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120 VSetpoint0.07 cu. ft.100° - 1,100°CYesNoBF51748A-1 1722-10 56890 $2,32110-20 Days2
120 VSetpoint0.19 cu. ft.100° - 1,100°CYesNoBF51766A-1 1722-14 56925 $2,57610-20 Days3
120 VMulti Program0.07 cu. ft.100° - 1,100°CYesNoBF51848A-1 1722-12 56923 $2,82210-20 Days4
120 VMulti Program0.19 cu. ft.100° - 1,100°CYesNoBF51866A-1 1722-16 56927 $3,06610-20 Days5
240 VSetpoint0.07 cu. ft.100° - 1,100°CYesNoBF51748C-1 1722-11 56922 $2,31210-20 Days6
240 VSetpoint0.65 cu. ft.100° - 1,100°CYesNoBF51794C-1 1722-18 56929 $3,03310-20 Days7
240 VSetpoint0.19 cu. ft.100° - 1,100°CYesNoBF51766C-1 1722-15 56926 $2,57610-20 Days8
240 VSetpoint1.5 cu. ft.100° - 1,100°CYesNoBF51728C-1 1722-20 56933 $3,90814-24 Days9
240 VMulti Program0.07 cu. ft.100° - 1,100°CYesNoBF51848C-1 1722-13 56924 $2,82210-20 Days10
240 VMulti Program0.65 cu. ft.100° - 1,100°CYesNoBF51894C-1 1722-19 56931 $3,50810-20 Days11
240 VMulti Program0.19 cu. ft.100° - 1,100°CYesNoBF51866C-1 1722-17 56928 $3,07510-20 Days12
240 VMulti Program1.5 cu. ft.100° - 1,100°CYesNoBF51828C-1 1722-21 56934 $4,4965-7 Days13
Temperature Range
Over-Temperature Protection
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Product Details

• Two types of temperature controller available: digital single program with adjustable high-limit over-temperature protection (OTP) and multi-step programmable (one program with multiple ramp and dwell segments)

• Moldatherm™ insulation with embedded heating elements for uniform heat distribution and spill protection (removable for easy replacement)

• Double-wall design maintains a safe exterior surface temperature for personnel safety

• Controlled ramping rate limits thermal shock to materials

• PID control microprocessor prevents overshooting the set-point

• Side-hinge door for easy access

• Door switch shuts off heating elements when door opens

• LED display simultaneously shows set point and measured furnace temperature (°C or °F)

• Four chamber capacity sizes

• Temperature range from 100° to 1100°C

• Type K thermocouple for long-life

• Adjustable high-limit over-temperature protection (OTP)

• 1"-diameter top vent and 0.375" rear air inlet

• Note: Door is not gas-tight

• Optional RS-485 port

• Includes 10 ft. power cord (except 1.5 cu. ft. models)

  • Lindberg/Blue M Moldatherm Box Furnace by Thermo Fisher Scientific Lindberg/Blue M Moldatherm Box Furnace by Thermo Fisher Scientific
Lindberg/Blue M Moldatherm Box Furnace by Thermo Fisher Scientific

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