet down to 0% RH. Double door bulk storage desiccator cabinet designs include heavy duty adjustable shelving for safe storage of large components and raw materials.

Terra Universal Drum Storage Desiccator Cabinet
Drum Storage Desiccator Cabinet

Terra’s heavy-duty drum storage desiccator cabinet is also designed to store bulk liquids or powders commonly used in pharmaceutical, agricultural and chemical applications. They are sized specifically to hold standard drum sizes such as 16-, 30- and 55-gallon bulk drum canisters. The cabinets also have options for reinforced construction so heavy materials can’t bend shelving. Choose from either 304 stainless steel or more economical powder-coated steel.

Terra Universal Double Door Desiccator Cabinet
Bulk Storage Desiccator Cabinet

The double door bulk storage desiccator cabinet has all the same options as a standard nitrogen storage cabinet, but larger, and stronger. It features adjustable wide shelves, each with a 100 lb load capacity. Reinforced double doors admit large and heavy objects for bulk storage in a dry environment. These dry storage cabinets are also available in 304 stainless steel or powder-coated steel. For even heavier loads, upgrade to 300 lb weight capacity shelving.