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120 VStainless SteelDigital TimerNo8450 mLRS-232 Link7910010 6923-22 60068 $14,80425-29 Days2
120 VStainless SteelDigital TimerNo8450 mLStandard7910000 6923-01 60015 $14,20018-22 Days3
120 VStainless SteelDigital TimerNo48450 mLRS-232 Link7910014 6923-24 60072 $13,63918-22 Days4
120 VStainless SteelDigital TimerNo48450 mLStandard7910012 6923-23 60070 $12,93718-22 Days5
240 VStainless SteelDigital TimerNo8450 mLRS-232 Link7910011 6923-22-220 60069 $14,87518-22 Days6
240 VStainless SteelDigital TimerNo8450 mLStandard7910001 6923-01-220 60016 $14,27018-22 Days7
240 VStainless SteelDigital TimerNo48450 mLRS-232 Link7910015 6923-24-220 60073 $13,76318-22 Days8
240 VStainless SteelDigital TimerNo48450 mLStandard7910013 6923-23-220 60071 $13,07318-22 Days9
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Product Details

• Microprocessor-controlled vortex action, heat, and nitrogen blow-down speeds evaporation

• RapidVap N2 and N2/48 Dry Evaporation Systems by Labconco are an excellent automatic alternative to rotary evaporators and Kuderna-Danish devices; for use with a wide range of aggressive chemicals

• Select models include RS-232 link

• Features: dual lid clamps, convenient, easy-to-set programming, isolated mechanical components, alarm signal, Cool-Zone insulates sample in glassware

• Required Accessories: glassware, nitrogen with rate of 0.6 CFM/17 LPM and gas pressure regulator (not to exceed 20 psi)

• Material: PTFE-coated aluminum chamber and sample block, epoxy-coated cast aluminum cabinet base and acrylic/PVC thermoplastic upper housing, glass lid, phenol-free gasket (for complete sealing)

• Maximum temperature of dry block heating: controlled heat up to 100º C

• Microprocessor controlled motor with variable-speed: 500 rpm

• Methylene chloride evaporation rate: up to 7.3 ml/minute/tube

• Water evaporation rate: 1.1 ml/minute/tube

• Memory: 9 user-set programs

• ETL and ETL-C listed; UL and CE marked

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

RapidVap Overview

More Information

Additional features

RapidVap N2 and N2/48 Dry Evaporation Systems stream nitrogen or dry gas onto the surface of the sample to reduce partial pressure directly over the liquid. This method speeds evaporation and helps remove solvent as it evaporates.

RapidVap N2/48 models feature 8 clusters of 6 ports each for a capacity of up to 48 small samples. N2 models include a block that holds 8 large samples (up to 450 mL each), making it efficient for environmental and residue testing

The unique Cool-Zone feature on these RapidVap systems is specifically designed for circumstances where samples should not go to dryness. Cool-Zone significantly reduces the evaporation rate after the set end point is achieved, insulates the samples and allows the operator adequate time before the samples reach dryness to remove them or to perform solvent-exchange procedures.

Incorporated alarms signal when timed end point has occurred and when the system senses that the process is nearing completion, which allows for convenient and unattended operation.

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