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1202.10.0001Ultra-Micro20Cubis IIGlass/ AutomaticMCA2.7SM-S00 5704-43 75762 $48,4205-7 Days2
In stock
1202.10.0001Ultra-Micro20Cubis IIStainless SteelMCA2.7SF-S00 5704-42 75761 $49,6445-7 Days3
In stock
1203.10.005Micro30Cubis IIGlass/ AutomaticMCA3.6PM-S00 5704-45 75765 $30,4305-7 Days4
In stock
12010.10.001Micro30Cubis IIGlass/ AutomaticMCA10.6SM-S00 5704-44 75763 $47,8915-7 Days5
In stock
1206.10.001Micro30Cubis IIStainless SteelMCA6.6SF-S00 5704-46 75766 $39,8825-7 Days6
In stock
1206.10.001Micro30Cubis IIGlass/ AutomaticMCA6.6SM-S00 5704-47 75767 $38,6575-7 Days7
In stock
1203.10.005Micro30Cubis IIGlass/ AutomaticMCE3.6PM-S00 5704-48 75778 $26,7475-7 Days8
In stock
Weighing Capacity
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Custom-configured product. Contact Lab Equip by phone, chat or email for a project-specific quote.
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Product Details
  • Modular Cubis II Ultra-Micro and Microbalances with glass or stainless steel draft shield
  • Available with MCA or MCE control units
  • Readability: 0.0001 mg - 0.001 mg
  • Weighing capacity: 2.1 g - 10.1 g
  • Weighing pan dimensions: 20 mm diameter
  • Filter weighing pan: 50 mm diameter
  • Minimum Sample Weight per USP: 0.082 to 0.82 mg
  • Weighing pan material: Titanium
  • Select models feature multiple weighing capacities and readability
  • Ultra-Micro and Micro Balance Features: assisted leveling, internal and isoCAL adjustment
  • MCA Advanced Interface: 7” color touch display, swipe, factory installed weighing applications, QApp software package, easy to use and navigate
  • MCE Essential User Interface: high-contrast touch display, factory-installed weighing applications
  • Compliance: 21 CFR part 11 and EU Annex 11 compliance, traceability, submission-ready data, integration of SOPs and governance
  • Modularity: 45 weighing modules available, choice of MCA or MCE user interface, 7 draft shields
  • Software: Pre-installed and modifiable QApp software packages are available to satisfy many weighing applications; cost-effective, all-inclusive QP99 package recommended
  • Cubis II features: end-to-end data integrity, gesture sensor, automated leveling on models with an 8 kg weighing capacity, climate monitoring and status center notifications, safe data transfer, electronic signatures, audit trail and alibi memory, user management
  • Optional interfaces: Ethernet (MCA control unit only), RS-232 9 Pin, USB A, USB B, USB C, peripheral connector (for Sartorius accessories)
  • Regulatory requirements: ISO, FDA/USP, GxP, verified


  • Configurable Cubis II Ultra-Micro and Microbalances by Sartorius shown with stainless steel and glass draft shield Cubis II Ultra-Micro and Microbalances by Sartorius
  • Removable Glass draft shield of Cubis II Ultra-Micro and Microbalances by Sartorius for easy cleaning Removable Glass Draft Shield
Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

Learn More: Sartorius Cubis II Balances

Additional Features

Cubis II Lab Balances by Sartorius
Configurable Cubis II Balances by Sartorius available with a variety of software and options ideal in compliance and R&D labs.
Sartorius Cubis II Balances are available in various configurations: Ultra-Micro, Microbalances, Semi-Micro, Analytical, Precision and High-Capacity. All Cubis II Balances are modular and can be configured to suit a variety of lab weighing applications by adding QApp software packages, draft shields and control units.
  • Ultra-Micro and Microbalances, with a maximum load of 2.1 g to 10.1 g and readability from 0.1 µg and 1 µg, are ideal for standard lab weighing applications. Models are available with an automatic glass draft shield or a manual stainless steel draft shield.
  • Semi-Micro and Analytical models, with a maximum load from 120 g to 520 g and readability from 0.01 mg to 0.1 mg, are available with an automatic glass draft shield.
  • Precision balances, with a maximum load from 320 g to 14,200 g and readability from 1 mg to 100 mg, are available with an automatic glass draft shield or a removable stainless steel draft shield.
  • High-Capacity models have a maximum load from 11.2 kg to 70 kg and readability from 100 mg to 1 g.
Cubis II Balances Compatibility with Fume Hoods

Select Cubis II balances are compatible with enclosures and fume hoods when used with the Q-Grid Pan. The Q-Grid Pan, compatible with balances with a readability of 10 mg and 100 mg (except for #52025), is ideal for use in drafty environments due to the reduced surface area design of the pan.


MCA and MCE control units are available for all Cubis II Lab Balances.
Cubis II MCA Advanced User Interface with a 7” color touch screen has license free factory-installed softwareSartorius MCE display and control for basic weighing applications
DisplayLarge high end 7" color touch TFT display in 16:9 format with new user interfaceDisplayState of the art TFT touch screen operation with brilliant, readable, display but uncomplex, easy to operate user interface
SoftwareFactory installed basic set of essential weighing applications (license free) and Packages with special weighing applications and function extentsions (license required)SoftwareFactory installed basic set of essnetial weighing applications
OperatonActivated by touch key, touch-free using IR sensor (draft shield M) or gesture snsor (optional), learning capabilityOperatonActivated by touch key, touch-free using IR sensor (draft shield M) or gesture sensor (optional) learning capability

Cubis II Ultra-Micro and Microbalance with glass draft shield M

Cubis II Ultra-Micro and Microbalances with automatic glass draft shield M feature an integrated motion sensor

Cubis II Micro Balance Stainless Steel Draft Shield F

Cubis II Micro Balances with stainless steel draft shield F for filter weighing applications: for models with a 0.001 mg or .0001 mg readability

MCA Advanced User Interface

MCA Advanced User Interface features a high resolution 7" color touch display with swipe functionality
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