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100/240 V Open Air Orbital 5°C to 40°C 18" x 30" 15-525 rpm SK4000 Bundle SK4000PR Flask Clamp Starter Kits 1711-79 81898 $9,275 0-10 Days 2
120/240 V Open Air Orbital Ambient -5 to 60°C 12" x 14" 15-525 rpm SK2000 Bundle SK2000PR Flask Clamp Starter Kits 1711-78 81896 $4,830 0-10 Days 3
Ships Free Free shipping in contiguous USA
240 V Open Air Orbital 0° to 40°C 12" x 14" 15-525 rpm Solaris 2000 SK2000 1712-83 77075 $4,022 5-10 Days 4
Ships Free Free shipping in contiguous USA
240 V Open Air Orbital 0° to 40°C 18" x 30" 15-525 rpm Solaris 4000 SK4000 1712-84 77076 $8,425 5-10 Days 5
Ships Free Free shipping in contiguous USA
Temperature Range
Platform Size
Shaking Speed
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Custom-configured product. Contact Lab Equip by phone, chat or email for a project-specific quote.
Custom-configured product. Contact Lab Equip by phone, chat or email for a project-specific quote.
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Product Details
Product Details
  • Benchtop Solaris Open-Air Orbital Shakers Bundle include a universal platform and a flask clamp starter kit (bundle models only)
  • SK2000PR model includes a 12” x 14” platform and flask clamp starter kit
  • SK4000PR model includes a 18” X 30” platform and flask clamp starter kit
  • Regulatory Certifications: CE Cert, UL (Canada/US), File E311968, UK Mark
  • Ideal for use in cleanroom and busy GLP/GMP labs with easy-to-clean removable platform and rounded corners designed for contamination control
  • Features:
  • Built-in orbital calculator converts protocols with different orbits to obtain similar results
  • Sturdy construction, microprocessor, heavy-duty tri-balanced drive mechanism, and sealed electronic system
  • Advanced programming enables easy user set-up for reproducibility and a large full-color touchscreen display
  • Unbalanced load sensor: stops platform motion and activates visual/audible alarms upon detection of excess vibration
  • 24-hour operation allows smooth and uniform shaking of large or uneven loads
  • Environmental uses: GLP/GMP labs, cleanrooms, warm rooms, refrigerators, incubators and environmental chambers
  • Advanced GMP Features:
  • USB and Ethernet connections
  • Validated compatibility with ISO Class 5 (Grade A/B) cleanroom, tested in accordance with ISO 14644-1 and ISO 14644-14
  • Sealed electronic system minimizes particle generation and reduces contamination;
  • Easy-to-clean rounded corners and enclosed mechanism protects the drive mechanism from spills and possible contamination
  • Intuitive Touchscreen Controller features:
  • Programmable up to 99 unique programs
  • Downloads, uploads and shares programs with other Solaris Shakers
  • Easy-to-read touchscreen display
  • Restricted access controls
  • Multilanguage system (up to 10 languages)
  • Full-color display easily shows: speed, run times, historical monitoring alerts, and interaction logs for greater security
  • Retains parameters in event of power failure, and performs automatic restart when power is restored
  • Product operation:
  • Specifications:
  • Temperature range: 41°F to 104°F
  • Speed range: 15 to 525 rpm, ±1 rpm
  • Orbit diameter: 1”
  • Humidity Range: 20 to 80%, Non-condensing
  • Included platform: 18” x 30”
  • Maximum load capacity: 95 lbs.
Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

Solaris Platforms and Bundle Models

All Solaris SK2000 and SK4000 models include an easy-to-remove platform; bundle models with flask clamp and starter kit available

Includes Removable Platform

All Solaris models include a removable universal platform for easy cleaning; additional platforms available for application flexibility

Efficient Operation

Large, bright touchscreen user interface with built-in efficiency for programming, graphing and historical monitoring

Cleanroom Compatible Design

Easy-to-clean Solaris Orbital Shakers with a programmable touchscreen display are designed with rounded corners and enhanced particle and contamination control ideal for use in cleanrooms

Application Flexibility

Solaris models are available with a wide range of Erlenmeyer flasks, tubes, clamps, racks and mats by Thermo Fisher Scientific
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