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304 Stainless Steel42"Wire1424S 1374-03 73823 Request Quote7-9 Days2
304 Stainless Steel42"SolidCRSS1424S 1374-19 73840 Request Quote7-9 Days3
304 Stainless Steel72"Wire1424S 1374-07 73827 Request Quote7-9 Days4
304 Stainless Steel72"SolidCRSS1424S 1374-23 73844 Request Quote7-9 Days5
304 Stainless Steel72"SolidSWS1224-16-3 5656-69 73860 Request Quote7-9 Days6
304 Stainless Steel24"Wire1424S 1374-00 73820 Request Quote7-9 Days7
304 Stainless Steel24"SolidCRSS1424S 1374-16 73837 Request Quote7-9 Days8
304 Stainless Steel24"SolidSWS1224-16-3 5656-65 73856 Request Quote7-9 Days9
304 Stainless Steel60"Wire1424S 1374-06 73826 Request Quote7-9 Days10
304 Stainless Steel60"SolidCRSS1424S 1374-22 73843 Request Quote7-9 Days11
304 Stainless Steel60"SolidSWS1224-16-3 5656-68 73859 Request Quote7-9 Days12
304 Stainless Steel30"Wire1424S 1374-01 73821 Request Quote7-9 Days13
304 Stainless Steel30"SolidCRSS1424S 1374-17 73838 Request Quote7-9 Days14
304 Stainless Steel54"Wire1424S 1374-05 73825 Request Quote7-9 Days15
304 Stainless Steel54"SolidCRSS1424S 1374-21 73842 Request Quote7-9 Days16
304 Stainless Steel48"Wire1424S 1374-04 73824 Request Quote7-9 Days17
304 Stainless Steel48"SolidCRSS1424S 1374-20 73841 Request Quote7-9 Days18
304 Stainless Steel48"SolidSWS1224-16-3 5656-67 73858 Request Quote7-9 Days19
304 Stainless Steel36"Wire1424S 1374-02 73822 Request Quote7-9 Days20
304 Stainless Steel36"SolidCRSS1424S 1374-18 73839 Request Quote7-9 Days21
304 Stainless Steel36"SolidSWS1224-16-3 5656-66 73857 Request Quote7-9 Days22
Chrome-Plated Steel42"Wire1424C 1374-11 73832 Request Quote7-9 Days23
Chrome-Plated Steel72"Wire1424C 1374-15 73836 Request Quote7-9 Days24
Chrome-Plated Steel24"Wire1424C 1374-08 73829 Request Quote7-9 Days25
Chrome-Plated Steel60"Wire1424C 1374-14 73835 Request Quote7-9 Days26
Chrome-Plated Steel30"Wire1424C 1374-09 73830 Request Quote7-9 Days27
Chrome-Plated Steel54"Wire1424C 1374-13 73834 Request Quote7-9 Days28
Chrome-Plated Steel48"Wire1424C 1374-12 73833 Request Quote7-9 Days29
Chrome-Plated Steel36"Wire1424C 1374-10 73831 Request Quote7-9 Days30
Eaglegard42"Wire1424E 1374-27 73849 Request Quote7-9 Days31
Eaglegard72"Wire1424E 1374-31 73853 Request Quote7-9 Days32
Eaglegard24"Wire1424E 1374-24 73846 Request Quote7-9 Days33
Eaglegard60"Wire1424E 1374-30 73852 Request Quote7-9 Days34
Eaglegard30"Wire1424E 1374-25 73847 Request Quote7-9 Days35
Eaglegard54"Wire1424E 1374-29 73851 Request Quote7-9 Days36
Eaglegard48"Wire1424E 1374-28 73850 Request Quote7-9 Days37
Eaglegard36"Wire1424E 1374-26 73848 Request Quote7-9 Days38
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Product Details

• Modular design is ideal for a variety of storage applications

• Each shelf includes four plastic split sleeves to attachment to shelf posts

• Select a shelf width to begin configuring a complete shelving system, with the depth, height, shelf quantity, and other options you require

• Wire construction allows air circulation and light penetration, reducing dust and moisture accumulation

Eaglegard® hybrid epoxy coating inhibits the growth of mold, microbes and other organic compounds

Each shelf includes four plastic split sleeves to attachment to shelf posts, which allow adjustment in 1” (25 mm) increments (order posts separately)

Available Accessories

Popular Accessories

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  • Eagle Shelf Ledges
    Sturdy ledge fits on shelf to prevent parts from protruding or falling
  • Eagle Stem Casters
    Polymer and polyurethane casters with optional breaks transform your shelving system into a mobile unit.
  • Aluminum Split Sleeves
    Attach split sleeves to post to ensure that entire shelving system is grounded.
  • Triangular Foot Plate
    Used to bolt shelf unit to floor or to offer additional stability.
  • Eagle Shelving System Glides
    Glides protect floor from abrasion
  • Plastic Split Sleeves for Cleanroom Shelves; Set of 4
    Split-sleeves attach shelf to post

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