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Polymer 60" Solid MX1824F 1542-22Request Quote4-6 Days
Polymer 60" Grid MX1824G 1542-14Request Quote4-6 Days
Polymer 42" Solid MX1824F 1542-19Request Quote4-6 Days
Polymer 42" Grid MX1824G 1542-11Request Quote4-6 Days
Polymer 30" Solid MX1824F 1542-17Request Quote4-6 Days
Polymer 30" Grid MX1824G 1542-09Request Quote4-6 Days
Polymer 54" Solid MX1824F 1542-21Request Quote4-6 Days
Polymer 54" Grid MX1824G 1542-13Request Quote4-6 Days
Polymer 72" Solid MX1824F 1542-23Request Quote4-6 Days
Polymer 72" Grid MX1824G 1542-15Request Quote4-6 Days
Polymer 24" Solid MX1824F 1542-16Request Quote4-6 Days
Polymer 24" Grid MX1824G 1542-08Request Quote4-6 Days
Polymer 48" Solid MX1824F 1542-20Request Quote4-6 Days
Polymer 48" Grid MX1824G 1542-12Request Quote4-6 Days
Polymer 36" Solid MX1824F 1542-18Request Quote4-6 Days
Polymer 36" Grid MX1824G 1542-10Request Quote4-6 Days
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• Heavy-Duty Dunnage Shelves for storing heavier materials and supplies

• Microban product protection built into high contact areas of shelves, mats and posts

• Shelves and posts interchangeable with MetroMax Q Shelving Systems

• Shelves include: removable corrosion proof polymer mat and one bag of wedges

• Smooth surfaces protect items from tears, snags and damage; NSF listed

• Polymer mats are easy to remove and clean

  • Super Erecta Wire Wall Shelving with Metroseal 3 Super Erecta Wire Wall Shelving with Metroseal 3
  • Stainless Steel Garment Storage Rack with Super Erecta Shelves Stainless Steel Garment Storage Rack with Super Erecta Shelves
  • Bootie and Shoe Rack with Super Erectra Shelving Bootie and Shoe Rack with Super Erectra Shelving
Super Erecta Wire Wall Shelving with Metroseal 3
Stainless Steel Garment Storage Rack with Super Erecta Shelves
Bootie and Shoe Rack with Super Erectra Shelving

Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

Super Erecta Super Adjustable Wire Shelves

Super Adjustable Super Erecta Wire Shelves are made of stainless steel and feature a corner release system that easily positions and repositions the shelves without the need to unload.

Intermetro Aluminum Split Sleeve

Used in place of standard plastic sleeves to allow shelf grounding (one/shelf required)

Available Accessories

Popular Accessories

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  • InterMetro Super Erecta 4 Inch Solid Shelf Ledge
    Stainless Steel and Chrome-Plated Shelf Ledges for solid and wire shelves. These mobile utility carts include stem casters and feature an ergonomic handle bar.
  • InterMetro Super Erecta Stem Caster
    These casters for mobile and utility carts feature smooth-profile designs to enhance cleanliness, non-marking materials to protect cleanroom floors, and durable construction to ensure a long service life.
  • High Modular Stem Caster
    Stem caster for Super Erecta Shelving System

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