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115 VStandard PCRUS Plug2 x 30 WellNo846-4-070-213Aluminum 2829-88 79084 $9,3347-11 Days2
115 VStandard PCRUS Plug2 x 48 and 2 x 18 WellsNo846-4-070-215Aluminum 2829-89 79085 $9,3347-11 Days3
115 VStandard PCRUS Plug2 x 48 WellNo846-4-070-212Aluminum 2829-86 79082 $9,3347-11 Days4
115 VStandard PCRUS Plug2 x 48 WellYes846-4-070-202Aluminum 2829-87 79083 $10,1717-11 Days5
115 VStandard PCRUS Plug60 WellNo846-4-070-210Aluminum 2829-82 79078 $9,5427-11 Days6
115 VStandard PCRUS Plug60 WellYes846-4-070-200Aluminum 2829-83 79079 $10,3987-11 Days7
115 VStandard PCRUS Plug96 WellNo846-4-070-211Aluminum 2829-78 79026 $9,5427-11 Days8
115 VStandard PCRUS Plug96 WellNo846-4-070-251Silver 2829-80 79076 $10,9687-11 Days9
115 VStandard PCRUS Plug96 WellYes846-4-070-201Aluminum 2829-79 79075 $10,3987-11 Days10
115 VStandard PCRUS Plug96 WellYes846-4-070-241Silver 2829-81 79077 $11,8247-11 Days11
115 VStandard PCRUS Plug384 WellNo846-4-070-224Aluminum 2829-84 79080 $9,5427-11 Days12
115 VStandard PCRUS Plug384 WellYes846-4-070-214Aluminum 2829-85 79081 $10,3987-11 Days13
Amplification Method
Plug Type
Block Capacity
Gradient Function
Manufacturer SKU
Block Material
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Product Details

  • GLP-compliant Biometra TAdvanced with ultra-fast heating and cooling rates changes block modules in a few seconds
  • Available with high-speed silver or aluminum block modules in 96-, 60- or 384-well capacities
  • Models with twin-block modules offer the highest application flexibility
  • Linear gradient tool helps identify ideal annealing temperature (available in select models)
  • Protocol Wizard software optimizes PCR protocols
  • Biometra TAdvanced Series features: fast ramping, best accuracy, block control (RAC), high-performance Smart Lid (HPSL) maintains constant contact pressure, one-touch automatic lid-opening mechanism, whisper quiet operation, interface (2 USB A, Ethernet), automatic restart after power failure, quick block exchange, linear gradient tool (select models), twin block models available
  • Protocol Wizard software features: pre-installed program templates for specific polymerases, 350 programs at 6 steps in up to 90 user directories, multi-step programming enables user to edit parameters within a single screen, PCR control app (enables connection to a smart phone or tablet), quick-start list of programs, extended self-test checks all relevant features, data management (direct spreadsheet and graphical programming), language( English, German, Chinese)
  • GLP-compliant operation: retains run log files, documents extended self-test documents PCR runs (saves error messages and results)
  • Aluminum block modules features: high ramp rates for fast protocol running times
  • Silver block module features: satisfies highest demands in speed and uniformity; gold coated for corrosion protection
  • Gradient function features: optimizes new primer pair by identifying the ideal annealing temperature, programs gradients with a defined temperature difference between rows or columns of sample block
  • Biometra TAdvanced Applications: standard PCR application, DNA amplification by PCR, amplifies nucleic acids
  • Environmental conditions: 15 °C to 35 °C, 70 % air humidity, max. 2,000 m above sea level
  • Programming modes: Graphical, gradient and spreadsheet
  • Temperature range:3 °C to 99 °C
  • Control Accuracy: ± 0.1 °C
  • Display 7" color touchscreen
  • Very Low Noise Level: 45 dB
  • Heated lid temperature range: 30 °C to 110 °C

Thermal Cyclers

  • Analytic Jena Video of Biometra TAdvanced and Biometra Trio Thermal Cyclers Analytic Jena Video of Biometra TAdvanced and Biometra Trio Thermal Cyclers
Analytic Jena Video of Biometra TAdvanced and Biometra Trio Thermal Cyclers

Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

Quick Block Exchange (OBE)

OBE technology changes different block formats in a few seconds enabling application flexibility; no tools required

High-Performance Smart Lid

Height-adjustable lid optimized to heat twice as fast and reliable contact pressure between reaction tubes and the thermoblock prevents condensation

Program Templates

Protocol Wizard software with program templates for a specific sample block can be adapted for specific experiments or used with current application

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