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Chrome-plated MetalVinylGrayStandard25" - 30"W/O FootringWaterfallSafety CastersETA-H-RC-C-AV139 2801-40 12030 $2975-7 Days2
Chrome-plated MetalVinylGrayStandard17" - 22"W/O FootringWaterfallSafety CastersETA-L-RC-C-AV139 2801-36 12026 $2745-7 Days3
Chrome-plated MetalVinylGrayErgonomic25" - 30"W/O FootringWaterfallSafety CastersEEA-H-RC-C-AV139 2801-72 12062 $3105-7 Days4
Chrome-plated MetalVinylGrayErgonomic17" - 22"W/O FootringWaterfallSafety CastersEEA-L-RC-C-AV139 2801-68 12058 $2885-7 Days5
Chrome-plated MetalVinylBlackStandard17" - 22"W/O FootringWaterfallSafety CastersETA-L-RC-C-FFAC-AV126 2801-01 11991 $3115-7 Days6
Chrome-plated MetalVinylBlueStandard17" - 22"With FootringWaterfallSafety CastersETA-L-RC-C-FFAC-AV106 2801-02 11992 $3115-7 Days7
Chrome-plated MetalVinylPebbleStandard17" - 22"W/O FootringWaterfallSafety CastersETA-L-RC-C-FFAC-AV139 2801-04 11994 $3185-7 Days8
Chrome-plated MetalVinylBlackStandard25" - 30"With FootringWaterfallSafety CastersETA-H-RC-C-ATF-FFAC-AV126 2801-05 11995 $3835-7 Days9
Chrome-plated MetalVinylBlueErgonomic25" - 30"With FootringWaterfallSafety CastersETA-H-RC-C-ATF-FFAC-AV106 2801-06 11996 $3835-7 Days10
Chrome-plated MetalVinylPebbleStandard25" - 30"With FootringWaterfallSafety CastersETA-H-RC--C-ATF-FFAC-AV139 2801-08 11998 $3835-7 Days11
Chrome-plated MetalNylonBlackStandard17" - 22"W/O FootringWaterfallSafety CastersETA-L-RC-C-FFAC-J1A1 BLACK 2801-25 12015 $3565-7 Days12
Chrome-plated MetalNylonIndigoStandard17" - 22"W/O FootringWaterfallSafety CastersETA-L-RC-C-FFAC-J1C3 INDIGO 2801-26 12016 $3565-7 Days13
Chrome-plated MetalNylonGrayStandard17" - 22"W/O FootringWaterfallSafety CastersETA-L-RC-C-FFAC-J1L1 GREY 2801-28 12018 $3565-7 Days14
Chrome-plated MetalNylonBlackStandard25" - 30"With FootringWaterfallSafety CastersETA-H-RC-C-ATF-FFAC-J1A1 BLACK 2801-29 12019 $4185-7 Days15
Chrome-plated MetalNylonIndigoStandard25" - 30"With FootringWaterfallSafety CastersETA-H-RC-C-ATF-FFAC-J1C3 INDIG 2801-30 12020 $4185-7 Days16
Chrome-plated MetalNylonGrayStandard25" - 30"With FootringWaterfallSafety CastersETA-H-RC-C-ATF-FFAC-J1L1 GREY 2801-32 12022 $4185-7 Days17
Chrome-plated MetalVinylBlackStandard17" - 22"W/O FootringWaterfallSafety CastersETA-L-RC-C-AV126 2801-33 12023 $2745-7 Days18
Chrome-plated MetalVinylBlueStandard17" - 22"W/O FootringWaterfallSafety CastersETA-L-RC-C-AV106 2801-34 12024 $2745-7 Days19
Chrome-plated MetalVinylBlackStandard25" - 30"W/O FootringWaterfallSafety CastersETA-H-RC-C-AV126 2801-37 12027 $2975-7 Days20
Chrome-plated MetalVinylBlueStandard25" - 30"W/O FootringWaterfallSafety CastersETA-H-RC-C-AV106 2801-38 12028 $2975-7 Days21
Chrome-plated MetalNylonBlackStandard17" - 22"W/O FootringWaterfallSafety CastersETA-L-RC-C-J1A1 BLACK 2801-57 12047 $3125-7 Days22
Chrome-plated MetalNylonIndigoStandard25" - 30"W/O FootringWaterfallSafety CastersETA-L-RC-C-J1C3 INDIGO 2801-58 12048 $3125-7 Days23
Chrome-plated MetalNylonGrayStandard17" - 22"W/O FootringWaterfallSafety CastersETA-L-RC-C-J1L1 GREY 2801-60 12050 $3125-7 Days24
Chrome-plated MetalNylonBlackStandard25" - 30"W/O FootringWaterfallSafety CastersETA-H-RC-C-J1A1 BLACK 2801-61 12051 $3345-7 Days25
Chrome-plated MetalNylonIndigoStandard25" - 30"W/O FootringWaterfallSafety CastersETA-H-RC-C-J1C3 INDIGO 2801-62 12052 $3345-7 Days26
Chrome-plated MetalNylonGrayStandard25" - 30"W/O FootringWaterfallSafety CastersETA-H-RC-C-J1L1 GREY 2801-64 12054 $3345-7 Days27
Chrome-plated MetalVinylBlackErgonomic17" - 22"W/O FootringWaterfallSafety CastersEEA-L-RC-C-AV126 2801-65 12055 $2885-7 Days28
Chrome-plated MetalVinylBlueErgonomic17" - 22"W/O FootringWaterfallSafety CastersEEA-L-RC-C-AV106 2801-66 12056 $2885-7 Days29
Chrome-plated MetalVinylBlackErgonomic25" - 30"W/O FootringWaterfallSafety CastersEEA-H-RC-C-AV126 2801-69 12059 $3105-7 Days30
Chrome-plated MetalVinylBlueErgonomic25" - 30"W/O FootringWaterfallSafety CastersEEA-H-RC-C-AV106 2801-70 12060 $3105-7 Days31
Chrome-plated MetalNylonBlackErgonomic17" - 22"W/O FootringWaterfallSafety CastersEEA-L-RC-C-J1A1 BLACK 2801-89 12079 $3255-7 Days32
Chrome-plated MetalNylonIndigoErgonomic17" - 22"W/O FootringWaterfallSafety CastersEEA-L-RC-C-J1C3 INDIGO 2801-90 12080 $3135-7 Days33
Chrome-plated MetalNylonGrayErgonomic17" - 22"W/O FootringWaterfallSafety CastersEEA-L-RC-C-J1L1 GREY 2801-92 12082 $3255-7 Days34
Chrome-plated MetalNylonBlackErgonomic25" - 30"W/O FootringWaterfallSafety CastersEEA-H-RC-C-J1A1 BLACK 2801-93 12083 $3475-7 Days35
Chrome-plated MetalNylonIndigoErgonomic25" - 30"With FootringWaterfallSafety CastersEEA-H-RC-C-J1C3 INDIGO 2801-94 12084 $3475-7 Days36
Chrome-plated MetalNylonGrayErgonomic25" - 30"W/O FootringWaterfallSafety CastersEEA-H-RC-C-J1L1 GREY 2801-96 12086 $3475-7 Days37
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Product Details

