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100/240 VFTIRStandard0.07 cmFTIR 6800 5300-32 78679 $37,43115-19 Days2
100/240 VFTIRStandard0.25 cmFTIR 6700 5300-31 78678 $30,18715-19 Days3
100/240 VFTIRStandard0.4 cmFTIR 4700 5300-29 78676 $22,92615-19 Days4
100/240 VFTIRStandard0.4 cmFTIR 6600 5300-30 78677 $28,37515-19 Days5
100/240 VFTIRStandard0.7 cmFTIR 4600 5300-28 78673 $21,37115-19 Days6
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Peltier Detector
Spectral Resolution
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Product Details

  • Compact FTIR models designed for mid IR-measurement for routine and complex spectroscopy applications
  • FTIR 4600/4700: 45º Michelson interferometer; routine dedicated near- and far-IR measurements
  • FTIR 6600/6700/6800: 28º Michelson interferometer; configurable for complex analysis
  • Includes: Spectra Manager Suite software and Peltier temperature control DLATGS detector
  • Optional ATR Pro One for automatic validation
  • Standard wavenumber measurement range: 7,800 - 350 cm
  • Michelson Interferometer: completely sealed solid cast aluminum block, frictionless bearing eliminates need for gas supply, “voice coil” driven moving mirror provides accurate vibration free movement
  • KnowItAll® JASCO Edition Spectral Search: comprehensive database and search software included with all FTIR 4000/6000 series models
  • Spectra Manager™ Software Suite: data management software with flexible display features, data processing and spectral analysis, report publishing and macro command option
  • GxP-Regulated Industries: instrument performance compliant with ASTM, EP and JP protocols
  • Features on all models: stable interferometer, corner-cube mirrors, AccuTrac™ DSP Control, integrated purge, Spectra Manager™ Control and Analysis, excellent signal-to-noise ratio, comprehensive spectroscopic analysis functions, QC Compare, moisture protection (ceramic light source at a constant low level), high sensitivity DLaTGS detector (Peltier-temperature controlled), convenient start button, CO2 and H20 interference removal, standard wavenumber 7,800 - 350 cm, IQ accessory
  • Operation environment temperature: 17 - 27°C / Humidity: less than 70%
  • Optional Detectors: MCT Detector, InSb Detector, IR Photo-Acoustic Measurement, Si Bolometer
  • Optional Automatic Validation: ATR Pro One View with or without LCD monitor (inquire for pricing)
  • Optional FTIR Sampling Accessories(call for details and pricing): Attenuated Total Reflectance Measurement, Grazing-Angle Reflectance Measurement, Diffuse and Specular Reflectance Measurement, Transmission Measurement
  • Optional Software: Multi-Component Quantitation, SSE-4000: Secondary Structure Estimation, Multi-Variate Analysis, MCR-4000: Macro Command Program, ITM-4000: Interval Scan Measurement, RAD-4000: Radiation Calculation, QAU-4000: Spectral Quantitation, FTA-4000: Thin Film Analysis, QAU-4000: Spectral Quantitation, Two-Dimensional Correlation Analysis, LHP-5000: Temperature Interval Scan, SSP-4000: Spectral Search Program and CFR-compliant version of Spectra Manager (for FDA 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines)
  • Optional FTIR Microscopy: Compact, In-Compartment Microscope IRT-1000; Infrared Microscopes IRT-5100/5200; Multi-Channel/Automated IR Microscopes IRT-7100/7200

Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

ATR Pro One (with Package models)

Monolithic diamond prism offers a wide spectral range without the need for a condensing lens or transfer optics (inquire for pricing)

Optional Automatic Validation

ATR Pro One View with or without LCD monitor provides automatic validation and video observation

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