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100/240 V163 to 2500 nmCircular DichroismPMT and InGaAs7000-J032A 5300-35 78691 Request Quote15-19 Days2
100/240 V163 to 950 nmCircular DichroismStandard PMT7000-J005A 5300-34 78690 $94,33515-19 Days3
100/240 V180 to 600 nmCircular DichroismStandard PMT7000-J004A 5300-33 78685 $82,90015-19 Days4
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  • High sensitivity measurements in near-/far-UV regions; includes Spectra Manager software
  • J1100: compact model with a 180 to 600 nm wavelength range and a PMT detector
  • J1500: scalable model with a 163 to 950 nm wavelength range and a PMT detector
  • J1700: UV/Vis/NIR advanced model with a 163 to 2500 nm range with PMT and Dual InGaAs detectors
  • Options and accessories available
  • Applications: Protein conformational studies, Protein folding studies, DNA/RNA interactions, Enzyme kinetics, Formulation studies, Purity testing of optically active substances, Quantitative analysis of pharmaceuticals, Natural products chemistry, Material science, Rapid kinetics (stopped-flow) CD, Absorbance and fluorescence studies
  • Integrated validation mode
  • Included high sensitivity detectors designed for lowest birefringence
  • Features and benefits: double prism monochromator provides low stray light, high optical throughput, highly efficient nitrogen purge system, digital signal processing, simultaneous multi-probe, wavelength calibration with integrated Hg lamp, measures micro-volume samples, scanning modes, high signal-to-noise ratio, collimated sample beam, automated titration and stopped-flow
  • Light Source for Validation: Integrated Mercury lamp
  • Wavelength Resolution: 0.025 nm
  • Slit Width: 1 to 4000 μm
  • Measurement Mode: Continuous scan, step scan, auto-scan
  • CD Full Scale: ±8000 mdeg
  • CD Resolution: 0.00001 mdeg
  • CD Dynamic Range: No CD distortion even with an OD=3 sample in the optical path
  • Stray Light: less than 0.0003% (at 200 nm)
  • LD Measurement: Included as standard, Full scale ±1 ΔOD
  • UV Measurement: Included as standard, Full scale up to 5 Abs
  • External Input Terminals: Two channels (input range: -1 to 1 V DC):
  • Nitrogen Gas Purge: High efficiency N2 purge with internal optimization for light source unit, monochromator unit and sample compartment
  • Accessory Auto-Recognition: Standard
  • Communication / Control: USB 2.0 / Spectra Manager™ or Spectra Manager™ CFR
  • Options and Accessories (inquire for details):
  • HTCD Plus High-Throughput CD/LD/Absorbance System  (for J1500)              
  • Spectra Manager CFR software for 21 CFT Part 11 compliance
  • Temperature control: Single- (PTC-510, 514, 517 ) and Multi-Position (MPTC-511, 513) Peltier Cell Holders,  Temperature-Wavelength Scan (HTC-572, CAP-500)
  • Extended Wavelength: EXPM-531 (PMT), EXIG-532 (InGaAs)
  • Microsampling Disk (MSD-462), Capillary Cell Jacket (CAP-500)
  • Automated Titration Unit(ATS-530
  • Total Fluorescence and Fluorescence Scanning (FMO-522, FDT-538)
  • Stopped-Flow System SFS-602
  • Other accessories: Magnetic CD, Couette Flow Cell Unit CFC-573, Optical Rotatory Dispersion ORDM-(520, ORDE-521)
  • Additional software options: Multivariate SSE Analysis Program JWMVS-529, Interface for CDPro Secondary Structure Analysis, Denatured Protein Analysis Program JWTDA-519, Protein-Ligand Analysis Program JWPLB-525, Curve Fitting Program JWCVF-518, Macro Command Program JWMCR-512
  • Other Instruments: Vibrational Circular Dichroism FVS-6000, Circularly Polarized Luminescence CPL-300, Digital Polarimeter
  • P-2000

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