• Laboratory-grade chairs feature durable upholstery and construction for a long service life

• Ergonomic, contoured seat design with waterfall-front edge

• Type A models feature Free-Floating Articulating Control, which allows for seat-tilt and backrest-tilt to be adjusted independently, ideal for workstations that require leaning forward

• Type A models that are bench-high also include a height-adjustable footring

• Type B models offer the standard ergonomic controls for seat height adjustment, backrest height adjustment and backrest angle adjustment

• Type C models feature a larger backrest for full lumbar support

• Models with Grade 4 upholstery use a breathable nylon fiber matrix (Nytek) to provide a surface that is inherently stain-resistant, non-shedding and extremely durable

• All models include chrome-plated metal components, resistance casters and standard task chair controls (see Type B)

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

BioFit-Type A Ergonomic Laboratory Chair

Constructed with rugged five-legged bases, each chair includes a contoured seat and a variety of upholstery options as part of its ergonomic seating package.

BioFit-Type B Ergonomic Laboratory Chair

These durable and highly functional chairs are also equipped with a sophisticated "Soft Touch" pneumatic seat-height adjustment mechanism.

BioFit-Type C Ergonomic Laboratory Chair

Seats and backrests include an internal bumper guard that provides an excellent appearance and protects the fabric and vinyl from abrasions that occur when the chair is bumped into desks and benches.

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