Terra Part # 5300-36
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Terra Part # 5300-36
Usually ships in 15-19 business days

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  • High-speed biomolecular analysis system for use with J 1500 CD Spectrometer by Jasco
  • Automated measurement of up to 192 samples (two 96-well plates)
  • Enables automated scanning measurements with pre-programmed parameters
  • For use in in pharmaceutical, process and biotechnology and food chemistry labs
  • Delivers open-access unattended measurement, analysis and reporting
  • Included software delivers reproducible and automated measurements and reliable structural analysis; with dust cover
  • Autosampler maintains microplate rack at a constant temperature
  • Eliminates human error and bias in measurement acquisition and biomolecular characterization
  • Ideal for thermal stability studies with separate cell and well-plate temperature control
  • Batch data processing calculates melting temperature secondary structure analysis and comparability analysis
  • Dry-up function, 3 (Max: 200, 100, 100ml) cleaning solution
  • Unit components:
  • Sampling needle pierces plater without risk of debris
  • Temperature controlled microplate rack for two 96-micro well plates and three solvent washing system
  • Air pump completely ejects flow cell and tubing samples as well as dries flow path after a washing cycle
  • Advanced Features: Spectrum Test Measurement, Open Access Function, Air Volume Auto Optimization, Automatic Calculation of Optical Constants, Batch Processing, Simultaneous Measurement Function
  • Conventional and high-throughput measurement modes
  • Adjustable wash cycle:  three solvent washes
  • Air drying system eliminates sample dilution
  • Included measurement and analysis programs:
  • Spectra Measurement and Spectra Analysis
  • Temperature/Wavelength Scan Measurement
  • Variable Temperature Measurement
  • Regulatory Compliance with Spectra Manager CFR
  • Peltier temperature controlled flow cell specifications:
  • 0.2 mm Flow Cell: 80~250 μL sample volume, 5 μL cell volume
  • 0.5 mm Flow Cell: 80~250 μL sample volume, 13 μL cell volume
  • 1 mm Flow Cell: 80~250 μL sample volume, 25 μL cell volume
  • 2 mm Flow Cell: 150~250 μL sample volume, 100 μL cell volume
  • Jasco HTCD Applications: small pathlength cell reproducibility; multiple protein samples of CD, absorbance and fluorescence measurements; stability evaluation of antibodies
  • Options for powerful analysis with automated post measurement processing: Spectrum QC Test JWSQC-530, Multivariate SSE Analysis JWMVS-529, Thermal Denaturation Multi-Analysis JWTDA-519

Spectrometer Type: Circular Dichroism

Brand: J-1000 Series

21 CFR Part 11: Yes

Manufacturer SKU: 7069-J194A

Unit of Measure: EA


  • High Throughput CD Spectrometer Sequence Editing Software Video by Jasco Jasco HTCD Sequence Editing Software
High Throughput CD Spectrometer Sequence Editing Software Video by Jasco

Features and Benefits

Automated Protein Screening

Performs automated measurements from two 96-well microplates to dramatically increase data obtained; compatible with J 1500 CD Spectrometer

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