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Stainless Steel 280°C 0.65 cu. ft. Vacuum 120 V 3625A 3700-39$6,1267-13 Days
Stainless Steel 280°C 0.65 cu. ft. Vacuum 240 V 3625A-1 3700-40$6,4377-13 Days
Stainless Steel 280°C 1.5 cu. ft. Vacuum 120 V 3628A 3700-41$6,4787-13 Days
Stainless Steel 280°C 1.5 cu. ft. Vacuum 240 V 3628A-1 3700-42$6,4007-13 Days
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• Thermo Fisher Scientific Hi-Temp Vacuum Ovens are available in two capacity sizes

• Satisfy many lab applications dealing with low-volume high-temperature vacuum heating applications and storage

• Models have a maximum temperature of up to 280°C

• Built-in safety features and overtemperature protection

• Radiant warm-wall heaters located outside of the oven chamber maximize working space

• Provide uniform heating and cooling and eliminate the hazards associated with open-wire heaters

• Available in 0.65 and 1.5 cu. ft. capacities

• Temperature range: Ambient +10°C / 50°C to 280°C

• Radiant warm-wall heating located outside of unit prevents hazards of open wire heaters and maximize chamber space

• Applications: desiccation, vacuum embedding, plating, process control and inert atmosphere

• Includes two adjustable chrome-plated shelves

  • Oven, Vacuum; 120 VAC, 0.65 CF Oven, Vacuum; 120 VAC, 0.65 CF
Oven, Vacuum; 120 VAC, 0.65 CF

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Capacity and Specifications

Small 0.65 cu. ft. models 3625A and 3625A-1

  • Dual-electronic control system with dial thermometer (no display)
  • Temperature range: Ambient +10° to 280°C
  • Controls and indicators located on the front panel: power switch and three indicators, purge gas and vacuum control valves, a 0-to-30-inch vacuum gauge and a temperature control
Large 1.5 cu. ft. models 3628A and 3628A-1
  • Single set point controller
  • Temperature Range: 50° to 280°C
  • Seven-day programmable timer cycles oven on or off up to eight times per day with automatic temperature/ vacuum control in real time steps
  • Dual displays provide constant day/ time and temperature/pressure updates every 5 seconds
Specifications for Hi-Temp Vacuum Ovens
  • Cabinet Material: Powder-coated heavy-gauge steel
  • Display: LED (2)
  • Temperature Uniformity:±0.1°C at 100°C 25 ft.Hg
  • Material: corrosion-resistant stainless-steel tubing optimizes chamber cleanliness and long-term performance, powder-coated heavy-gauge steel exterior, stainless steel chamber material, glass window and two adjustable chrome-plated shelves improve heat conduction
  • Shelves: Units include two chrome-plated
  • Pump connection: 6.4 mm / 0.25in
  • Air / inert gas connection: 6.4 mm / 0.25in
  • Vacuum operation to 20 mbar can be obtained using a single stage mechanical pump with a free air capacity of 35 liters per minute

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