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PolymerSolidGray32"18"36"Stem/Swivel2RubberMY1627-24G 1532-44 5848 $1644-6 Days2
In stock
PolymerSolidGray27.7"40.25"37"Stem/Swivel2Resilient RubberMY2636-25G 1532-45 5850 $2111-3 Days3
In stock
PolymerSolidGray34"23"36"Stem/Swivel2RubberMY2030-24G 1532-49 5855 $1774-6 Days4
In stock
PolymerSolidGray32"18"36"Stem/Swivel3RubberMY1627-34G 1532-50 5856 $1924-6 Days5
In stock
PolymerSolidGray40"28"37"Stem/Swivel3Resilient RubberMY2636-35G 1532-51 5857 $2564-6 Days6
In stock
PolymerSolidGray34"23"36"Stem/Swivel3RubberMY2030-34G 1532-55 5861 $2174-6 Days7
In stock
PolypropyleneSolid1236"16"36"Stem, medium-duty, with brake2Polyurethane 3401-00 13216 $2,0801-3 Days8
Only 5 left in stock
PolymerSolidBlue32"18"36"Stem/Swivel2RubberMY1627-24BU 1532-81 40330 $1814-6 Days9
In stock
PolymerSolidBlue32"18"36"Stem/Swivel3RubberMY1627-34BU 1532-82 40331 $2114-6 Days10
In stock
PolymerSolidBlue34"23"36"Stem/Swivel2RubberMY2030-24BU 1532-83 40332 $1944-6 Days11
In stock
PolymerSolidBlue34"23"36"Stem/Swivel (Brake)3RubberMY2030-34BU 1532-84 40333 $2384-6 Days12
In stock
PolymerSolidBlue40"28"37"Stem/Swivel2Resilient RubberMY2636-25BU 1532-13A 44537 $2324-6 Days13
In stock
PolymerSolidBlue40"28"37"Stem/Swivel3Resilient RubberMY2636-35BU 1532-15A 44539 $2834-6 Days14
In stock
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Product Details

• myCart Series Utility carts with stem casters are fabricated with high-density polyethylene, an extremely resilient polyolefin

• Blue and gray myCarts available in 2- shelf or 3-shelf models

• Sturdy carts provide excellent chemical resistance across a wide range of substances (including most acids and bases)

• Easy-to-clean smooth impact resistant polymer shelf surface with impact resistant contoured edges

• Material: corrosion-proof polymer shelves; chrome-plated posts

Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

myCart Utility Carts Specifications

Small 0.65 cu. ft. models 3625A and 3625A-1

  • Roomy utility tray offers two times more space compared to other models
  • 7/16" (11 mm) ship's edge prevent items from sliding and contains spills
  • Integral one-piece ergonomic handle provides more leg room between user and shelves
  • Includes labels and casters
  • One-Year Manufacturer Warranty from Date of Shipment
  • Load rating per cart: 300 lbs. for MY1627-24, MY2030-24 models
  • Load rating per cart: 400 lbs. for MY1627-34, MY2030-34 and MY2636-25 models
  • Load rating per cart: 500 lbs. for MY2636-35 models

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Protecting Personal Information

Terra is committed to ensuring that our customer’s personal information is secure. In order to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure, Terra has developed procedures to safeguard and secure information collected online and offline.

Available Accessories

Popular Accessories

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  • MetroMax Polymer Stem Casters
    Antimicrobial and corrosion resistant polymer swivel stem caster with bumper recommended for MetroMax i Glassware Carts; 300 lbs. load rating.
  • MetroMax Vinyl Coated Baskets
    Vinyl coated baskets for MetroMax I Glassware mobile carts, two per pack. Order separately.
  • MetroMax Blue Cart Cover
    Vinyl blue cart cover for short MetroMax i carts include Velcro straps (sold separately)
  • MetroMax Clear Cart Cover
    Clear vinyl cart cover for 3-tier MetroMax i cart allows viewing of contents and protects glassware during transport; also available for tall Metro mobile carts.
  • InterMetro Super Erecta 4 Inch Solid Shelf Ledge
    Stainless Steel and Chrome-Plated Shelf Ledges for solid and wire shelves. These mobile utility carts include stem casters and feature an ergonomic handle bar.
  • InterMetro 8 Inch Super Erecta Wire Shelf Dividers
    Stainless steel or chrome-plated 8” wire shelf dividers easily snaps into place for organization of medical or lab materials with chrome-plated finish shown
  • InterMetro Adjustable-Tote Cart Slides
    Expand tote-holding capacity of cart with InterMetro adjustable slides. Priced per slide (two required per tote box).

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