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Adjustment Increments: 10 µl

Air Displacement

High chemical and UV-resistance

Thermal insulation of internal components

Autoclavable without need to disassemble

• Test Volume (µl): xxx

• Systematic Error Limit (%) ±

• Random Error Limit (%) ±

• Relaxed grip of ergonomic finger support reduces RSI

• Adjustable Volume with easy to read volume display

• Easy calibration for different liquids

• Volume Color Coding for easy tip selection

• Optional Stands and Accessories

Weight, Product: 0.1808 lb

Weight, Shipping: 5 Lbs

Dimensions, Product: 11.024" W x 3.346" D x 1.772" H

Package Type: Box

Unit of Measure: EA

Features and Benefits

Compatible Pipette Accessories

Compatible Sartorius Accessories with ProLINE Mechanical Pipettes

Lightweight, ergonomic and durable Proline Plus Mechanical Pipettes offer a wide volume range in adjustable or fixed-volume models that will suit many users and applications. Designed for heavy use with a strengthened structure able to withstand high-throughput environments, the Proline Plus is also UV-resistant. Adjustable models are available in single-channel and multi-channel models. Fixed-volume, single channel models help prevent volume-setting errors and are ideal for applications requiring a constant volume.

The Optiload feature available in multi-channel models provides equal constant force onto every channel when tip loading and makes tip ejection light and easy. This ensures perfect tip sealing into each individual tip cone. The pipette only has three parts to disassemble, but the pipette is also autoclavable without disassembling.

SafetySpace Filter Tips
  • Color coded and compatible with Sartorius pipettes and with other pipette brands
  • Leaves more space between sample and the filter compared to conventional filter tips
  • Prevents aerosol and liquid contamination, cross-contamination and reduces maintenance requirements of pipettes
  • Eliminates risk of sample permeating the filter and ensures full sample recovery for greater accuracy
  • Filter Tips Material: Virgin polypropylene and feature filter (PE) barriers
  • Filter Material: Polyethylene without "self-sealing" additives (avoids interference with sample and results)
  • Racks labeled with volume, product number and lot number for easy tip identification and traceability
  • Trays and Racks (wrapped in air-tight plastic) fully autoclavable at 121ºC for 20 minutes
  • 100% recyclable racks, trays and tips
  • Pre-sterilized and e-beam irradiated to eliminate DNase, RNase and endotoxins
  • Applications: pipetting solvents, pipetting foaming liquids such as buffers and proteins, multiple dispensing functions of electronic pipettes, reverse pipetting
  • Ideal for molecular biology, microbiology, cell culture applications, radioactive work
Optifit Tips
  • Color coded for easy matching with Sartorius pipettes and also compatible with other pipette brands
  • Compatible with Optiload feature on Sartorius mechanical and electronic pipettes
  • Provides perfect fitting and sealing for highest accuracy and precision
  • Made with the highest quality virgin polypropylene
  • Manufactured in ISO 8 Clean Room environment to ensure purity; complies with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 from R&D to production and delivery
  • Select Tips are pre-sterilized and e-beam irradiated to eliminate DNase, RNase and endotoxins
Pipette Holder for One Pipette
  • Compatible with Proline Plus, and mLINE pipettes
  • Can be attached to a shelf or edge of a table
Linear Stand (non-charging) for Mechanical and Electronic Pipettes
  • Pipette stand compatible with all Sartorius mechanical and electronic pipettes: eLINE®, mLINE®, Proline Plus, Picus and other pipette models
  • Pipettes can be placed on both sides of stand
  • Two-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Proline Plus Mechanical Pipette Features

Lightweight, ergonomic and durable Proline Plus Mechanical Pipettes offer a wide volume range in adjustable or fixed-volume models that will suit many users and applications.

Popular Accessories

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  • Linear Pipette Stand
    Non-Charging Linear Stand compatible with all Sartorius mechanical and electronic pipettes (eLINE®, mLINE®, Proline Plus and Picus)
  • Pipette Holder for one pipette
    Provides perfect fitting and sealing for the highest level of accuracy and precision; compatible with Proline Plus, and mLINE pipettes

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