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115DNA GelsPlusYesYes849-97-0943-0112 2808-59 78851 $13,1466-10 Days2
115DNA GelsPlus TouchYesYes849-97-0943-0312 2808-61 78853 $16,1286-10 Days3
115DNA GelsTouchYesYes849-97-0942-0112 2808-55 78847 $14,6756-10 Days4
115DNA GelsStandardYesYes849-97-0942-0312 2808-57 78849 $11,1276-10 Days5
230DNA GelsPlusYesYes849-97-0943-0212 2808-60 78852 $15,3296-10 Days6
230DNA GelsPlus TouchYesYes849-97-0943-0412 2808-62 78854 $16,7036-10 Days7
230DNA GelsTouchYesYes849-97-0942-0212 2808-56 78848 $15,3296-10 Days8
230DNA GelsStandardYesYes849-97-0942-0412 2808-58 78850 $14,0606-10 Days9
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Product Details
  • Benchtop UVP GelStudio Series with a high-performance 12 MP imaging camera and one-touch capture
  • Available in standard, Touch, Plus and Plus Touch models for genomic and proteomic applications
  • VisionWorks software with template, preset capture setting and analysis features enables user-created custom icons and workflows
  • Includes: Thin-line Transilluminator, software, UV shield and multi-touch computer (Plus models) and overhead white and RGB LEDs
  • Available accessories: Transilluminators (for blue excitation applications), Converter Plates, Emission Filters, Printer and printer accessories
  • GelStudio: Thin-Line Transilluminator, fold-down door, 16.8 x 21 cm illuminated area
  • GelStudio Touch: stand-alone model with an integrated 13.3” multi-touch computer, keyboard and mouse, fold-down door, Thin-Line Transilluminator, and a 16.8 x 21 cm illuminated area
  • GelStudio Plus: designed for larger sample sizes with a 25 x 26 cm illuminated area, Slide2Hide door and Thin-Line Transilluminator
  • GelStudio Plus Touch: stand-alone model designed for larger sample sizes includes an integrated 15.6” multi-touch computer, Slide2Hide door, Thin-Line Transilluminator and a 25 x 26 cm illuminated area
  • Applications: DNA and protein gels, multiplex fluorescence, RGB, fluorescent dyes, colorimetric imaging, colony counting
  • Included accessories with all models: Overhead LEDs (white, red, green and blue), Transilluminator, Ethidium bromide filter, VisionWorks software, VisionWorks flash drive(license free), UVP fluorescent focus target, UV gel tray, UV protection shield, empty flash drive
  • Features of all models:
  • Thin-Line Transilluminator (302 nm): long-life UV tubes eliminate service requirement, instant-on functionality; Visi-Blue LED
  • Excitation range: 400 to 800 nm
  • Sensitive 12 MP camera captures high resolution, publication quality images
  • Wide aperture, f/1.2 lens captures maximum light
  • Reduced exposure times for quicker image capture
  • Provides high-resolution and sensitive imaging of DNA and protein gels and a range of excitable stains and dyes
  • Fold-down door design ideal for benchtop use or  Slide2Hide door on Plus models provides smooth operation
  • Modular design with optional upgrades (for field use) and modules for multiplexing
  • Versatile design for DNA and protein gels, blue/white excitable dyes, colorimetry, colony plates, TLC plates and a range fluorescent dyes
  • One-touch capture
  • Safety feature: UV protection shield protects users working over Transilluminator
  • Data management: features for image enhancement and data analysis, calculates accurate concentration results including the calibration standard
  • Wireless network capability and UBS port
  • UV On indicator light
  • Access port for optional UVP eLITE Light Source enables production of brilliant multispectral excitation for a variety of fluorescent dyes

Gel Doc Systems

  • Analytik Jena UVP GelStudio DNA Gel Documentation System Series in Touch and Plus Touch models UVP GelStudio Series DNA Gel Documentation System 12MPX by Analytik Jena
Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

Integrated computer with Touch models

GelStudio Touch models include an integrated touchscreen computer for clear visuals of fluorescent bands ideal for multitasking and viewing several images

UV Protection Shield

Integrated, adjustable UV Protection Shield protects users from UV radiation when working over transillumination surface

Included Thin-Line Transilluminator

Included 302 nm Transilluminator features long-life UV tubes and the instant-on functionality reduces warm-up time to almost zero
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