Terra Part # 5102-91
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Terra Part # 5102-91
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  • Pixel resolution: 6.25µm, 25µm and 50µm
  • Micron resolution: Sub-100
  • Signal-to-noise ratio typically better than 12,000:1
  • Full-feature FTIR spectrometer and macro sampling system
  • Performs single point, line scan and map imagining in a single experiment
  • Fully-automated focus, stage movement and solid-state white light illumination
  • Produces high quality data down to accepted diffraction limits
  • Rapid-scan IR imaging
  • Operates in mid-IR, near-IR or dual range
  • Duet™  detector design contains a single element MCT detector and a linear array MCT imaging detector
  • Fast high-resolution imaging of large areas
  • Broad sampling range
  • Fast and efficient data collection
  • Automated mathematical data analysis routines
  • Wide range of applications
  • Includes: image analysis software
  • Optional ATR imaging accessory: improves special resolution by factor of four, down to 3 microns at 1000 cm-1; contact a product expert for details


Brand: Spotlight 400

ATR Imaging: Yes

Manual or Automatic Stage Adjustment?: Automatic

Manufacturer SKU: L1860116

Unit of Measure: EA

Electrical Specifications: 120 V

Weight, Product: 76 lb

Weight, Shipping: 90 lb

Package Type: Crate

Features and Benefits

Accessories and Applications

More Information

  • Captures and stores multiple images with the single press of a button
  • Quick operation with tablet and powder accessories (ideal in pharma labs)
  • Allows users to define, store and recall custom sample templates and set up multiple samples or sample areas
  • Shows most relevant areas of sample
Optional ATR FTIR Imaging Accessory
The Optional ATR FTIR Imaging accessory of the Spotlight 400 offers easy spectroscopic access to challenging samples that are hard to image in reflection and transmission or have confusing depth structure. The technique involves pressing the sample against an ATR crystal illuminated by an infrared beam from a spectrometer.
  • Captures infrared spectral images with a spectral resolution up to 4x higher compared to conventional reflectance or transmission imaging
  • Images up to 400x larger without repositioning or stitching
  • Optimum clarity with widest spectral range
  • Effective pixel size of 1.56 µ exceeds the limitations of traditional IR
  • Sample area of 600 microns in diameter
  • Geranium crystal with refractive index of 4.01 for excellent spatial resolution and shallow sample penetration for clear and sharp images
Additional Accessories and Options
  • Standard MIR system with LiTaO3 detector
  • MIR system with temperature-stabilized DTGS detector
  • MIR system with CsI optics to enable the Frontier to sample over a spectral range of 7,800-250 cm-1
  • MCT wide-range array option provides rapid IR imaging coverage to ca 580cm-1 for improved polymer and inorganics mapping, and a unique InGaAs linear array option for highest fidelity NIR hyperspectral imaging requiring no liquid nitrogen cooling
Extra Options
  • PC with Windows 7 and stage controller
  • AutoATR objective
  • NIR reflectance accessory
  • Microscopy polarizer kit
  • Heated stage accessory
  • Micro-sampling tool kit
Industry Applications for the Spotlight 400 FTIR Microscopy System
The Spotlight 400 helps to improve the productivity, data collection and research of IR professionals across a spectrum of industries. With a broad infrared range, the Spotlight 400 covers all modes and the instrument is easy to use. PerkinElmer has designed an ideal instrument for use in the busiest research labs and training environments.

Decreases manufacturing cycle times, distinguish formulations and determine end-product variability


Law enforcement and government organizations use the Spotlight 400 to analyze drugs, fibers, explosives, tablets and more


Used in examining processes and chemical changes in maladies such as Alzheimer's, cancer, osteoporosis and other protein folding diseases


Accelerates product development and improves troubleshooting in consumer goods, semiconductors, food packaging industries and more


Examines the composition of novel biomaterials, the biomaterial-host interface and their nexus events


Enhanced imaging capability makes it easier for students to identify and complete the chemical image of samples

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