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Plate Reader; CLARIOstar Plus, Multimode, 1536 Well, UV/Vis Spectrometer, BMG LabTech
  • CLARIOstar Plus Multi-Mode Plate Reader with two LVF monochromators and a built-in UV/Vis spectrometer
  • Provides ultra-fast data sampling of 100 measurements per second
  • Dedicated laser for Alpha Technology, rapid full-plate autofocus and spectral scanning in ABS, FI and LUM
  • Upgradable unit integrates into automated systems
  • Enhanced Dynamic Range simplifies assay development ideal for kinetic assays
  • Applications: Assay development, Real-time cell-based assays, Signaling, Protein-protein interaction, Fast kinetics, Cell/bacterial growth, Reporter gene analysis, Enzymatic reactions, Drug discovery, Metabolism, DNA/RNA quantification, Aggregation studies
  • Detection Modes: Fluorescence intensity (incl. FRET), Fluorescence polarization , AlphaScreen®/AlphaLISA®/AlphaPlexTM,, Luminescence (flash and glow) - incl. BRET, Time-resolved fluorescence, TR-FRET, UV/vis absorbance spectra
  • Measurement Modes: Top and bottom reading, Endpoint and kinetic, Sequential multi-excitation, Sequential multi-emission, Spectral scanning (fluorescence, luminescence, absorbance), Ratiometric measurements, Well scanning
  • Microplate Formats: 6- to 1536-well plates, user-definable. LVis Plate with 16 low volume microspots (2 μL) (sold separately)
  • CLARIOstar Plus Additional Features:
  • Microplate Carrier: Robot compatible
  • UV/Vis absorbance spectrometer: Full spectra or 8 distinct wavelengths in < 1 sec/well
  • Light Sources: High energy xenon flash lamp; Dedicated laser for AlphaScreen®/AlphaLISA®/AlphaPlexTM
  • Optical Filters: Excitation and emission slides for 4 filters each
  • Optical Path Guides: Top and bottom: free-air optical light path guided by motor-driven mirrors and dichroics
  • Z-Adjustment: Automatic focal height adjustment (0.1 mm resolution)
  • Shaking: Linear, orbital, and double-orbital with user-definable time and speed
  • Up to two integrated barcode readers
  • Incubation: +3 °C above ambient up to 45 °C or 65 °C
  • Conforms to SBS standards for microplates.
  • Detectors: Low-noise photomultiplier tube, Red-shifted photomultiplier tube, CCD spectrometer
  • Software: Multi-user Reader Control and MARS Data Analysis Software included; FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
  • Prevents condensation build-up on lid or sealer with upper heating plate of incubation chamber operating at 0.5 °C more than the lower plate
  • Wavelength Selection
  • Dual Linear Variable Filter (LVF) Monochromators™
  • Linear Variable Dichroic Mirror
  • Separates ex & em LVF Monochromators
  • Optical filters: excitation and emission slides hold up to 4 filters each
  • LVF Monochromators + optical fi liters: use one for excitation and the other for emission
  • UV/vis absorbance spectrometer: full spectra or 8 discrete wavelengths in < 1 sec/well
  • Optical filters: Ex and em slides hold 4 filters each, LVF Monochromators + optical filters
  • Spectral Range
  • Filters: FI, FP, TRF: 240 - 740 nm or 240 - 900 nm (red-shifted PMT); LUM: 240 - 740 nm
  • LVF Monochromators: FI: 320 - 740 nm or 320 - 840 nm (red-shifted PMT); LUM: 320 - 740 nm
  • Linear Variable Dichroic: 340 - 740 nm or 340 - 760 nm (red-shifted PMT)
  • Spectrometer: ABS 220 - 1000 nm; wavelength precision: ≤ 0.5 nm
  • Accuracy: < 1% at 2 OD
  • Precision: < 0.5% at 1 OD and < 0.8% at 2 OD
  • Linearity: ≤ 0.8% at 2.0 OD
  • Read Times
  • Flying mode (1 flash): 8 s (96), 15 s (384), 28 s (1536)
  • 10 flashes: 19 s (96), 57 s (384), 3 min 4 s (1536)
  • Reagent Injection
  • Up to 2 built-in reagent injectors
  • Individual injection volumes for each well: 3 to 500 µL (optionally up to 2 mL)
  • Variable injection speed up to 420 µL / s
  • Reagent back flushing
  • Optional Accessories
  • LVis Plate (or 2 µL samples), THERMOstar Microplate incubator and shaker
  • Quality Control Internal Standards (optional): four NIST traceable optical density filters (approximate values of 0.1, 0.3, 0.6 and 1.0 OD); one holmium oxide filter for wavelength accuracy
  • Stacker Magazines for up to 50 plates – continuous loading feature
  • Optical Filters Excitation and emission filters
  • Upgrades: Contact a product specialist for details
  • LOD = 3 x SD (20 blanks) / slope (6 pt std curve)
  • AlphaScreen® P-Tyr-100 assay kit, PerkinElmer, #6760620C
  • Microplates: white for LUM, AlphaScreen®, TRF; black for FI, FP; clear for ABS
  • 96 = 96-well microplates
  • 384sv = 384-well small volume microplates
  • 384g = 384-well glass bottom microplates
  • 1536 = 1536-well microplates

Type: Plate Reader

Plate Configuration: 1536 Well

Reader Mode: Multimode

Manufactured by: BMG LabTech

Manufacturer SKU: CLARIOstar Plus

Unit of Measure: EA

Weight, Product: 70.5 lb

Dimensions, Product: 17.7" W x 20.07" D x 15.7" H

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  1. THERMOstar microplate incubator and orbital shaker with a 4-plate capacity, 120-700rpm and up to 56°C incubation; compatible with BMG LabTech Microplate Readers | 8000-87 displayed
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Microplate Equipment

  • Video of CLARIOstar Plus Multi-Mode Plate Reader by BMG LabTech Video of CLARIOstar Plus Multi-Mode Plate Reader by BMG LabTech
  • Product Explanation Video of CLARIOstar Plus Multi-Mode Plate Reader by BMG LabTech Product Explanation Video of CLARIOstar Plus Multi-Mode Plate Reader by BMG LabTech
  • Video Studying the process of fertilisation on BMG LABTECH readers Studying the process of fertilization on BMG LABTECH readers
Video of CLARIOstar Plus Multi-Mode Plate Reader by BMG LabTech
Product Explanation Video of CLARIOstar Plus Multi-Mode Plate Reader by BMG LabTech
Video Studying the process of fertilisation on BMG LABTECH readers

Features and Benefits

Patented LVF Monochromator

Filter-like performance provides highest sensitivity and flexibility by separating light into distinct wavelengths and into continuous adjustable bandwidths

Built-in UV/Vis Spectrometer

BMG LabTech Plate Readers are equipped with a UV/Vis Spectrometer for absorbance measurements that captures a full spectra from 220-1000 nm in less than one second per well

Simplifies Assay Setup

Enhanced Dynamic Range (EDR) Technology simplifies detection optimization by automatically measuring samples with ideal settings

LVis Low-Volume Microplate

BMG LabTech UV/Vis Absorbance spectrometer-based microplate readers are compatible with LVis Low-volume Microplate with cuvette slots for 2ul Samples (Sold Separately)

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