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MechanicalAdjustable Volume0.0010.11 ChannelAir DisplacementP7700-1 2808-22 75360 $2535-7 Days2
In stock
MechanicalAdjustable Volume0.010.51 ChannelAir DisplacementP7700-10 2808-23 75362 $2305-7 Days3
In stock
MechanicalAdjustable Volume0.022 - 20 µl1 ChannelAir DisplacementP7700-20 2808-24 75363 $2305-7 Days4
In stock
MechanicalAdjustable Volume0.1101 ChannelAir DisplacementP7700-100 2808-25 75364 $2305-7 Days5
In stock
MechanicalAdjustable Volume0.2201 ChannelAir DisplacementP7700-200 2808-26 75365 $2305-7 Days6
In stock
MechanicalAdjustable Volume1 µl1001 ChannelAir DisplacementP7700-1000 2808-27 75366 $2305-7 Days7
In stock
MechanicalAdjustable Volume5 µl0.51 ChannelAir DisplacementP7700-5M 2808-28 75368 $2535-7 Days8
In stock
MechanicalAdjustable Volume101 - 10 ml1 ChannelAir DisplacementP7700-10M 2808-29 75371 $2535-7 Days9
In stock
MechanicalAdjustable VolumeVariesVaries1 ChannelAir DisplacementP7700-S1 2808-30 75373 $5075-7 Days10
In stock
MechanicalAdjustable VolumeVariesVaries1 ChannelAir DisplacementP7700-S2 2808-31 75374 $5275-7 Days11
In stock
Adjustment Increments
Number of Channels
Displacement Type
Manufacturer SKU
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Custom-configured product. Contact Lab Equip by phone, chat or email for a project-specific quote.
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  • Variable volume NextPette Precision Pipettes by Accuris feature a one-handed volume adjustment
  • Light plunger force for ease of use and precision
  • 0.5 to 10 μl, 2 to 20 μl and 20 to 200 μl weigh less than 100 grams
  • Fully autoclavable at 121°C (20 minutes) and UV resistant
  • Micro and Macro pipette sets available: includes four pipettes and carousel stand
  • Plunger force: ergonomic design and low plunger force prevents repetitive strain injuries (RSI) ideal in high volume labs
  • Weight/Thermal Isolation: durable lightweight material isolates heat during handling from internal aspirating components
  • One Handed Volume Adjustment: thumb easily reaches adjustment wheel located at base of plunger button for easy volume changes
  • Elliptically-Shaped Plunger Button: thumb–shaped setting button for ease of use
  • Stroke Distance: comfortable design for all hand sizes
  • 4-Digit Volume Display: features large easy-to-read numbers positioned for easy viewing during thumb adjustment
  • Material: stainless steel or ceramic plungers on select models; PTFE seal on all models
  • Tested in accordance with EN ISO 8655
  • Micro and Macro sets available with carousel stand (models P7700-S1 and P7700-S2)
  • Two-Year Manufacturer Warranty


  • COVID-19 Contamination Control Products by Terra Universal
Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

One-handed volume adjustment

Ergonomically located adjustment wheel of NextPette Precision Pipettes enable quick and smooth volume changes during pipetting with the use of a thumb

NextPette Low Plunger Force

Lightweight single-channel Accuris NextPette Precision Pipettes feature a low plunger force for ease of use with other laboratory equipment such as lab balances

NextPette Ergonomic Handles

The thumb shaped plunger button and the ergonomic stroke distance of NextPette Pipettes provide comfort for all hand sizes
Available Accessories
Popular Accessories
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  • Carousel Stand for NextPette Precision Pipettes by Accuris

    Accuris Carousel stand holds 6 NextPette pipettes. Unit sold individually or included when ordering micro or macro NextPette Precision Pipette kits by Accuris.
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