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Pipetting Range

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100/240 V Automated Liquid Handling Multi Channel NIMBUS384 0.5 ul - 50 ul 7906-59 80291 Request Quote ..... 2
100/240 V Automated Liquid Handling Multi Channel NIMBUS4 0.5 ul - 5,000 ul 7906-57 80289 Request Quote ..... 3
100/240 V Automated Liquid Handling Multi Channel NIMBUS96 1 ul - 1,000 ul 7906-58 80290 Request Quote ..... 4
Pipetting Range
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Custom-configured product. Contact Lab Equip by phone, chat or email for a project-specific quote.
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Product Details
Product Details
  • Compact and affordable Microlab NIMBUS Automated Personal Pipetting Workstations provide high-precision pipetting for low to medium throughput labs
  • Air displacement technology provides liquid handling performance comparable with higher-end models
  • NIMBUS platforms are available in open, enclosed, extended enclosed and large extended enclosed configurations
  • Highly configurable robotic liquid handling design integrates various accessories and 3rd-party devices
  • Flexible deck configurations and accepts tips from 0.5 to 5000  μL
  • NIMBUS4 Base Platforms: Open, Enclosed, Extended Enclosed and Large Extended Enclosed
  • NIMBUS94 Base Platforms: Open, Extended Enclosed and Large Extended Enclosed
  • NIMBUS384 Base Platforms: Open, Extended Enclosed and Large Extended Enclosed
  • Features:
  • Up to four independent liquid channels (NIMBUS4)
  • Fast plate-based pipetting with CO-RE 96 MPH or the CO-RE 384 MPH (NIMBUS96 and NIMBUS384)
  • Available locking feature on enclosed models minimizes environmental contamination
  • Extension plate on left or right side of extended models provides four additional locations for Hamilton stackers, pedestals, Hamilton Heater Shaker and small third-party devices
  • Door locks automatically when system is running, pause/park button, attachable waste station for used tips and NTRs, communications and control panel
  • Movement and status indicators provide visual cues to the operational status
  • CO-RE Paddles enable transport of plates or tips across deck without a dedicated labware gripper
  • Compressed O-Ring Expansion (CO-RE) with robust lock-and-key attaches disposable tips, needles or transportation tools to pipetting channels without the vertical force eliminates stress and improves overall system reliability, speed, positional accuracy and dexterity
  • Air Displacement Pipetting: analogous to hand pipetting and the benefits of liquid-free pipetting, reduces the risk of contamination, provides accuracy and precision from sub-microliter to large volumes (>1 mL), pipetting range from 0.5 μL to 1000 μL using the 1000 μL pipetting channel
  • Liquid Level Detection (LLD): capacitatiive (cLLD) and pressure-based (pLLD)
  • Monitor Air Displacement (MAD) provides real-time detection of clots or empty wells during aspiration  
  • Total Aspiration and Dispense Monitoring (TADM) real-time verification of sample transfer with traceable digital audit trail (only on NIMBUS4)
  • Anti-Droplet Control (ADC) reduces deck contamination by preventing inadvertent dripping from channels with real-time detection and reaction to pressure changes for each pipetting channel (only on NIMBUS4)
  • INSTINCT and VENUS Software:
  • Instinct Software for basic programming:
  • User-friendly with graphical user interface, labware library, quick selection of most used labware, liquid class tuner, 3D viewing
  • Automated deck layouts and automated tip tracking
  • Auto-transports labware to destination or waste locations
  • Dedicated Wizard designed for basic tasks and used pipetting routines such as: serial dilutions, reagent additions, plate replications, tube to plate, PCR setup, SPE
  • VENUS Software for advanced programming:
  • Enables creation or modification of complex methods from scratch with a range of utilities for: worklist importing/exporting, error handling and recovery, LMS adaptation, database/server controls, scheduling, integrated third-party device control
  • 21 CFT Part II compliant
  • Audit trails, user group defined security functionality and checksum system for file fidelity
  • Automated Applications:
  • ADMET assays, CE analysis setup, Cell assays and feeding, Cloning assays, DNA/RNA extraction and purification, ELISA preparation and processing, Liquid-liquid extraction, MALDI target spotting, Microarray sample preparation, PCR setup and purification, Post-PCR cleanup, Protein purification and digestion, Sample normalization, Sample pooling, Sequencing assays, Solid phase extraction, Solubility assays
  • Integrated Options (specify when ordering):
  • Versatile Deck Options satisfies different assays:
  • 4 x 5 high density deck up to 20 SLAS ANSI options, allows for tips and plate stacking, integrates with heaters, shakers and chillers, tube and plate barcode reading (NIMBUS4 only)
  • 3 x 4 with 12 positions used for all standard SLAS ANSI labware ((in NIMBUS4 only)
  • 9 + 2 for 11 SLAS ANSI positions, 9 positions for standard SLAS ANSI labware, 2 positions for tip stacking, plate stacking, small third-party integrations and for labware taller than 118 mm, and plate barcode reading
  • SHIFT-N-SCAN with 8 SLAS ANSI plate and trough positions, 3 barcoded tube locations (up to 96 tubes, and plate barcode reading (NIMBUS4 only)
  • Barcode Scanner reads 1D barcodes microplates presented by the optional Labware Gripper
  • Labware gripper arm with 270° rotation allows seamless handoffs to integrated devices of single or stacked microplates, lids, and Hamilton’s Nested Tip Racks (NTR)
  • CO-RE Paddles (only on NIMBUS4) cost-effective on-deck transport of labware (available for 1000 μL and 5 mL channels)
  • MPE: compact device automates positive pressure solid phase extraction (SPE) and evaporation, applies up to 100 psi of pressure with dual circuit even-flow manifold
  • Clean Air Protection System (CAP): cost-effective solution for sterile airflow
  • CO-RE Lid Tool: picks up microplates and petri dish lids
  • Hamilton Heater Shaker: on-deck orbital shaking and heating up to 100°C and accommodates various SLAS ANSI plates, from microliter to deep-well plates, and tube
  • Plate Tilt Module, Fill Module, and NIMBUS Vacuum Station (NVS)
  • Accessories: labware pedestals, labware adapters (speak to our product specialist for details)
  • Consumables: Sterile and non-sterile CO-RE tips from 10μL to 5,000 μL, nested tip racks
  • Specifications:
  • Power Supply: UL/CSA/CE approved universal power supply with IEC connection
  • NIMBUS CSA Certification: Installation Category – II; Pollution degree – 2
  • Operating Temperature: 15° to 35 °C (59° to 95 °F)
  • Relative Humidity: 30% to 85% R.H. non-condensing
  • Altitude: 0 – 2000 m above sea level
  • Storage Temperature: -20 °C (-4.0 °F) @ 10% humidity to 70 °C (158 °F) @ 90% humidity non-condensing

