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24"18"63"4AA316C 1327-01 77962 $2486-10 Days2
24"18"74"55AA317C 1327-22 78405 $3046-10 Days3
24"21"63"4AA416C 1327-08 77998 $2736-10 Days4
30"18"63"4AA326C 1327-02 77992 $2516-10 Days5
36"18"63"4AA336C 1327-03 77993 $2516-10 Days6
42"18"63"4AA346C 1327-04 77994 $2896-10 Days7
48"18"63"4AA356C 1327-05 77995 $2896-10 Days8
60"18"63"4AA366C 1327-06 77996 $3276-10 Days9
72"18"63"4AA376C 1327-07 77997 $3766-10 Days10
30"21"63"4AA426C 1327-09 77999 $2816-10 Days11
36"21"63"4AA436C 1327-10 78393 $2876-10 Days12
42"21"63"4AA446C 1327-11 78394 $3226-10 Days13
48"21"63"4AA456C 1327-12 78395 $3226-10 Days14
60"21"63"4AA466C 1327-13 78396 $3636-10 Days15
72"21"63"4AA476C 1327-14 78397 $4126-10 Days16
24"24"63"4AA516C 1327-15 78398 $2926-10 Days17
30"24"63"4AA526C 1327-16 78399 $3016-10 Days18
36"24"63"4AA536C 1327-17 78400 $3016-10 Days19
42"24"63"4AA546C 1327-18 78401 $3406-10 Days20
48"24"63"4AA556C 1327-19 78402 $3406-10 Days21
60"24"63"4AA566C 1327-20 78403 $3866-10 Days22
72"24"63"4AA576C 1327-21 78404 $4536-10 Days23
30"18"74"55AA327C 1327-23 78406 $3096-10 Days24
36"18"74"55AA337C 1327-24 78408 $3096-10 Days25
48"18"74"55AA357C 1327-26 78409 $3556-10 Days26
42"18"74"55AA347C 1327-25 78411 $3556-10 Days27
60"18"74"55AA367C 1327-27 78412 $4026-10 Days28
72"18"74"55AA377C 1327-28 78413 $4646-10 Days29
24"21"74"55AA417C 1327-29 78414 $3436-10 Days30
30"21"74"55AA427C 1327-30 78415 $3536-10 Days31
36"21"74"55AA437C 1327-31 78416 $3536-10 Days32
42"21"74"55AA447C 1327-32 78417 $3976-10 Days33
48"21"74"55AA457C 1327-33 78418 $3976-10 Days34
60"21"74"55AA467C 1327-34 78424 $4496-10 Days35
72"21"74"55AA477C 1327-35 78425 $5236-10 Days36
24"24"74"55AA517C 1327-36 78426 $3596-10 Days37
30"24"74"55AA527C 1327-37 78427 $3726-10 Days38
36"24"74"55AA537C 1327-38 78428 $3726-10 Days39
42"24"74"55AA547C 1327-39 78429 $4206-10 Days40
48"24"74"55AA557C 1327-40 78430 $4206-10 Days41
60"24"74"55AA567C 1327-41 78431 $4796-10 Days42
72"24"74"55AA577C 1327-42 78432 $5616-10 Days43
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Product Details

  • Pre-configured Metro shelving add-on system includes wire shelves and 2 posts
  • Best-in-class traditional wire shelving provides basic storage and transport for dry environments
  • Innovative Super Adjustable Super Erecta design allows for quick and easy assembly and adjustment
  • Open-wire design for less dust build-up, more visibility, and improved fire sprinkler effectiveness
  • Low cost chrome plated shelving is ideal for storage in dry environments
  • Add-on Unit: Includes (2) posts, shelves, and S-hooks to connect a unit end-to-end under or at a right angle. One easy-to-order model number.
  • Maximum Space Utilization: The Corner Release System encourages repositioning of shelves during initial assembly to reclaim wasted vertical space. In some cases, reclaimed vertical space will allow an extra shelving tier to be added to the storage unit resulting in a 25% increase in storage capacity!
  • Easily Assembled: The unique Corner Release System enables quick and easy repositioning of shelves during the initial set up to accommodate different package or container sizes. “Total Assembly” is complete only after the shelves are properly spaced to maximize storage. SiteSelect™ Posts, with the double-groove visual guide feature, have circular grooves at 1" (25mm) increments and are numbered at 2" (51mm) intervals to easily identify proper shelf locations.
  • Easily Adjustable: The unique shelf design and SiteSelect™ Posts enable “tool-free”, quick adjustment at 1" (25mm) increments along the entire height of the post.
  • Strong: Super Adjustable™ shelves hold as much weight as traditional Super Erecta wire shelving. Stationary units hold a maximum of 2,000 lb. (910kg). Maximum weight capacity per shelf evenly distributed: (48" [1219mm] or shorter = 800 lb. [363kg]; longer than 48" [1219mm] = 600 lb. [272kg]).
  • Accessories: Compatible with the entire system of Super Erecta shelves and accessories. See Catalog for more information.

  • Super Erecta Wire Wall Shelving with Metroseal 3 Super Erecta Wire Wall Shelving with Metroseal 3
  • Stainless Steel Garment Storage Rack with Super Erecta Shelves Stainless Steel Garment Storage Rack with Super Erecta Shelves
  • Bootie and Shoe Rack with Super Erectra Shelving Bootie and Shoe Rack with Super Erectra Shelving

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