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BactiZapper™ Infrared MicroSterilizer
by Benchmark Scientific

The BactiZapper Model B1000 from Benchmark Scientific uses infrared heating to provide complete sterilization in seconds.
The BactiZapper zaps microparticles in seconds, providing complete infrared sterilization at 815°C (1500°F).

The BactiZapper is a safe, convenient way to completely sterilize microorganisms in five to seven seconds using infrared heating. The BactiZapper can be used in anaerobic and aerobic chambers and is ideal for use with platinum inoculating loops, needles, glass tube/pipette mouths, and various metal and borosilicate glass instruments.

  • Complete sterilization in 5 to 7 seconds
  • Infrared heating to 815°C (1500°F)
  • Compact and convenient, with no spatter
  • Safe—heating element is enclosed in a perforated stainless steel guard chamber to protect users from accidental contact
  • Ideal for use with platinum inoculating loops, needles, glass tube/pipette mouths, and metal and borosilicate glass instruments
  • Lower temperature setting (500°C/950°F) can be used for standby to extend the usable life of the heating element
  • Replaceable asbestos-free ceramic heating element (available separately)
  • Accessories are available to hold small items in the sterilizer and to dry glass laboratory slides
  • 1-year warranty on unit, 6-month warranty on included heating element
BactiZapper Infrared MicroSterilizer by Benchmark Scientific
  Benchmark Scientific Part # Cat. # Price
BactiZapper, 115 V, with US plug B1000 2815-00 $ 295
BactiZapper, 230 V*, with EU plug B1000-E 2815-00-220 $ 295
*Additional plug types (UK, Australia, etc.) are also available at a $10 additional charge per unit.
Specifications for BactiZapper
Sterilization Time 5-7 seconds
High Temperature Setting 815°C (1500°F)
Low Temperature Setting 500°C (950°F)
Highest Temperature at Core 825°C ±50°C
(1517°F ±122°F)
Heating Time 20 minutes
Chamber Diameter 0.55 in. (14 mm)
Chamber Length 6.2 in. (153 mm)
Weights and Dimensions
Product Dimensions,
W x D x H in. (mm)
4 x 6 x 6.5 in.
(102 x 152 x 165 mm)
Product Weight 2.9 lbs. (1.3 kg)
Shipping Dimensions,
W x D x H in. (mm)
14 x 12 x 8 in.
(356 x 305 x 203 mm)
Shipping Weight 8 lbs. (3.6 kg)
Electrical 120 V or 230 V, 50-60 Hz, 135 W
CE-marked no
Additional Information
Operating Temperature Range 5°C to 40°C
(41°F to 104°F)
Warranty 1-year warranty on unit,
6 months on included heating element

Accessories for BactiZapper
The loop holder attachment for BactiZapper by Benchmark Scientific holds small items like needles or tweezers in the infrared sterilizer.  

Loop Holder Attachment
Use to insert small items into the BactiZapper for sterilization

Benchmark Scientific Part # Cat. # Price
B1000-01 2815-01 $ 49


The slide dryer attachment for the BactiZapper by Benchmark Scientific uses radiating heat to dry three glass laboratory slides. No Caption  

Slide Dryer Attachment for 3 Slides
Uses radiating heat to dry three slides

Benchmark Scientific Part # Cat. # Price
B1000-03 2815-02 $ 98



Replacement Heating Elements for BactiZapper

  • Replacement core replaces the entire head of the BactiZapper with easy three-screw installation
  • Asbestos-free
  • 6-month warranty
Replacement Heating Elements
  Benchmark Scientific # Cat. # Price
Replacement Heating Element, 115 V B1000-RA 2815-03 $ 123
Replacement Heating Element, 230 V B1000-RA-E 2815-04 $ 123

File Type File Name Publication Date
Brochure (PDF) BactiZapper Micro-Sterilizer
Benchmark Scientific's BactiZapper Micro-Sterilizer product specifications.
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