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    • Compact and versatile benchtop gel imaging systems with RGB detection in standard, Touch and Plus Touch models
    • Available as a PC-operated unit or as a stand-alone system with an integrated color touchscreen
    • Excitation range: 400 to 800 nm
    • Includes UV Transilluminator, UV shield, emission filter, high-sensitivity camera and VisionWorks Software
    • Camera resolution: 6.0 MP or 8 MP
    Voltage: 115 V, 230 V
    Configuration: Touch, Standard, Plus Touch, Plus
    Transilluminator Included: Yes
    Wavelength: 400 to 800 nm
    Printer Included: No
    Camera Included: Yes
    Series: UVP ChemStudio
    Manufacturer SKU: 849-97-0928-01, 849-97-0928-02, 849-97-0928-03, 849-97-0928-04, 849-97-0930-01, 849-97-0930-02, 849-97-0930-03, 849-97-0930-04, 849-97-0847-01, 849-97-0847-02, 849-97-0847-03, 849-97-0847-04, 849-97-0851-01, 849-97-0851-02, 849-97-0851-03, 849-97-0851-04
    Imager Resolution: 8 MP, 6.0 MP
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16 products meet your criteria.

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Gel Doc System Features

UVP ChemStudio Series Imaging Systems by Analytik Jena

UVP ChemStudio Western Blot Imagers for Chemiluminescence, Fluorescence, IR and Vis Fluorescence applications

Stand-alone UVP GelSolo Gel Documentation 5MP by Analytik Jena

UVP GelSolo with a transilluminator and UV-safe gel viewing window streamlines gel imaging and analysis with VisionWorks software; 11.6” touch screen

Included Thin-Line Transilluminator

Included 302 nm Transilluminator features long-life UV tubes and the instant-on functionality reduces warm-up time to almost zero

PhotoDoc-It UVP Imaging Systems

Select PhotoDoc-It Imaging Systems by UVP include a transilluminator, a 16-megapixel DigiCam 70 color camera and printer; converter plates and ink kits available

UVP GelMax Imager With Optional Visi-Blue Plate

Compact GelMax Imager by UVP includes: darkroom, 302 nm UV transillumination, epi white light, black sample plate EtBr filter and software

Gel Imager Product Lines

  • GelMax Imager With Optional Visi-Blue Plate by UVP UVP GelMax Imager With Optional Visi-Blue Plate
  • Analytik Jena UVP GelStudio DNA Gel Documentation System Series in Touch and Plus Touch models UVP GelStudio Series DNA Gel Documentation System 12MPX by Analytik Jena

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