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Microplate Shipping Cassette
by Arrayit

shipping cassette
Cleanroom compatible; airtight and waterproof seal
The Arrayit® Microplate Shipping Cassette #MPSC provides an excellent solution for safely and securely transporting DNA, protein and liquid samples in pressurized and non-pressurized conditions. Freeze-drying and thawing can compromise the integrity of protein and other labile samples, which is why the #MPSC is designed to protect liquid samples during transport in non-pressurized cargo compartments.
  • Holds one standard 96-well or 384-well microplate
  • Provides air-tight and waterproof seal with sealing gasket and thumb screws under pressurized and non-pressurized conditions
  • Maintains constant atmospheric pressure when shipped in non-pressurized cargo areas
  • Prevents popping of adhesive seals
  • Allows aqueous sample shipping including proteins, cells and other sensitive biomolecules
  • Shipping Cycles: >1,000
  • Cleanroom compatible

Ordering Information
Arrayit Part # Description Cat. # Price
MPSC Microplate Shipping Cassette 3032-41 $ 1,078
MPAFS Microplate Adhesive Foil Seals
Quantity: 100 foil seals per pack
Use with the Microplate Shipping Cassette #MPSC
3032-42 $ 184

Compatible Microplates All standard SBS 96-well and 384-well microplates
Internal Dimensions 5.0 x 3.4 x 0.55 in. (128 x 860 x 140 mm)
External Dimensions 6.6 x 4.8 x 1.4 in (168 x 123 x 350 mm)
Material Aluminum; anodized surface treatment prevents oxidation and out-gassing
Weight 1.3 lbs. (0.589 kg)
Shipping Cycles >1,000
Other Features Eliminates the need for sample freezing and use of dry ice
Prevents loss of sample volume and cross-contamination
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Short Protocol for Microarray Shipping Cassette and Microplate Adhesive Foil Seals
1. Transfer samples to microplate. If working with liquid samples use pipettes or automated liquid transfer robots to transfer liquid to microplate.
2. Seal wells using Adhesive Foil Seals.
  foil seals
3. Insert microplate into base of Shipping Cassette.
  cassette lid
4. Place the Shipping Cassette lid on top of the base. Make sure to align the two red arrows on the top left side of the lid and base when placing the black opaque lid on the blue case with the sealed microplate. Lid will not seal if the six threaded screws are not aligned with the threaded holes located in the base of the cassette. Tighten the screws by hand.
5. Seal the Shipping Cassette lid thoroughly and tighten all 6 screws in two steps.
tighten by hand quarter turn with phillip's head screwdriver
Step 1: Tighten by hand in a clockwise direction Step 2: Use a Phillip’s head screwdriver
to tighten 6 screws a quarter turn
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6. Ship the sealed Shipping Cassette to its destination. To secure and minimize agitation, use a sturdy box and enough packing to cushion the microarray shipping cassette. Ice packs can be used to keep samples cool during transit.
7. Unpack the Shipping Cassette and immediately transport the material to its destination (lab, cleanroom and etc.). Cleanroom destination: decontaminate cassette with 100% ethanol and pure, forced air before transporting into cleanroom.
8. Centrifuge samples before removing adhesive foil. Turn the 6 screws counterclockwise to loosen. Remove the lid and remove the microplate containing the foil seal. TO AVOID SAMPLE LOSS AND CONTAMINATION: Centrifuge samples for 5 min at 500 x g. This will propel samples into the bottom of the microplate wells.
9. Print samples or use as needed. For high-throughput labs, microplates can be placed on the platen of a microarray robot or loaded into automation “hotels.”
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