Terra Part # 5300-21
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Terra Part # 5300-21
Usually ships in 15-19 business days

Want it faster ? Read about FasTrak

  • Compact V-760ST UV-Visible Spectrophotometers with a Photomultiplier tube detector
  • Fully symmetrical double-beam optical system with double Monochromator and high-speed scanning
  • Variable spectral bandwidth for gas and vapor phase spectroscopy and other high resolution measurements
  • Spectral Bandwidth (SBW) L: 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10 nm, L2, L5, L10 nm, M1, M2 nm
  • Additional V-760 models with Spectra software and iRM-100 Remote Module (call for pricing)
  • IQ start button, provides comprehensive validation to USP, EP and JP
  • Baseline Stability: ±0.0003 Abs/hour
  • Features: reduced noise and stray light with sophisticated electronic and optical design, delivers fast scanning without wavelength tracking errors, dark correction with stray light reduction,
  • Optical System: Czerny-Turner mount, Double Monochromator, Fully symmetrical double beam type
  • Light Source: Halogen lamp, Deuterium lamp (Light source exchange wavelength: Between 330 and 350 nm)
  • Detector: Photomultiplier tube
  • Wavelength Accuracy: ±0.1 nm (at 656.1 nm)
  • Repeatability: ±0.05 nm
  • Scanning Speed: 10 to 4000 nm/min (8000 nm/min in preview mode)
  • Slew Speed: 12000 nm/min
  • Photometric Accuracy: (Tested with NIST SRM 930): ±0.0015 Abs (0 to 0.5 Abs); ±0.0025 Abs (0.5 to 1 Abs) ±0.3 %T
  • RMS Noise: 0.00003 Abs
  • Baseline Flatness: ±0.0003 Abs *3
  • Baseline Stability: ±0.0003 Abs/hour
  • Stray Light: 1 % (198 nm KCl 12 g/L), 0.00008 % (220 nm NaI 10 g/L), 0.00008 % (340 nm NaNO250 g/L), 0.00008 % (370 nm NaNO250 g/L), Aqueous solution, SBW: L2 nm
  • Power Requirements: 150 VA
  • Accessories (inquire for pricing and additional information): Automatic Peltier Multi-Cell Holders, Peltier Thermostatted Single Cell Holders, Constant Temperature Cell Holders/Cell Changers, Liquid and Film Cell Holders/Cell Changers, Temperature Control Accessories, Micro-Volume Liquid Transmission Cell Holders, Optical Fiber Units, Integrating Spheres, Absolute Reflectance, Specular Reflectance, Autosampler, Sippers, Flow Cells, Spectra Manager Software Suite, iRM-1000 Intelligent Remote Module, Standard Measurement Programs, Optional Programs
  • Diffuse reflectance accessories compatible with V-750 and V-760 models

Wavelength Range: 187-900 nm

Spectral Resolution: 0.1 nm - 10 nm

Design: UV/Visable

Manufacturer SKU: 7067-J052A

Unit of Measure: EA

Weight, Product: 63.94 lb

Dimensions, Product: 18.11" W x 23.7" D x 10.55" H

Features and Benefits

iRM-1000 Remote Module

Advanced V-700 UV Series models include an intelligent remote module with an LCD touchscreen for efficient data management

CFR Compliance

Select models include the Spectra Manager Suite Software for 21 CFR part 11 compliance suited for labs requiring regulatory compliance

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