Homogenizers & Sonicators

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Sonicator and Homogenizer Features

Q700 Sonicator by QSonica

Q700 Sonicator handles larger sample volume applications and features a large LCD screen with a touch screen interface, auto tuning, program memory, overload protection; includes 1/2" prob

QSonica Q500 Sonicator

Disperses nanoparticles, disrupt cells, shears, and homogenizes with minimal heating (stand sold separately).

QSonica Q125 Sonicator

QSonica’s Q125 Sonicator provides a microprocessor that’s programmable for DNA/RNA shearing and homogenization.

Sonifier SFX150 Cell Disruptors

The Sonifier® SFX150 can be operated in energy mode and the ergonomic handheld converter allows operators optimum control over samples.

Sonifier SFX150 Cell Disruptor with Handheld Converter

Branson SFX150 cell disruptors available with a handheld converter for quick processing of low-volume samples

BeadBug 6 Position Microtube Homogenizers

BeadBug 6 Microtube Homogenizer processes a variety of sample types with a 3-dimensional shaking motion

Homogenizers & Sonicators

  • BeadBug 24 Microtube Homogenizer by Benchmark Scientific shown with open lid BeadBug 24 Microtube Homogenizer
  • Q700 Sonicator by QSonica with optional probe and clampstand Q700 Sonicator by QSonica
  • Sonifier SFX150 Cell Disruptor by Branson with traditional converter Sonifier SFX150 Cell Disruptor by Branson
  • Industrial-scale QSonica Q1375 Sonicators available with converter, probe and booster in select models; process up to 30L with direct sonication or 20L/min with a flocell QSonica Q1375 Sonicator and Support Stand

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