Liquid Handlers & Robotics

  • Microlab NIMBUS Personal Pipetting Workstation Video by Hamilton Robotics Microlab NIMBUS Personal Pipetting Workstation Video by Hamilton Robotics
  • Microlab NIMBUS Automated Liquid Handling Systems by Hamilton Robotics Compact, affordable and configurable Microlab NIMBUS Automated Liquid Handling Systems by Hamilton Robotics
Microlab NIMBUS Personal Pipetting Workstation Video by Hamilton Robotics
Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

Easy Loading

Microlab NIMBUS models with an open platform easily load carrier pedestals, plates, tubes, adapters and tip racks onto the high-density main deck

Open and Enclosed Platforms

NIMBUS4, NIMBUS96 and NIMBUS384 models are available in three configurations: open, enclosed and extended enclosed platforms

Fast and Accurate Pipetting

NIMBUS96 and NIMBUS384 models deliver fast and precise pipetting to 96- or 384-well plates

Barcode Scanning and Tracking

Optional barcode scanning and tracking helps to easily automate assays; shift-n-scan barcode tracking available on NIMBUS4

On- and Off-Deck Plate Handling

NIMBUS models with an optional labware gripper arm for seamless handoffs to integrated devices on- and off-deck

Independent Pipetting Channels

Microlab NIMBUS4 models with a dynamic pipetting range of 0.5 μL to 5000 μL feature four CO-RE pipetting channels with independent movement in Y and Z axis

Wide Range of CO-RE Tips

CO-RE pipetting tips with a compressed O-ring expansion are compatible with all Hamilton Robotics liquid handling platforms
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Manuals & Resources

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