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Laboratory Equipment from Top Laboratory Resources

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Shakers & Rotators

Platform, refrigerated, incubated, orbital and titer plate shakers; options for cell cultures, bacterial suspensions.


High-speed, free-standing and micro-centrifuges for clinical, R&D and life science applications.

Hot Plates & Stirrers

Ceramic and aluminum top hot plates maintain uniform heat distribution and smooth magnetic stirring.

Refrigerators & Freezers

Models for flammable materials, as well as ultra-low temperature (-90° C) storage and ADA compliance.


High-precision balances from Sartorius include ultra-micro, micro and semi-micro balances.

Water Purification

Select among distillers, reverse osmosis systems, UV deionization units, and water filtration from Thermo Fisher for producing Type 1 or Type 2 water.

Incubators &
Test Chambers

Heated, O2 and CO2 incubators, plus a wide range of environmental test chambers.

Ovens & Furnaces

Industry-leading lab ovens and furnaces including Heratherm General and Advanced Protocol models.

PCR Workstations &
Thermal Cyclers

Portable, economical turnkey hoods and thermal cyclers for polymerase chain reaction amplification.


Large selection of microarray spotters, scanners, printers, hybridization stations and accessories for DNA and genetic analysis in life science labs

Liquid Handling &

Select liquid handling and robotic instruments from leading manufacturers for ELISA assays, PCR preparation, DNA quantitation and microplate washing


Spectrophotometers, colorimeters, cell density meters, and moisture analyzers for academic, R&D and FDA-regulated labs.


Tables, cabinets, carts, sinks and casework in application-specific materials and configurations.

Autoclaves &

Autoclaves, UVC germicidal irradiation, H2O2 decontamination, water treatment.

Cryogenics & Lyophilization

Many solutions for long-term storage and transfer of samples, including cryogenic, lyophilization, and evaporation systems.

Sonicators & Homogenizers

Sonicators, cell disruptors, and homogenizers from QSonica and Branson and Benchmark Scientific.

Gloveboxes &
Fume Hoods

Gloveboxes and fume hoods
Compounding aseptic isolators, laminar flow hoods, biosafety cabinets, and other benchtop and free-standing enclosures.

Microplate Equipment

Microplate fillers, washers, shakers, and incubators from Jencons.

Wet/Dry Baths & Chillers

Wet/dry baths, circulators, and chillers from Benchmark Scientific, Julabo, and Torrey Pines Scientific.


Electronic and manual pipettes come with a variety of features: adjustable and fixed-volume, 10 program memory, RFID and 3-point calibration