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  1. C6000 Calorimeters
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    1 Voltage1 Cooling Method2 Modes2 Chiller2 Halogen Resistant1 Maximum Working Temperature1 Model8 Manufacturer SKU

    • Oxygen bomb calorimeter with three modes: dynamic, classical adiabatic and isoperibol (Isoperibol packages exclude adiabatic mode)
    • Choose from three different starting temperatures: 22°C, 25°C or 30°C
    • Spherical-top decomposition vessel offers better heat transfer
    • Touchscreen operation and compatible with IKAs calorimeter software (available separately)
    • Software displays chart and correction calculation of globally used standards
    Voltage: 115 V
    Cooling Method: Water Flow
    Modes: Isoperibol, Dynamic, Adiabatic, Isoperibol, Dynamic
    Chiller: Yes, No
    Halogen Resistant: No, Yes
    Maximum Working Temperature: 30°C
    Model: C6000
    Manufacturer SKU: 0010004535, 0010004536, 0010004537, 0010004540, 0010004531, 0010004532, 0010004533, 0010004534
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8 products meet your criteria.

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Features and Benefits

Decomposition Vessel for C 200 Calorimeter

Included stainless steel screw-top 250ml decomposition vessel (C 5010) with a fixed ignition wire can be safely filled with up to 30 bar of oxygen

RC 2 Recirculating Chiller

IKA’s basic recirculating chiller with an insulated 4L tank and a 400W cooling capacity maintains temperatures as low as -20°C

C 21 Pelleting Press for IKA C1 Calorimeter

Creates combustible pellets from powders for caloric determination


  • C 200 Calorimeter by IKA C 200 Calorimeter for Low Throughput Labs
  • C 5020 Calorimeter Sample Rack by IKA C 5020 Calorimeter Sample Rack
  • C 6000 Calorimeter by IKA IKA C 6000 Calorimeters--Highly Adaptable
  • C 1 Calorimeter by IKA IKA C 1 Calorimeter for DIN and ISO Compliance
  • Calorimeter C 6040 CalWin Software CalWin PC Software for IKA Calorimeters
Technical Resources
IKA C1 Calorimeter
Video demonstration on how to use and prepare the IKA C1 calorimeter

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