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Barnstead™ MicroPure™ Water Purification System
by Thermo Scientific

Barnstead MicroPure Water Purification System by Thermo Scientific
Flexible with mix and match systems and an optional water feed tank
Compact Barnstead MicroPure systems are ideal for producing Type 1 Ultrapure water for a variety of applications in molecular biology, microbiology and analytical chemistry laboratories.
  • Produces 15 liters a day of Type 1 ultrapure water
  • Variable speed dispensing units with mix and match system options in UV, UF, UV/UF or with optional storage tank (ST) to achieve specific water purity
  • Monitors feed water quality for consistent production of ultrapure water and to extend and maximize cartridge life
  • Recirculation pump prevents bacterial growth of stagnant water, monitors all system functions and signals immediate display of fault messages
  • Validated 0.2 µm final filter with folded membrane can be sterilized up to 5 times
  • Excellent filters automatically flush ultrafilter for highest retention of nucleases and endotoxins
  • System equipped with pressure reducer, ultrapure cartridge, and 0.2 µm sterile filter
  • Backlit display tilts for convenient viewing
  • One-year manufacturer warranty for parts and labor

Ordering Information
Part #
Description Flowrate TOC Endotoxins (EU/mL Weight Cat. # Price
50132373 Barnstead MicroPure UV with photo-oxidation 1.5L/min. 1 to 5ppb 37.5 lbs. (17kg) 3614-91 $ 3,360
50132370 Barnstead MicroPure UF/UV with ultrafiltration membrane and ultraviolet photo-oxidation 1.5L/min. 1 to 5ppb 0.001 37.5 lbs. (17kg) 3614-93 $ 3,791

Barnstead MicroPure UV-ST with ultraviolet photo-oxidation and integrated 6L feed water tank

1L/min. 1 to 5ppb 0.001 42 lbs. (19kg) 3614-96 $ 3,515
50132372 Barnstead MicroPure UV/UF-ST with ulraviolet photo-oxidation, ultrafiltration membrane and integrated 6L feed water tank 1L/min. 1 to 5ppb 0.001 42 lbs. (19kg) 3614-97 $ 3,898
Video of Barnstead Water Purification Systems


  • Ultraviolet (UV) Photo Oxidation: Eliminates trace organics and inactivates microorganisms and their metabolites in feed water; prevents bacterial contamination; oxidizes organics to produce pure water with low TOC (Total Organic Carbon) levels
  • Ultrafiltration (UF): Removes molecules (pyrogens, nucleases, microorganisms, particulates) above their rated size; critical for tissue culture, cell culture and media preparation
  • UV/UF: Produces water that is virtually free of all impurities; removes nucleases and DNA; produces water with low TOC (Total Organic Carbon) and pyrogen levels; produces reagent grade water with resistivity up to 18.2MΩ.cm and no detectable RNase, DNase or DNA
  • Storage Tank (ST): 6 liter feed water reservoir for pretreated water storage for system placement without direct access to a water line; available with UF, UV and UV/UF



  • Molecular Biology and Microbiology: Cell and tissue culture; PCR, DNA sequencing; Electrophoresis
  • Analytical Chemistry: HPLC; GC, GC-MS, ICP-MS, AA; TOC Measurements, IC
  • Instrumental analysis, sample preparation and glassware rinsing

Specifications for Barnstead MicroPure

Dimensions (W x D x H) no reservoir 12 x 11.8 x 21.5 (305 x 300 x 545 mm)
Dimensions (W x D x H) with optional ST 12 x 15.7 x 21.5 (305 x 400 x 545 mm)
Material Pump head-nylon with glass fiber; filter cartridge-stainless steel;
Electrical Requirements 90 – 240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 0.06 kW
Operating pressure min. /max. 0.1 to 6 bar
Conductivity 0.055 µS/cm
Resistance at 25°C 18.2 MWxcm
Bacterial Content (SFU/mL) <1
Particles > 0.2 µM/mL <1
Temperature min. /max. 2°C - 35°C


Required Accessories

Stainless Steel DI Cartridge  

DI 1500 Ion Exchange Stainless Steel DI Cartridge

Thermo Part # Cat. # Price
02.1500 1714-38 $ 703
  • For use with: GenPure xCAD. GenPure, GenPure Pro, and MicroPure
  • DI 1500 (Required only with feed water pretreated using reverse osmosis to prolong cartridge life and meet feed water requirements)
  • Includes 04.1690 hose kit to adapt cartridge to system for new installations
  • Pressure resistant cartridges up to 10 bar are ready to connect for 300 to 3000L/hr. requirements
  • Ideal for labs that need point of use polishing of pretreated water or single state treatment of tap water
  • One-year manufacturer warranty


  • Dimensions O.D. x H: 9.5" x 16.5" ( 240 x 410 mm)
  • Material: Stainless steel V4A
  • Capacity at 10° Total Dissolved Solids: 1500L
  • Flow rate: 300L/hr.
  • Maximum water temperature: 30°C
  • Purified Water Quality: 0.1-20μS/cm
  • Connectors: R3/4"
  • Weight: 31 lbs. (14kg)

Optional Accessories

Thermo Part # Description Cat. # Price

Hose Kit (Contains hose to connect feed water to DI 1500) required with purchase of 02.1500

1714-39 $ 37

Water Purification System Wall Mounting Bracket Wall mounting bracket for MicroPure with 6L Storage Tank System and Smart2Pure

1714-21 $ 183
09.1102 Disinfection Cartridge
Reusable cartridge needed to clean the water purification system
Only for MicroPure line-fed units
3614-98 $ 481

Replacement Consumables


Ultrapure Polisher Cartridge

Thermo Part # Cat. # Price
09.1006 3614-99 $ 642
  • Replacement cartridges for Barnstead point of use water purification systems
  • For use with MicroPure


Ultrapure Polisher Cartridge  

Sterile 0.2 µm Filter

Thermo Part # Cat. # Price
09.1003 1714-25 $ 204
  • Sterile 0.2 µm Filter for Barnstead point of use water purification systems
  • For use with: GenPure, GenPure Pro, GenPure xCAD, LabTower EDI, LabTower TII, MicroPure, Smart2Pure



Thermo Part # Cat. # Price
50133981 1714-26 $ 453
  • For use with MicroPure and Smart2 Pure (UF and UF/UV units only)
  • Units flushed automatically

uv lamp  

UV Lamp

Thermo Part # Cat. # Price
09.1002 1714-27 $ 372
  • Replacement UV Lamp for Barnstead point of use water purification systems
  • For use with MicroPure (UV and UV/UF systems only) and Smart2Pure (UV and UV/UF systems only)

Cleaning Solution; North America

Thermo Part # Cat. # Price
CMX25 1714-29 $ 35
  • 12-piece cleaning solution for use with: GenPure, GenPure Pro, GenPure xCAD, LabTower EDI, LabTower RO, LabTower TII, MicroPure, Pacific RO, Pacific TII, Smart2Pure
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Compare MicroPure Systems Compare MicroPure systems

varible speed Easy cartridge ST Series
Variable speed dispensing for quick
or drop by drop dispensing
Easy cartridge change with Aquastop ST series with optional
6 liter feed water reservoir
for pretreated water storage

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