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1002201 mgPrecision120Entris IIGlassBCE223-1SExternal 5706-35 76982 $1,2244-6 Days2
1002201 mgPrecision120Entris IIGlassBCE223I-1SInternal/External 5706-19 76965 $1,4764-6 Days3
1003201 mgPrecision120Entris IIGlassBCE323I-1SInternal/External 5706-20 76966 $1,6924-6 Days4
1004201 mgPrecision120Entris IIGlassBCE423I-1SInternal/External 5706-21 76968 $2,1154-6 Days5
1006201 mgPrecision120Entris IIGlassBCE623I-1SInternal/External 5706-22 76969 $2,3314-6 Days6
1006501 mgPrecision120Entris IIGlassBCE653I-1SInternal/External 5706-23 76970 $2,5384-6 Days7
10062010Precision120Entris IIBCE622I-1SInternal/External 5706-24 76971 $1,3684-6 Days8
10082010Precision182Entris IIBCE822I-1SInternal/External 5706-25 76972 $1,4764-6 Days9
100120010Precision182Entris IIBCE1202I-1SInternal/External 5706-26 76973 $1,5844-6 Days10
100220010Precision182Entris IIBCE2202I-1SInternal/External 5706-27 76974 $1,6924-6 Days11
100320010Precision182Entris IIBCE3202I-1SInternal/External 5706-28 76975 $1,8004-6 Days12
100420010Precision182Entris IIBCE4202I-1SInternal/External 5706-29 76976 $2,0074-6 Days13
100620010Precision182Entris IIBCE6202I-1SInternal/External 5706-30 76977 $2,5384-6 Days14
1002200100Precision182Entris IIBCE2201I-1SInternal/External 5706-31 76978 $1,4764-6 Days15
1008200100Precision182Entris IIBCE8201I-1SInternal/External 5706-32 76979 $1,8004-6 Days16
10062001000Precision182Entris IIBCE6200I-1SInternal/External 5706-33 76980 $1,4764-6 Days17
10082001000Precision182Entris IIBCE8200I-1SInternal/External 5706-34 76981 $1,5844-6 Days18
1004201 mgPrecision120Entris IIGlassBCE423-1SExternal 5706-36 76983 $1,8904-6 Days19
1006201 mgPrecision120Entris IIGlassBCE623-1SExternal 5706-37 76984 $2,1064-6 Days20
1006501 mgPrecision182Entris IIBCE653-1SExternal 5706-38 76985 $2,3314-6 Days21
10062010Precision182Entris IIBCE622-1SExternal 5706-39 76986 $1,1074-6 Days22
100120010Precision182Entris IIBCE1202-1SExternal 5706-40 76987 $1,3324-6 Days23
100220010Precision182Entris IIBCE2202-1SExternal 5706-41 76988 $1,4404-6 Days24
100320010Precision182Entris IIBCE3202-1SExternal 5706-42 76989 $1,5484-6 Days25
100420010Precision182Entris IIBCE4202-1SExternal 5706-43 76990 $1,7734-6 Days26
1005200100Precision182Entris IIBCE5201-1SExternal 5706-44 76991 $1,3324-6 Days27
1008200100Precision182Entris IIBCE8201-1SExternal 5706-45 76992 $1,5484-6 Days28
10062001000Precision182Entris IIBCE6200-1SExternal 5706-46 76993 $1,2244-6 Days29
10082001000Precision182Entris IIBCE8200-1SExternal 5706-47 76994 $1,3324-6 Days30
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Custom-configured product. Contact Lab Equip by phone, chat or email for a project-specific quote.
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Product Details
  • Entris II Precision balances feature isoCAL, an LED touchscreen and 12-built-in applications
  • Chemical resistant stainless steel weighing pan, polybutylene terephthalate and glass draft shield
  • Select models with internal or external adjustment
  • Select models include removable manual draft shield with top and side sliding doors
  • Weighing capacity: 220 g to 8,200 g
  • Readability: 1 mg to ,1000 mg
  • Repeatability: 1 mg to ,1000 mg
  • Stabilization time: ≤1,0, ≤0,9
  • Operating conditions:  +10 – +30 °C
  • IsoCAL Internal Adjustment models features: automated temperature and time-controller calibration and adjustment for optimum accuracy and self-notification calibration feature assures SOP compliant operation
  • External Adjustment models with pre-defined values and calibration weight selector
  • Features: password protection, intuitive LED touchscreen interface, plug-and-play feature automatically detects Sartorius accessories and quickly connects to a PC, adapts to ambient conditions and adjustable manual leveling feet
  • Connectivity: USB, RS232
  • Built-in languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish
  • Built-in Applications: weighing, counting, percentage weighing, mixing (net total), components, animal weighing, calculation, density, statistics, peakhold, checkweighing, mass unit conversion, underfloor weighing for bigger samples
  • GLP| GMP compliant printout and data output
  • Available accessories: printers (YDO40 and YDP30), calibration weights, density determination kit, ionizing tools
Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

Glass Draft Shield

Specially coated glass draft shield available with select Entris II models minimizes weighing errors caused by electrostatically charged samples

isoCAL for Accurate Results

Models with isoCAL internal calibration and adjustment provide optimal weighing accuracy and SOP compliant operation

Plug and Play Design

Models easily connect to a PC for convenient data transfer of weighing results and automatically detects Sartorius accessories

Catalog of CE-Marked Products

Terra offers over 1,700 CE-marked products configured for international voltage requirements
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  • Standard Thermal Line Laboratory Printer

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