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Altus™ HPLC Liquid Chromatography System
by PerkinElmer

The Altus™ HPLC System is a high performance liquid chromatography instrument that delivers consistent and comprehensive analytical workflows for predictable and reproducible results. The unit has a 120-vial capacity for seamless transition between samples. With an optimized design and interface features geared for all user levels, the Altus HPLC is ideal for daily standard lab analysis and for meeting stringent regulations and requirements.
Altus HPLC Perkin Elmer
#5103-33 High purity liquid chromatographer with 4 detection systems
  • Delivers extremely low detection limits of highly complex samples
  • Four separate detection systems: UV/Vis, Refractive Index, Photodiode Array, and Multifluourescence
  • Capacity: up to 120 standard-sized vials in a 5 carousel compartment
  • Built-in integrated fluidics for reproducible retention times between runs and instruments; ensures quick management of leaks and spills; helps eliminate sample-carryover with user set needle wash duration
  • Maintains constant temperature within the column and an integrated solvent and sample dispersion system delivers reproducible results even between instruments
  • Increases efficiency with automated and customizable workflows and high-powered, user-friendly data analysis software
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Ordering Information

Altus™ HPLC Liquid Chromatography High Purity System

PerkinElmer Part # Description Cat. # Price
N2971010 Altus™ HPLC System 5103-33 Call TUI

Additional Features and benefits

  • Column-heating option utilizes forced air recirculation for the most stable column environment
  • Empower® 3 software: new method development (including PDA and MS data extraction), customized reports, data management, email notification of results, cross-platform data integration and FDA EFSA and FSMA compliance
  • Empower® 3 utilizes the industry leading ApexTrack™ peak detection algorithm for enhanced peak detection capabilities
  • SystemPREP™ automatically prepares the instrument to run samples and eliminates manual column washes and equilibration
  • Software allows cross-platform data integration for the most precise analysis possible.
  • Built-in method development and validation software and single window operation ideal for novice users
  • Tool-free maintenance for easy instrument servicing
  • View Accessories for the Altus HPLC

Altus™ HPLC Multi-Detection System

The Altus HPLC System features four interchangeable detection options for single or combination detection methods that provide more information per run.

Altus HPLC UV Detector
Detection system for analyzing a wide range of compounds


Altus HPLC Liquid Chromatography
Detection system above the unit

UV/Vis Detection

The UV/Visible light detection system offers the most versatile and sensitive wavelength detector for HPLC eluate analysis. This flexible and extremely sensitive detection system features a dual-wavelength absorbance detector for identifying low-level impurities in the same run as the compound of interest.

Multifluorescence Detection System

Ideal for environmental monitoring applications, the multifluorescence detection system discovers compounds with intrinsic fluorescence properties or derivatized compounds. Key features of this method are the high degree of selectivity and sensitivity for compounds found in extremely low concentrations, such as pollutants.

Photodiode Array (PDA) Detection System

Ideal for applications requiring rapid analysis and accurate results, a PDA detection system offers the rapid and reproducible analysis of eluates across a wide wavelength range. This ultra-fast and low noise approach is appropriate for analyzing multiple elution profiles in a single run. The PDA system also utilizes spectral libraries for molecular predictions based on peak profiles.

Refractive Index Detection System

A refractive index detection system is used when an analyte of interest has very little or no UV absorption properties. This detection system is often used in the detection and quantification of food sugars for nutritional labeling.
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Accessories for the Altus HPLC

Altus HPLC for Brownlee Superficially Porous Particle Columns

SPP Column
Brownlee Superficially Porous Particle (SPP) Columns

Brownlee Superficially Porous Particle (SPP) Columns allow users to obtain the sharpest peaks and faster separation times without changing instruments. SPP Columns also eliminate worry from high pressures and compromising column longevity. 

  • 2.7 µm particles comprised of a thin outer shell of high-quality porous silica fused to a solid inner core
  • Provides shorter diffusion paths
  • Reduces backpressure and vastly improves column efficiency and lifetime

Empower® 3 Chromatography Data Software

Single Window Interface
Intuitive single-window interface for all user levels
The single-windowed Empower® 3 QuickStart™ is designed for novice and advanced users. The intuitive setup and operation offers extremely powerful tools for method development and validation.

Functions and Features:
  • Instrument control and data acquisition
  • Peak detection (including the ApexTrack™ peak detection algorithm for consistent results)
  • Quantitation, GPC processing and calculations, Data review and searching, Mass spectrometry and custom reporting
  • Mission specific applications
  • Optional method development applications
  • Integrated chemical structures and polymer analysis
  • Manages data from all instruments
  • ApexTracker™ peak detection algorithm defines poorly resolved or low-level peaks, even with noisy or sloping baselines
  • Compatible with: HPLC, UHPLC, IC, GC, CE, and a host of other instruments
  • Click on the blue bar at the bottom of the page and a Product Specialist will help you with questions and ordering information
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Industry Applications for the Altus™ HPLC System

High Purity Liquid Chromatography is used as an intermediate process to separate a complex mixture into less complex samples based on a particular chemical property (e.g. size or charge). This process is used in many laboratories to make a sample more manageable for downstream analysis. Biochemistry and Proteomics labs will often use HPLC systems to fractionate samples from cells and tissues to obtain a desired protein from a complex mixture. Laboratories in various industries utilize HPLC systems in many of their applications.

Food, Beverage and Nutraceuticals
Quality Control laboratories in the food, industrial and chemical industries will utilize an HPLC to assess the purity of their end product and detect contaminants. The recent passage of the Food Standardization Monitoring Act warrants sweeping reforms to food safety standards. The Waters® Empower® 3 Software of the Altus HPLC is suited to meet stringent FDA, EFSA, and FSMA requirements in the food, beverage and nutraceutical industries.

Environmental Monitoring
Environmental laboratories utilize HPLC to detect the presence of trace amounts of pollutants in water and other complex samples. Environmental samples are often complex and extremely heterogeneous, which can complicate the analysis of individual constituents of a sample. In addition, many pollutants are found in extremely low concentrations relative to other samples. The Altus HPLC ApexTrack™ peak detection algorithm simplifies analysis of low level and noisy peaks. A curvature approach is employed to offer vastly superior sensitivity compared to traditional integration methods. 

Industrial and Chemical Industries
Advanced materials, chemical research and manufacturing processes require tight control of quality standards to ensure product safety and manufacturing productivity. The Altus HPLC system offers integrated workflow solutions, an unparalleled data processing throughput to increase efficiency and productivity while reducing operating costs.


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