Terra Part # 1011-94A
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Terra Part # 1011-94A
Usually ships in 20-24 business days

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  • Sample Capacity: 16 samples in parallel;
  • Processes different starting materials with identical pipetting protocols
  • Sample Handling: Single providing of tips, samples and Elution Tube into Sample Tray; Insertion of pre-filled Reagent Strips and/or Plates into Sample Tray
  • Sample Amount: Up to 2 ml or up to 50 mg
  • Elution: Separate container with cover
  • Elution Volumes: 50-500 μl
  • Extraction Time: Minimum 40 minutes (depending on starting material)
  • Drive: 5 quiet long-life servomotors
  • Instrument Controls: Stand-alone (HID-Pro 320 with 5.7" color touchscreen)
  • Maintenance: Maintenance-free with assignment of wearless high grade steel pistons
  • Cleaning: Easy to access and clean system components via front door
  • Temperature Control: Heated position up to 50 °C inside the sample
  • Operation Principle: Magnetic and paramagnetic particle adsorption; binds nucleic acids onto beads for extraction
  • Adsorption of isolated material onto magnetic or paramagnetic particles
  • Transfers eluates automatically into Elution Tubes with caps
  • Portable HID-Pro 320 interface for ease and convenience
  • USB Interface
  • Optional: UV Lamp , Priming Station, Sample Tray, Adapter for 4 Reagent Strips and Piercing Tool
  • 16 samples in parallel with elution volumes from 50-500 μl
  • Fast extraction of genomic DNA, viral and bacterial nucleic acids
  • Includes HID-Pro 320, Priming Station and Sample Tray for up to 2 Reagent Plates
  • Fully automated magnetic particle separation process; highly reproducible

Type: Automated DNA Extractor

Model: InnuPure C16 touch

Manufactured by: Analytik Jena

Sample Type: PCR Strips

Priming Trough Included: Yes

Configuration: Multi Channel

Manufacturer SKU: 845-00020-2

Capacity: [xxx]

Unit of Measure: EA

Electrical Specifications: 110/230 V

Weight, Product: 67 lb

Dimensions, Product: 16" W x 21" D x 22" H

Weight, Shipping: 85 lb

Dimensions, Shipping: 16" W x 21" D x 22" H

Package Type: Box

Liquid Handlers & Robotics

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Features and Benefits

Extraction and Sample Parameters

More Information

  • Automatic setting of elution volumes from 20 and 500 μl
  • Prevents cross contamination
  • Automated transfer of eluates to capped tubes for storage
  • Processes forensic materials, processed foods and other complex samples
  • Reliable protection for the dispensing unit with 1 ml pipette tips with integrated aerosol filter
BasisMagnetic or paramagnetic particles
Duration of extraction
  • Externe Lysis: < 45 min (ohne Lyse)
  • Interne Lyse: < 75 min (inkl. Lyse)
Ø Yield
  • Depending on type and amount of sample
  • Tissue (20 mg): up to 50 μg
  • Whole blood samples (200 μl): up to 10 μg
  • Plant (100 mg): up to 60 μg
Elution volume20 μl up to 500 μl (in steps of 10 μl)
Field of applicationDNA and RNA extraction
Number of samplesUp to 16 samples in parallel, incl. single sample preparation
Sample amount
  • Depending on the type of sample
  • Up to 10 ml or 180 mg respectively
  • Up to 70 °C inside the sample
  • Support of lysis, drying and elution
ControlStand-alone control
Display10“ tablet PC, color, touch, WIN 8.1
  • Sample-based wizard
  • Automatic pipetting of chosen elution volume
  • Automatic transfer of eluates into storage tubes with lid
  • Pre-installed extraction and decontamination protocols
  • Video sequences and display of residual time for ideal overview of the run
  • User management with 3 user levels
Pipetting head / ChannelsDosing unit with 16 channels
Tips1 ml tip with aerosol filter
Working volumeUp to 1000 μl
FunctionsPipetting and piercing function of the sealed reagent plastic
Cleaning / Decontamination
  • Big front door for easy access and wipe decontamination of the sample room
  • Optional: UV lamp for decontamination between two runs by 254 nm UV light
Kits and ReagentsReady-to-use kits for DNA and RNA extraction
AdditionalPriming Station and Sample Tray
InterfaceTablet: USB for data transfer, barcode reader
Noise emissionMax. 55 dB

Robust Design with Improved Closure

The redesigned spring-loaded door keeps the InnuPure C16 closed tight for optimum performance during operation of the unit.

10” Touchscreen for Stand-Alone Operation

The integrated touchscreen streamlines the choosing of liquid handling protocols and serves high-throughput analytical labs with the barcode reading feature.

Ready-to-Use Extraction Kits

InnuPure C16 supports sample preparation with available DNA and RNA Isolation Kits in prefilled, sealed strips and plates

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