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  1. 1 Voltage1 Type1 Capacity2 Model

    • Compact Microlab VANTAGE Automated Liquid Handler available in 1.3 and 2.0 models ideal for low pipetting volumes
    • Modular design with enhanced performance enables instrument upgrade for application flexibility
    • Configuration options: pipettor, logistics cabinet, track gripper and rear integration cabinet (contact our sales representative for details
    • Enables device integration, allows different users to run various assays on the same instrument and increases walk away time
    • Capacity from 96- to 384-well plates or partial plates
    Voltage: 110/230 V
    Type: Automated Liquid Handling
    Capacity: 96- to 384-well plates or partial plates
    Model: 1.3 Microlab Vantage, 2.0 Microlab Vantage
  2. 1 Voltage1 Type1 Configuration2 Model2 Deck Capacity

    • Modular and flexible Microlab STAR Series for life science and diagnostic labs accommodate tip sizes from 10 μL to 5000 μL
    • Provides smooth interplay between software, mechatronics and intuitive user interface
    • Simplified workflow with VENUS Software and designed for easy integration of modules and devices
    • Components and modules (sold separately): Labware gripper, pipetting channels, iSWAP Robotic Transport Arm, [MPE] Positive Pressure Module, Media Fill Module, housing extensions (see below for full details)
    • Deck Capacity: 30 tracks (T) / 25 SLAS ANSI positions (STARlet), 54 tracks (T) / 45 SLAS ANSI positions (STAR)
    Voltage: 100/115 V 230V
    Type: Automated Pipettor
    Configuration: Multi Channel
    Model: STAR, STARlet
    Deck Capacity: 54, 30
  3. 1 Voltage1 Type1 Configuration3 Model3 Pipetting Range

    • Compact and affordable Microlab NIMBUS Automated Personal Pipetting Workstations provide high-precision pipetting for low to medium throughput labs
    • Air displacement technology provides liquid handling performance comparable with higher-end models
    • NIMBUS platforms are available in open, enclosed, extended enclosed and large extended enclosed configurations
    • Highly configurable robotic liquid handling design integrates various accessories and 3rd-party devices
    • Flexible deck configurations and accepts tips from 0.5 to 5000 μL
    Voltage: 100/240 V
    Type: Automated Liquid Handling
    Configuration: Multi Channel
    Model: NIMBUS4, NIMBUS96, NIMBUS384
    Pipetting Range: 0.5 ul - 5,000 ul, 1 ul - 1,000 ul, 0.5 ul - 50 ul
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