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Zonda High Flow Vacuum Pump
by Arrayit

Zonda High Flow Vacuum Pump by Arrayit

Oil-free operation
Compatible with Class 1 – 1,000 cleanrooms

Zonda High Flow Vacuum Pumps are designed for use with Class 1 to 1,000 cleanroom dispensing and filtration devices requiring high airflow and strong vacuum pressure. These ultra-quite, low particle-emitting vacuum pumps feature 30-micron filters and a built-in vapor trap to protect the pump when liquids are being filtered.
  • Designed for Class 1 – 1,000 cleanroom environments
  • 30-micron filters protect pump against particulates and contaminants
  • Incorporated vapor trap in filter prevents pump damage during liquid filtration
  • Strong vacuum pressure and high air flow for course surface materials
  • Holds materials on one part of platen while other ports remain open
  • Oil-free, ultra-quiet, low particle-emitting models
  • Dispenses and filters devices requiring high airflow and strong vacuum pressure
  • Pumps do not generate excessive levels of vacuum
  • Runs continuously quiet
  • Applications: Microarray, semi-conductor, life sciences, research, development and manufacturing

Ordering Information
Arrayit Part # Description Cat. # Price
ZON Zonda High Flow Vacuum Pump 3032-12 $ 2,342

Air filtration 30 micron filters
Maximum vacuum pressure 210 mbar
Maximum air flow 110 liters/min (3.9 ft3/min)
Noise level 40 dBa at 2 meters
Input hose fitting ports 10mm, 12mm 1/2" and 3/8" adapters
Power consumption 90 watts
Voltage and frequency 115 volts at 50-60 Hz
Weight 22.5 lbs. (10.2 kg)
Dimensions (W x D x  H) 12 x 7 x 9 in (310 x 190 x 220mm)
Note: Always operate Zonda with a small amount of airflow for internal cooling
Never operate unit with a completely blocked inlet

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