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Laboratory Balances and Moisture Analyzers

Choose from a wide range of micro, analytical and precision balances as well as moisture analyzers by Sartorius. Models designed for density measurements, bulk powder weighing and package checkweighing are available.
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Cubis Ultramicro, Micro and Semi-Micro Balances
Designed to weigh the smallest samples and achieve high resolutions of up to 0.0001 mg, models feature an easy-to-read LCD display and built-in software

CPA Series Analytical Balances
Units weigh up to 520 g with 0.1 or 0.01 mg resolution. Models provide security, full network capability and maximum weighing performance ideal for customized workflows (Q-Apps)

Entris Analytical and Precision Balances
Economical user-friendly balances feature an easy to read display, monolithic weighing and built-in applications for standard lab weighing applications

Practum Analytical and Precision Balances
Models are cost-effective and reliable solutions for standard lab processes. Includes Universal power adapter, in-use cover, application guide and dust cover

Quintix Analytical and Precision Balances
Streamlines lab processes with fully automatic internal adjustment, direct data transfer, ergonomic style and touchscreen with built-in programs

Secura Analytical and Precision Balances
Secura® analytical and precision balances were developed to fulfill high reliability requirements for applications in regulated areas such as pharmaceutical labs

Moisture Analyzer MA35
Infrared moisture analyzers perform routine trace moisture measurement, heat treatment and Loss on Drying (LOD) for in-process control and incoming goods inspection

Moisture Analyzer MA37
Infrared tube heaters, intuitive navigation, removable dishwasher safe parts, stores 1 method and saves results until next measurement

Infrared Moisture Analyzer MA160
Infrared AURI heaters for high-speed measurement, precise method development of parameters, memory storage of 100 different methods and removable parts for easy cleaning

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