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Biowave DNA
UV/Vis Life Science Spectrophotometer

  • Simple selection software with stored methods for life science applications
  • Full graphic display
  • Compact space saving design
  • Compatible with low volume cuvettes

The Biowave DNA has been specifically designed for life science applications and is a powerful tool for the laboratory that requires a dedicated instrument for the determination of nucleic acid purity and concentration, protein concentrations or cell density measurements.

The system utilizes Gifford Optics for high energy throughput, a Xenon light source for long lamp life and a large graphical display for ease of use and data interpretation. The stored methods include DNA, RNA and oligonucleotide calculations, protein assays such as direct UV measurement, BCA, Biuret, Bradford and Lowry. The Biowave DNA can also measure absorbance or concentration at any wavelength so there is complete flexibility for future applications.

For added convenience it is possible to display a scan of the nucleic acid profile which is particularly useful for RNA samples where impurities may be present in the 230nm region, yet not have an adverse effect on the 260/280 absorbance ratio. The system is compatible with both Quartz and disposable low volume UV cuvettes. Results may be printed to an optional integrated high quality graphical printer for a permanent record.

Description Biochrom Part# Cat. # Price
Biowave DNA 80-3004-70 5300-15 $ 5,103
Biowave DNA with printer 80-3004-71 5300-16 $ 5,658
Printer paper (20 rolls) 80-3003-84 5300-18 $ 120

Lamp Source: Xenon
Optical System: Dual channel monochromator
Wavelength Range: 190 - 1100nm
Bandwidth: 5nm
Absorbance Range: -0.3 to 2.5A
Stray Light: 0.5%T at 220 & 340nm
Weight: 4.5Kg
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